Health Impact News Editor Comments: While mercury has been removed from childhood vaccines, the annual flu vaccine continues to use mercury as a preservative. The CDC continues to claim that there is no link between mercury and autism or other health problems, a position that was vehemently opposed by US lawmakers in a Congressional Hearing last week (see video highlights here, particularly the questioning by Rep. Bill Posey to the CDC and their responses regarding studies on mercury). The CDC continues to recommend these mercury-filled flu vaccines for children and pregnant women.

Last week Health Impact News reported the story that the government’s own database, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS), has shown an increase of fetal deaths linked to the flu vaccine of 4,250 percent, resulting in thousands of pre-born baby deaths (story here). The national media has largely ignored this story, and the Congressional Hearings last week regarding autism, the first one in 10 years, also received almost no mainstream media coverage.

In this story at a local NBC news affiliate in Macon, Georgia, Andrew Reeser reports how 383 elementary students received two doses of the flu vaccine. A parent apparently noticed this and reported it, which tipped off the media. The doctor responsible for the flu vaccines in that school district reportedly stated that they were going to “send a news release” on the situation the next day, but that the media broke the story first. In Reeser’s report however (see below), he states that the parent noticed this second dose “weeks ago”. So why would it take the Health District “weeks” to make a report? How coincidental that they just happened to be ready to release a report just one day after the media broke the story…

As to Dr. David Harvey’s assertions that “We are fortunate in that this is not a vaccine that’s gonna cause any harm” – what is his assertion based on? There is already grave concerns that single doses of mercury-laden flu vaccines are causing harm, including fetal deaths, so what evidence is there that two doses of these vaccines will not cause harm? I hope someone in Georgia picks up this story and makes contact with the families of these 383 children and follows this story through to its conclusion. The effects of mercury poisoning are not always immediately visible.

UPDATE 12/3/2012 An ABC affiliate in Bakersfield is stating that the CDC is actually recommending children between 6 months and 8 years old get two flu shots this year!

by Andrew Reeser

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Nearly 400 Bibb County students were accidentally given two flu vaccines, according to the North Central Health District.

Officials there say a parent recently notified them that their child got the second dose unnecessarily during the flu campaign a few weeks ago. This prompted an audit which found 383 elementary students got the second dose.

We spoke with Dr. David Harvey at the North Central Health District, who says they were originally going to send a news release on the situation tomorrow, but the media was tipped off before. He says there’s no reason for parents to be alarmed.

“We apologize that this has happened,” says Harvey. “We are fortunate in that this is not a vaccine that’s gonna cause any harm. We have not heard of any reactions, no one has called us about one…I’m sure we would hear about one if it were serious.”

Harvey tells us the double vaccinations were the result of a paperwork oversight, and that the school district will not have to pay for the extra shots.



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