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Top California Pediatricians: Don’t Dictate Vaccines to Parents

Dr. Stacia Kenet Lansman [1]

Dr. Stacia Kenet Lansman – YouTube video by Mother Jones [2]

Health Impact News Editor Comments

The mainstream media and the U.S. Government would like everyone in the world to think that medical doctors are unanimous in their beliefs regarding vaccines. But that is hardly the case. The fact is that medical doctors who question vaccines and see positive results in their clinical practice by delaying or eliminating vaccines are routinely censored in the mainstream media.

Here we bring you a very informative interview by Mother Jones editor Kiera Butler with Dr. Stacia Kenet Lansman [3],  the founder of  Pediatric Alternatives in Marin County, California. Dr. Lansman is the founder of Pediatric Alternatives. She graduated from Tufts University Medical School in Boston, MA, in 1989 and completed her pediatric residency at Oakland Children Hospital, Oakland, CA, in 1992.

My Interview With a Pediatrician Who Thinks Vaccines Are “Messing With Nature”

by Kiera Butler [4]
Mother Jones [4]


THE WAITING ROOM at Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley, a town in the affluent hippie enclave of Marin County, California, is a far cry from the drab doctors’ offices I remember from childhood.  [T]he patients and their parents look great: trim moms in yoga pants, a giggling, pigtailed preschooler playing with a sticker, an elementary-school girl holding an American Girl book. No one seems to have so much as a runny nose.

This scene isn’t the only impressive thing about Pediatric Alternatives. The practice’s five physicians have impeccable credentials, having trained and completed residencies at some of the nation’s top medical schools and institutions. Several are fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Given all this, it might surprise you to learn that one of Pediatric Alternatives’ policies is extremely unorthodox: It suggests that families delay certain childhood immunizations—in some cases for years past the age recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and forego others entirely.

If these top-shelf pediatricians and the regulatory bodies that oversee them are willing to allow customized immunization plans for each patient, then is there a possibility they are onto something? Could it be that much of what we’ve heard about the importance of timely vaccines is wrong?

Kenet Lansman tells me she would never deny any vaccine to parents who request it for their child. But she does share her personal beliefs with her patients: She fears that vaccines have contributed to the recent uptick in autoimmune disorders and other chronic conditions.

“I think we’re just messing with nature, and we really don’t know what we’ve created,” she says. “We’ve reduced or largely eliminated many infectious diseases. But in their place, we have an epidemic of chronic illnesses in children. The incidence of asthma, allergies, and autism spectrum disorders has dramatically increased since the 1990s.”

Read the full article here [4].

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