Dr Marco Ruggiero

Dr. Marco Ruggiero. Image source.

Steps for Using the Ketogenic Diet, Bravo, and Rerum for Various Diseases

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

Effective treatments for chronic illnesses such as cancer do not need to be expensive and they don’t need to have life-threatening side effects. In Part 1 of this two part article I reviewed the positive results of a research study for cancer treatment that combined the ketogenic diet, Bravo Yogurt, and a newly formulated macrophage activating factor called Rerum. Research showed that this immunotherapeutic approach has successfully reversed late stage cancer.

This same approach has proven to be effective for treating autism and neurodegenerative diseases as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chronic Lyme.

Dead Doctor’s Research Expanded: Natural Cures Seen for Autism and Cancer

In the previous article I introduced Dr. Marco Ruggiero, M.D., PhD, who worked closely with the pioneering autism researcher Dr. Jeff Bradstreet to develop highly effective autism treatments. Earlier in his career, Dr. Ruggiero was a scientist at the National Cancer Institutes. His research involving the use of natural compounds to treat cancer now spans three decades.

His scientific training in Italy was rooted in an area of medical research called “allgemeine pathologie.” Those who work in this field of study seek to find links between different chronic illnesses, and to find the common treatments that will restore health for many seemingly unrelated diseases. This is in sharp contrast to the approach used by most researchers in America who seek a unique treatment for every individual disease.

The comments from Dr. Ruggiero were taken from online interviews conducted by Clive de Carle [1] in 2016. Dr. Ruggiero’s first language is Italian, and I have edited his remarks by adjusting sentence structure and making minor adjustments in grammar.

Nutrition is the First Step for Healing Autism, Cancer, and other Diseases

Dr. Ruggiero and his colleagues begin their treatment approach with a ketogenic diet. This is a very low carbohydrate, high fat, and moderate-protein diet. It is ketogenic because when the carbs are kept very low and protein is not too high, then the body will switch from a dependence on burning glucose for energy and will start burning ketones. This is especially important for cancer treatment, because cancer cells thrive on glucose. A ketogenic diet will keep glucose levels in the blood as low as possible, thus depriving cancer cells of their energy source, while properly feeding all other normal healthy cells in the body with ketones. [2]

Using ketones as a constant source of energy is not a departure from normal metabolism, but in fact is the normal form of human metabolism. Our body actually prefers ketone metabolism over glucose metabolism, and thrives when burning ketones. We also suffer from much less chronic illness when glucose producing foods are severely restricted. [3]

Anssi H. Manninen, MHS, a Finnish exercise physiologist specializing in sports nutrition, describes dietary ketosis. He stated:

During very low carbohydrate intake, the regulated and controlled production of ketone bodies causes a harmless physiological state known as dietary ketosis. Ketone bodies flow from the liver to extra-hepatic tissues (e.g., brain) for use as a fuel; this spares glucose metabolism via a mechanism similar to the sparing of glucose by oxidation of fatty acids as an alternative fuel. In comparison with glucose, the ketone bodies are actually a very good respiratory fuel. Indeed, there is no clear requirement for dietary carbohydrates for human adults. [emphasis added] Interestingly, the effects of ketone body metabolism suggest that mild ketosis may offer therapeutic potential in a variety of different common and rare disease states. [4]

Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Dietary Ketosis are Very Different

It should be understood that diabetic ketoacidosis and dietary ketosis are two very different conditions. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition that is set in motion when diabetics consume a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet and do not have enough insulin. It only occurs when blood sugar is too high and insulin too low. Dietary ketosis, on the other hand occurs when people eat a low-carb high-fat diet, which is not harmful even for diabetics. Anssi Manninen further explained the differences:

Diabetic patients know that the detection in their urine of the ketone bodies is a danger signal that their diabetes is poorly controlled. Indeed, in severely uncontrolled diabetes, if the ketone bodies are produced in massive supranormal quantities, they are associated with ketoacidosis. In this life-threatening complication of diabetes mellitus, the acids 3-hydroxybutyric acid and acetoacetic acid are produced rapidly, causing high concentrations of protons, which overwhelm the body’s acid-base buffering system. However, during very low carbohydrate intake, the regulated and controlled production of ketone bodies causes a harmless physiological state known as dietary ketosis. In ketosis, the blood pH remains buffered within normal limits. [4]

Many type 1 and type 2 diabetics are able to manage their conditions without pharmaceutical assistance by using a low-carb high-fat diet, which keeps them in a metabolic state of healthy ketosis. Dr. Tim Noakes, M.D., is one of the leading researchers in the world on the ketogenic lifestyle and has used the ketogenic diet to manage his own diabetes. [5] The state of ketosis is not harmful and is actually beneficial for those who have harmed their health by the consumption of a high carbohydrate diet, which sadly includes most all of us who were taught to believe that we would be healthier if we consumed a high-carb low-fat diet. The high-carb low-fat diet actually sets in motion a pattern of physiological decline that leads to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, which have come to dominate modern life over the past 40 years since the low fat dietary guidelines were promoted.

The Foundation of Health Restoration is the Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Ruggiero described the powerful benefit of the ketogenic diet for addressing a wide variety of chronic illnesses. He stated:

Nutrition can account for up to 80% of the treatment in autism or in cancer, or in a number of other conditions. [6, 7]

The proof of whether a person has actually made the switch from glucose to ketones comes from measuring ketone levels in the blood. This is easily done with a ketone/glucose meter that has been manufactured for diabetic care. A drop of blood is taken and placed into the device and the meter will accurately measure the ketone level.

According to Dr. Ruggiero:

Forget about ketones in the urine. You want to measure blood ketones. If the blood ketones are above a certain threshold let’s say 0.5 or 0.7 you can be sure you are in ketosis, which is absolutely beneficial for the treatment of autism as well as cancer. [6, 7]

The Cost of a Ketogenic Diet is not Excessive

Many people raise an immediate objection to the ketogenic diet, because they say it costs too much. When you give up the expensive highly processed carbohydrate foods containing high sugar, high starch, low quality fats and oils, preservatives, artificial flavorings and colorings, etc., and substitute whole foods that can be prepared at home to make delicious and nourishing meals, the food budget will not increase.

The Ketogenic Diet Works for Both Autism and Cancer

Dr. Ruggiero describes how diet is linked to both autism and cancer. He stated:

This is to tell you that the cure for cancer … and the cure for autism it is very simple and rather inexpensive, and you find it at the grocery store. Unfortunately, the cause of cancer can also be found at the grocery store. So, at this point it is up to you from which shelf you pick up your meal today.

The first time I was at the Congress for Complementary Cancer Therapy in Germany about three years ago I was astonished to learn that the cure for cancer can be at almost zero cost, and I fully agree. Now again I use very carefully the word cure so I hope you will forgive me because of my poor mastering of the English language because sometimes let me say things may be inappropriate. So let’s say that the treatment for autism can be achieved at very little cost. For example, the first thing to be done with your child is to put the child on a ketogenic diet. This is very well assessed. As far as I know there are clinical trials right now in the United States assessing the efficacy of the ketogenic diet in autism. There is plenty of literature in peer review journals that you can review from PubMed.

If you implement the ketogenic diet you expect to see wonderful results in a matter of days – weeks at the most. Again the ketogenic diet doesn’t cost anything. However, it requires a very strenuous effort because it is easier for a heroin addict or for a cigarette smoker to quit heroin or to quit smoking, than it is to shift from the high carb diet that we are used to, and [adopt] a ketogenic diet where carbohydrates are down to zero, and healthy fat and healthy protein constitute 90% of the daily caloric intake.

You may not have to use other remedies [with the ketogenic diet], unless there is a clear deficiency in some vitamin. For example, as in northern England, Scandinavia, and northern Germany, since you are not exposed to the sun light for a sufficient number of hours, the levels of vitamin D3 are typically low. [6, 7]

Adapting to the Ketogenic Diet

Most anyone who has used the ketogenic diet will report that one of the biggest hurdles in implementing the ketogenic diet is carbohydrate cravings. The second biggest hurdle is learning how to prepare food that does not contain carbohydrates. When a person begins to implement a ketogenic diet he or she will usually experience intense cravings for fruit, bread, pasta, and anything else containing starch and high levels of sugar. These cravings are the body’s distress signal that it is going through drug withdrawal.

Dr. Ruggiero describes this in more detail:

It has been amply demonstrated that when you eat sugars, when you eat chocolate, or when you eat anything sweet, certain areas in your brain are activated. You can easily see this with functional magnetic resonance imaging. These areas are the same areas that are activated in [the brains of] heroin addicts when they inject heroin or when cocaine addicts [use cocaine]. It is simply an addiction and a great part of the food industry has based its fortunes on this addiction.

Once you begin eating carbohydrates you become addicted to them. It’s even worse if you begin at a young age and to try to stop eating them.

There are different strategies to overcome this difficult period at the beginning. But all these strategies depend upon perseverance and discipline. This period is called keto-adaptation, and my good friend Dr. Heinz Reinwald [in Germany] is a very good expert on this. The difficult period of keto-adaptation lasts one to two weeks, but then you begin to experience the [positive] effects. [6, 7]

Additional Information about the Ketogenic Diet

The resources section at the end of this article list several resources that you can use to learn more about the ketogenic diet.

Using Bravo Yogurt is Much More Than Taking Probiotics

Bravo yogurt can be added to the ketogenic diet to restore the microbiome of the gut and the brain, and to restore the functioning of the immune system. Probiotic capsules and pills cannot do this very well.

Dr. Ruggiero stated:

If you want to spend some money on something that is not part of the [ketogenic] diet … then try some good probiotic yogurt. Of course I am biased because I am the inventor of the Bravo yogurt, and I even make money out of the Bravo. Let’s say if you find a good probiotic yogurt that contains a number of healthy live microorganisms and contains a number of healthy molecules (I am not fool enough to say that Bravo is the only probiotic yogurt of course), then you add that on top of your ketogenic diet. Be advised however that probiotic yogurts are a completely different thing than probiotics without the yogurt.

Probiotics are nothing else but encapsulated microbes that are under the form of a capsule or a tablet or whatever that are supposed to recolonize your gut. Well let me tell you this they don’t work or they work poorly in comparison to real yogurts or kefirs.

When you drink probiotic yogurt you don’t drink microbes alone you drink microbes and their environment. When you swallow the capsule with probiotics you only swallow the microbes. Probiotics are one thing and probiotics with their environment is another. [6, 7]

Dr. Ruggiero made mention of research from Canadian scientists who were testing yogurt for treating HIV AIDS in Tanzania. [8] In research published in 2010 and 2011 they found that locally produced yogurt containing cultures that the researchers provided, there was a substantial reduction in disease symptoms.

Dr. Ruggiero described their findings:

Immediately after a few weeks they began to see extraordinary results. All the symptoms associated with HIV infection and AIDS, mainly diarrhea, wasting syndrome, and malnutrition, began to improve. And the CD4 count began to increase in a much higher way than what you would expect using antiretroviral drugs. [6, 7]

Dr. Ruggiero described what happened when the researchers gave probiotic capsules containing the same microorganisms that were also in the yogurt to people with HIV AIDS in Tanzania. He stated:

The results were zero – absolute zero – no effect. You may wonder how this is possible since the microbes were the same. Yes, the microbes were the same, but what was missing was their milieu … their micro environment … the microbes together with all the molecules that they [the microorganisms] produce by fermenting the milk. [6, 7]

Combining Bravo Yogurt and the Ketogenic Diet

If a person adds Bravo yogurt to the ketogenic diet, then they are taking an even stronger step toward reversing many common chronic illnesses. Part of the power in this combination therapy is directly attributable to the removal of unhealthy “food like products” from the diet and replacing them with whole and unadulterated foods. Highly processed carbohydrate food made of white flour, sugar, fructose, and industrial omega-6 vegetable seed oils such as soy oil and canola oil must be completely eliminated. Fruit and sweet vegetables must also be strictly controlled, and for many people they will also need to be eliminated.

Dr. Ruggiero summarizes the effectiveness of an approach containing both the ketogenic diet and the Bravo yogurt. He stated:

So, with a very limited budget you have 90% of what you need to treat 90% of the conditions. On top of that for the remaining 10% then you can use things like Rerum.

I am not here to advertise Bravo, to say that Bravo is the panacea for all diseases, because it is not. It is simply one of the many tools together with Rerum and all the rest that naturopaths, therapists, and doctors have at their disposal so they have a number of different tools to fight the enemy. [6, 7]

Bravo Yogurt is Very Different than Grocery Store Brands of Yogurt

Bravo yogurt is prepared at home from a special formulation of microbes. The yogurt starter kit includes the microbes and colostrum. It is mixed with whole milk and fermented for 24-48 hours.

Dr. Ruggiero gives us more details. He stated:

Bravo is a yogurt that was developed with the idea of exploiting the metabolism of healthy bacteria — healthy microbes — to produce a number of molecules that would exert a healthy effect on the human body. One of these molecules was GcMAF (Macrophage activating factor). This is a molecule that had been known for about 20 years, which was known to stimulate the immune system. Bravo reconstitutes the healthy human gut microbiome and the brain microbiome.

Don’t forget that in Bravo there are about a hundred and fifty newly formed peptides. What do I mean by newly formed? I mean that you take milk, and there are a certain number of healthy peptides and molecules, and then you take the microbes and let the microbes ferment the milk. At the end of the fermentation you will find a hundred and fifty newly formed peptides that weren’t present before, and they are the product of the microbial metabolism. All these newly formed peptides stimulate the immune system. It is an indirect action. It takes a few weeks if not months, but in the end you see excellent results. [6, 7]

Lactose Intolerance

Dr. Ruggiero addresses the concern about lactose (milk sugar) in Bravo since it is usually made from milk. He stated:

Lactose intolerance is not a problem, because Bravo is highly fermented. It takes 24 to 48 hours to ferment the Bravo and in those 24-48 hours the lactobacilli microbes have used all the lactose so in the end you will have no lactose.

Actually the Bravo is successfully used to treat lactose intolerance in children. After a few months of Bravo then they can eat cheese or drink milk with no problems. [6, 7]

Casein Intolerance

Dr. Ruggiero addresses this concern:

Caseins are proteins highly represented in milk. A great deal of caseins are metabolized during the fermentation process, nevertheless in the Bravo there are caseins. The point with casein intolerance is that caseins by themselves are not allergenic. What is allergenic is the product of the degradation of caseins in the stomach. When caseins are degraded in the stomach by the acid and the proteases, some of those peptides are allergenic and they can cause diarrhea or a number of other reactions.

The solution is rather simple. Instead of drinking the Bravo it can be used as an enema or as a suppository. Suppositories are made in Switzerland and Germany by two small pharmaceutical companies. [This provides] the entire Bravo, the entire environment. But since you introduced this rectally it will not be digested by the acids and the proteases of the stomach and therefore there will not be the formation of those products that are allergenic.

The rectal route of administration is particularly useful because all the healthy molecules in the Bravo, which of course include the Rerum and the GcMAF, will be rapidly absorbed through the rectal mucosa and they will directly go to the liver. So essentially the efficiency of delivery is equal to an intermuscular injection. Obviously you cannot inject the Bravo as a yogurt so don’t even think about doing this, but if you use the Bravo as an enema or suppository, then all the molecules will be rapidly absorbed and go to the liver with the same efficiency as if you injected them.

Bravo is in the protocol of cancer treatment, autism treatment, and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chronic Lyme. We see wonderful results with Bravo. [6, 7]

Use of Bravo Yogurt as an Enema

It is important to distinguish between different types of enemas. Some enemas are intended to stimulate the bowel to empty itself of feces. These often use large amounts of fluid to mechanically cleanse the colon of its content. Other enemas use a small amount of fluid, and are intended to be retained and not lost. These are called retention enemas. They may also be called implants when they contain microorganisms such as Bravo Yogurt. The goal when taking a yogurt implant is to retain it in the colon as long as possible. This is usually not difficult if the bowel has been recently emptied prior to inserting the yogurt with a large needleless syringe.

Dr. Heinz Reinwald from Germany is one of the authors of the cancer treatment research study that was summarized in part one of this article. He indicates the amount of Bravo yogurt that was used for a Bravo Yogurt enema in the case of a patient with colon dysfunction. [Dr. Reinwald’s first language is German. His comments were edited to improve readability.] He stated:

The father of one of my new employees has severe health problems. He suffered from lung cancer, recovered, then suffered from prostate cancer. He had the classical treatments because he would not even listen to an alternative practitioner. He is completely addicted like most people to the established medical system and of course he did all the chemo and radiation, and had surgery in the descending colon. For several years, he could not use the toilet without an enema. He can hardly walk any more.

His son brought him to me and I gave him the advice to do a Bravo enema twice a week – 50 ML of Bravo and 50 ML of water and to add oil for better adhesion. … After 3 weeks during Sunday night to Monday he said my father has a pain attack and he sat at the toilet for hours, and now he is free [of bowel inactivity]. [10]

Bravo Yogurt Enemas are an Alternative to Fecal Transplants

The microbes in Bravo can re-establish healthy microorganisms in the gut. This also makes available a supply of healthy microorganisms, which macrophages can then carry into the brain. This helps brain activity, which is part of the reason that Bravo helps autistic children. Bravo yogurt enemas can be used as an alternative to fecal transplants, which are currently being discouraged by the FDA.

The Most Effective Probiotic is Free but the FDA Wants to Ban It (fecal transplant article)

(This article describes the use of fecal transplants and discusses the opposition of the FDA.)

Dr. Ruggiero compares the use of fecal transplants with the use of Bravo Yogurt enemas. He stated:

Fecal transplants have their own scientific validity that is fully proven. In other words you simply take the microbiome from a healthy individual and you transplant it together with its environment (the feces) into an unhealthy individual. The principle is absolutely identical to that of Bravo.

In Bravo you have the healthy human microbiome with its own environment. In a fecal transplant you have again the healthy human microbiome with its environment. You choose which one you like the best and which is the more convenient, which is easier to perform.

An enema of yogurt is rather simple, inexpensive, and harmless. The algorithm is simple. First you try it with the [oral consumption] yogurt, then try it with the yogurt enema. If it works then proceed in that way. If it doesn’t work, then think about a fecal transplant. I think a yogurt enema is much simpler and easier and much less expensive and not harmful at all, so it is the first choice. [6, 7]

Using Bravo Yogurt to Control Human Parasites

There are alternatives to the use of chemical pesticides for killing parasites that live in the human gut. Parasites can thrive in the bodies of people who eat the standard American diet, and in bodies of those who have chronic illness. Dr. Ruggiero explains how Bravo Yogurt can be used to fight parasites.

Dr. Ruggiero stated:

The best way is to use their natural enemies instead of taking synthetic pills. Their natural enemies are nothing else than the microbes that constitute the healthy core microbiome. The Bravo works at two levels in fighting parasites.

On one level the microbes fight with the parasites, because they compete for territory. The territory is our gut. Microbes, like all living species, compete for territory, but they have an advantage [over parasites]. You replace the microbes by the billions every day, whereas the parasites they are always under numbered. The parasites will easily be overpowered by the Bravo microbes.

The second [mechanism of action] is the acidity of the fermented foods. This is common to all fermented foods. When food ferments it becomes very acidic. In general yogurts are acidic. Now the acid environment in the gut breaks down the biofilms. Biofilms are sort of barriers. Parasites and other pathogenic microbes form biofilms to cover themselves and protect themselves from the insults that may come from the environment. Biofilms are like bunkers and parasites hide in these bunkers. As you know it is difficult to fight somebody that is hiding in a bunker.

You need a special weapon – a bunker blaster. The special weapons are made by the microbes in the Bravo. The microbes themselves are not the explosive. The explosive is the acid molecules that they produce. These acid molecules disintegrate the biofilms. Think of these acid molecules in the Bravo like explosives that disintegrate the bunker.

At that point the microbes can fight the parasites.

So, in the end, the Bravo is one of the best tools to get rid of the parasites. Again, you can use the Bravo by using both ends of the GI tract. The physiological end is by drinking it as a yogurt. The less physiological approach is through an enema, so you directly target the rectal mucosa and then the colonic mucosa. [6, 7]

From GcMAF to Rerum

Dr. Ruggiero describes the progression in scientific research as it moved from the GcMAF protein to the discovery of the Rerum molecule. The GcMAF and Goleic molecules that Dr. Bradstreet and other physicians used were protein based molecules that were derived from human blood. The process of their synthesis was very complex and had the risk of unintentional contamination from elements in the blood supply. GcMAF and the second generation macrophage activating factor, Goleic, had to be shipped frozen to protect the proteins from damage.

Rerum on the other hand is a sugar-based molecule (glycosaminoglycan), which can be synthesized in the laboratory to produce a shelf stable and safe remedy that can be used orally, injected, or used in other ways as determined by the healthcare provider.

Dr. Ruggiero describes how their research unfolded. He stated:

We began researching the molecules that were responsible for the health effects of the Bravo. The first that came into mind was GcMAF. Why? Precisely because we had developed the Bravo with the goal of producing GcMAF in the most natural way.

We then went on dissecting in molecular terms the molecules [in Bravo Yogurt]. We processed them and nanosized them. Then we passed them through further filters so that particles that were only nanosized could go through, and then we performed a number of procedures in order to find out which were the molecules responsible for the healthy beneficial effects of the Bravo in addition to the reconstitution of the human microbiome by the microbes.

In the end, we found out that even though there is plenty of GcMAF in the Bravo, it was not the GcMAF protein that was responsible for the health effects.

We became very puzzled, because we had been working in the lab for years on the GcMAF protein and we had seen a number of very interesting biological activities such as the killing of cancer cells, the inhibition of oncogenesis, stimulation of macrophages and so on.

So we wondered how it was possible to get rid of the GcMAF protein and still see all the effects that we had previously attributed to the GcMAF. [6, 7]

The Discovery of Rerum

Dr. Ruggiero describes the development of Rerum:

At this point, unlike the old GcMAF and the old Goleic that were based on proteins, we were able to exploit the message contained in the glycosaminoglycans and to find the glycosaminoglycan that actually was responsible for the effects that we had attributed to the GcMAF or Goleic protein.

The effects that we and others had observed with the old GcMAF and old Goleic were not due to the moiety of the protein molecules, but to the moiety of the glycosaminoglycans, the vitamin nutrients, and the oleic acid. So now we were able to by observing nature, to reconstitute the active part of the molecule without the need of the blood derived protein.

Because of this, we are now able to target those few hundred genes that are commonly altered in most chronic diseases. [6, 7]


Dr. Ruggiero and Dr. Reinwald will be speaking at the AutismOne Conference in May of 2017. I am sure that they will have even more exciting information to share about their research. In my opinion, the AutismOne conference is the best opportunity that parents and healthcare professionals have for learning about treatments that can lead to children losing their autism diagnosis. This is also a great opportunity for physicians and other healthcare providers to obtain continuing education credits. Visit their website for details.

AutismOne: The Cutting-Edge Autism Conference(R) – May 24-28, COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO

My final comment has to do with those who wish to obtain GcMAF, Goleic, Rerum, or Bravo Yogurt starter. Please proceed carefully. There are many sources on the internet, which say they are selling these products, but are actually selling products of unknown origin. This is especially true for GcMAF and Goleic, which are made from human blood.

Personally, if I wanted to use a macrophage activating compound, then I would choose Bravo yogurt. If I was seriously ill and needed more intense therapy, then I would use Rerum. The older generation GcMAF and Goleic products are still effective, however, but their authenticity is often hard to verify. Bravo Yogurt and Rerum do not have a potential risk of unknown contamination from blood.

Currently, Bravo Yogurt starter is manufactured in Switzerland and is sold online by just a couple vendors in the U.S. and is not hard to obtain.

Rerum can be purchased directly from Germany.

I have used the ketogenic diet for many years and attest that it is safe and enjoyable. I have personally used the Bravo Yogurt as an oral health tonic. The Bravo Yogurt tastes good and is good for us. I plan to use it as an enema in the future to further build up the healthy microbiome in my gut and my brain and give my immune system another boost.

Additional Resources for Your Personal Study

Dr. Tim Noakes – The Idiot’s Guide to LCHF and Banting

(Dr. Tim Noakes, a scientist and doctor with much expertise in using the ketogenic diet, presents an overview of the details for adopting a ketogenic lifestyle, and refutes some of the false beliefs concerning this diet.)

Medical Doctors Punished & Silenced for Giving “Unapproved” High Fat Dietary Advice

(Dr. Tim Noakes and Dr. Fettke stand on decades of research that shows the safety and effectiveness of the ketogenic diet, and are now being persecuted by the medical establishment because they are speaking the truth.)

The Real Meal Revolution: The Radical, Sustainable Approach to Healthy Eating (Age of Legends), Sally-Ann Creed, Tim Noakes, Jonno Proudfoot, May 17, 2016.

(Comment: This is the all-time top selling non-fiction book in South Africa with more than 200,000 copies sold in the last two years. I have reviewed the book. It contains good information about low-carb high-fat living. It has a very good section on low-carb high-fat research. For seriously ill people such as type 2 diabetics, some may need greater carb restriction than is found in the recipes given in the book. For example Dr. Noakes has found that the treatment of his own diabetes required zero carbs from sugar, and in total no more than 25 grams of carbs per day. This allowed him to break his former sugar addiction and to manage his diabetes most effectively. [9])

“Ketogenic Diet – Modern Diet,” Dr. Marco Ruggiero, interview by Carolyn Twietmeyer, 2/25/2016, YouTube.com.

“Novel insights on the etiology and treatment of autism,” Dr. Marco Ruggiero, AutismOne Conference 2016, 5/27/2016, YouTube.com.

“From old GcMAF to the new Rerum: natural immunotherapeutic approach to autism,” Dr. Heinz Reinwald, PhD, AutismOne 2016, 5/28/2016, YouTube.com.

Sauerkraut: Anti-cancer Fermented Food that Restores Gut Flora

Comment on this article at HealthImpactNews.com.


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