Doctor Specializing in Special Needs Children Speaks out Against Mandatory Vaccines in California

Dr. Lynn Mielke, M.D., is one of the latest medical doctors in California to speak out against mandatory vaccines, and the attempt by California lawmakers to remove existing exemptions. She is a Fellow of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs, and has a clinic treating children with developmental needs. Dr. Mielke explained that most of the children she was treating in her clinic were suffering from developmental delays, due to many underlying medical conditions. She pointed out that there is no current mandate to test children for underlying conditions that could make them more susceptible to vaccine injuries prior to vaccinating them. Dr. Mielke stated: "In these situations, where medical vulnerabilities exist, it is critical that we are not forced to practice government-mandated medicine. SB277 could increase the number of vaccine-injured children and will eviscerate the doctor-patient relationship and informed consent. Safe vaccination is the goal. But there is no safe one-size-fits-all vaccine policy. Once a vaccine is given, it cannot be undone. I strongly urge you to oppose SB277." In spite of the testimony of Dr. Mielke, many other medical professionals, and thousands of parents in California who showed up to oppose SB277, the California Senate this week passed it anyway, by a vote of 25 to 10.