Spain High Court Rules HPV Vaccine Caused Death of Young Woman

The High Court of Justice of Asturias- Spain (TSJA) has condemned the Asturian Health System for the death of Andrea, a young Spanish girl who died in September 2012 after getting the second shot of the HPV vaccine. The Court recognizes the bad practice of the hospitals of Jove and Cabueñes since they did not diagnose the pathology before the second shot of the vaccine was supplied which caused the death of the young woman. Andrea was a young woman with a medical history of mild episodes of bronchial asthma. When she got the first shot of the HPV vaccine on July 23, 2012, she became sick with a headache and breathing difficulty. Although she suffered from a severe asthmatic exacerbation, she got the second shot on August 23, 2012, with a sudden worsening. As a result of this, she suffered severe dyspnea and seizures only 12 hours after receiving the vaccine. She was moved to the Maternal and Child Hospital of the HUCA where she remained in the Pediatric Intensity Care Unit until she died on 8 September.

Did Merck Deceive FDA About Gardasil Vaccine Research Omitting Data Concerning Ovarian Failure?

Did Merck intentionally deceive the FDA, doctors, and parents with its Gardasil vaccine research? In other words, did Merck design rat studies and human clinical studies that would fail to identify vaccine harm, and give a false sense of security to those who would approve or use the vaccine? Based on the evidence I have uncovered, I believe it is possible to conclude that its future marketing plans and the protection of Merck’s profitability for its shareholders were higher priorities than the safety of the HPV vaccine called Gardasil.