Study: Vaccine Induced Inflammation Cause of Obesity Epidemic – Not Diet

Childhood obesity is now a reason why the state could take away children from their parents. The rationale is that if a child is obese, it is the parents' fault, because they failed to feed them properly. It is assumed that all childhood obesity is a result of diet. However, most of us have probably seen first-hand just how different children are when it comes to food and putting on weight. Some children can eat junk food most of the time and never add weight, while some children can eat a healthy, organic diet and still add pounds. Dr. J. Bart Classen has published a study claiming that the evidence for the overwhelming problem of childhood obesity is not diet, but "vaccine induced inflammation."

Big Pharma Wants to Convince You that Food Has no Role in Obesity – Buy Their Drugs Instead

Curing obesity has become a huge market in the U.S., so the pharmaceutical companies have decided they want to profit from it also. The AMA announced earlier this year that obesity is now a disease, and scary press releases are becoming headline news in the mainstream media, even though obesity rates have leveled off for the first time in years. All this is a cleverly designed marketing campaign to introduce their new drugs and vaccines for obesity. One vaccine in development is claiming to cure obesity with no exercise necessary. This week the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article stating that it was time to stop discussing diets, because diets don't work. The weight-loss diet market is, of course, a huge profit sector standing in the way of Big Pharma, so this should have surprised no one who is paying attention to what is really going on. The solution according to one "expert" is to control people's behavior. Do you trust medical professionals and politicians to define what is "correct behavior" in regards to weight loss, especially when they have just now said that the food you eat is not important? Could forced vaccinations and medications be on the way for those who do not comply with their standard of "correct behavior"?

American Medical Association Opens The Flood Gates For New Vaccines and Drugs By Officially Declaring Obesity A Disease

The move by the American Medical Association board means that one-third of the U.S. adult population can now officially be diagnosed and treated with a flood of new drugs and vaccines which have been years in the making.