Texas Succumbs to Vaccine Censorship and Pharmaceutical Pressure Regarding Vaxxed Film

The Vaxxed film is exposing deep bias within the mainstream media, government and the film industry in regard to pharmaceutical influence and censorship. Hunter Todd — the festival Chairman & Founding Director of WorldFest-Houston — reported that he received threatening calls from “high government officials” pressuring him to not show the Vaxxed film. “…after very threatening calls late yesterday from high Houston Government officials – we had no choice but to drop the film” Todd’s letter went on to state that: “Heavy handed censorship, to say the least…they both threatened severe action against the festival if we showed it, so it is out. Their actions would have cost us more than $100,000 in grants. The mayor asked that it be removed from the lineup. I believe Judge Emmett did the same. The film festival is being funded in part through a grant from the City of Houston. The mayor felt it inappropriate for the city to endorse an event that would be screening a film that is counter to the city’s efforts to ensure children receive vaccinations.”

Another CDC Whistleblower Adds Fuel to Vaxxed Film’s Fight Against Censorship

A turning point is happening in the U.S. despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to downplay and ignore it. Fraud within The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now premiering in theaters throughout the U.S. as the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe has opened at the box office to massive interest. The film centers on Dr. William Thompson’s 2014 admissions of research fraud with regard to manipulating the pivotal study that showed a correlation between the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and the onset of autism. Both the silence of Congress and the epidemic run up of autism rates since Dr. Thompson’s admissions have been staggering. Ignoring the opportunity to promptly act on Dr. Thompson’s information in 2014, the national conversation has grown rapidly encompassing pharmaceutical fraud, vaccine safety and government agency corruption. Now, another CDC whistleblower has revealed corruption at the CDC. On April 4, the court heard critical motions from a former CDC researcher and whistle blower alleging the CDC committed research misconduct and persistent data errors in their autism prevalence reports. Judith Pinborough-Zimmerman — the whistle blower in the case — filed specific concerns over alleged uncorrected errors in the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network’s reported autism analysis for Utah. After Robert De Niro announced — and then days later retracted — the showing of Vaxxed at his 2016 Tribeca film festival, the public took note of the film in a major way. The hype generated in a week’s time by the fiasco was enough free publicity to propel the Vaxxed documentary upward like a rocket. When the Angelika theater stepped up to premiere the film in Tribeca’s absence, the countdown was on. In spite of efforts by the mainstream media to censor the message of Vaxxed, the public is responding in a huge way by showing that they want freedom of speech surrounding vaccine safety.