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Parents, Scientists and Doctors from Around the World Gather to Discuss How to Handle Increasing HPV Vaccine Injuries


Kesia Lyng is a Gardasil HPV vaccine victim. She was a trial participant a Gardasil vaccine “safety study” in Denmark that is used to “prove” the vaccine is safe. But Kesia has suffered debilitating, life-changing side effects due to the vaccine. “I’ve had my 20s removed, ripped out.” (Watch video below.)

“Our Girls Are Not Rumours – Getting Help after HPV Vaccination”

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Earlier this year (2018) parents, scientists and doctors from all over the world gathered in Ireland at an IFICA conference to discuss the future of the HPV vaccine injured.

The theme was “Working Together.”

The Ireland Government HSE (Health Service Executive [1]) was invited to send representatives to attend, but they refused the opportunity to speak or listen to the world-renowned experts who attended.

Instead, the HSE claims that the HPV vaccine is “100% safe” and labeled parents of HPV vaccine injured children as “Emotional Terrorists.”

HPV victims parents emotional terrorists [2]

As a result, victims suffering from Gardasil vaccine injuries in Ireland cannot get treatment, and must travel outside of the country to find medical help for their injuries.

Watch the full video report:

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