The False Gods of Genetics and “Gene Therapy”

One of the topics we have exposed over the years here at Health Impact News is the false science of “genetics” research and the promise of new drugs based on such research.

This is simply a continuation of the field of “eugenics” made popular in the late 1920s and early 1930s here in the U.S., exported to Germany prior to WWII, and then brought back to the U.S. and repackaged.

What the study of genetics has done for the past several decades is bring in billions of dollars for research and focus research away from the real problems in health, the #1 problem being the toxic drugs and vaccines that have decimated the health of Americans and others around the world, with the promise of discovering “new drugs” to solve all of society’s woes.

But what it really consists of is a cash cow for the Globalists to come up with new methods of classifying and controlling people.

Reporter Jon Rappoport published a good summary of this pseudo science today.