The Criminal Police State is Rapidly Taking Over America – Does the General Public even Understand This?

As we watch life in the U.S. change completely to something nobody in this country has ever seen before, I can’t help but wonder how many people among the general public, most of whom believe they are watching “real” news with “real” information from the corporate networks, even have a basic understanding of the Constitution of the United States, or what life is like in a tyrannical Police State?

We have a copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights here on our website, and if you have never read it, or have read it so long ago that you don’t remember what it says, now might be a good time to familiarize yourself with it.

This rule of law that has guided the United States throughout its 200+ year history, is currently being ripped to pieces and ignored, all in the name of “COVID,” which we now know is a Plandemic being used by the Globalists to establish their New World Order.

Consider the following commands inflicted on the American public which are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and illegal because none of them are based on any current laws:

Requiring everyone to wear a face mask.
Social distancing.
Quarantining HEALTHY people.
Being forced to have your temperature taken.
Tracking people’s movements and personal dealings.
Shutting down businesses and putting people out of work.
Refusing the public to obtain FDA approved medicines and requiring them to use fast-tracked new ones instead.
Preventing children from going to school.
Forbidding churches and other religious institutions from worshiping and singing.

The only reason these commands have been obeyed, is because people chose to obey them, even though they have ZERO legal basis.

What is coming next? Following the path we are on, this is what you can expect next:

Random search and seizures in people’s homes by armed government thugs.
Forced medical procedures, including vaccines, and confiscation of any alternative treatments that actually work.
Children being removed from their homes and taken away from their parents if they, or their parents, test positive for COVID, or refuse to be tested, or refuse the COVID vaccine, etc.
Random killing by armed government thugs without a trial to those deemed “dangerous” to society.
Social credit scores and a cashless society where the government decides which foods you are allowed to buy, how much toilet paper you are allowed to buy, where you are allowed to live, whether or not you are allowed to travel outside your location, what kind of car you are allowed to drive, etc.

If you think this is an exaggeration, then you are still asleep, because we are already well down this path, and the masses have offered little to no resistance.

The criminals and mass murderers have taken over the country, and it would seem most of the American public still does not grasp this yet, even as millions take to the streets to protest in Europe.