Why is the Corporate Media Predicting a “Dark Winter”?

Earlier this week I reported how a mere 6 companies control almost everything we see in the corporate media. On the corporate news networks, it is common to use “doctors” to get a specific message across to the public, by using their “appeal to authority,” where facts and real science are not even needed to convince the masses.

This is true beyond just the corporate media news broadcasts, which are controlled by the Billionaires on Wall Street, primarily the pharmaceutical industry today.

But it goes beyond just news broadcasts, as their propaganda can be even more effective in the entertainment industry, where critical thinking skills are relaxed all in the name of “entertainment.”

Earlier this year the film “Out of Shadows” was released online by Hollywood insiders, and it was viewed by over 15 million people on YouTube before they took it down.

This is a must watch for anyone who has not seen it yet.

One of the new buzz words being used in the corporate media recently is the mention of a “Dark Winter” for 2020. Joe Biden mentioned it also in the last debate.

This is a term that has a previous history, and Derrick Broze, who was recently banned on YouTube and had his popular channel removed, has created a new 12 and half minute documentary on the history of this term, and what it means.

This is not a conspiracy “theory” documentary that is full of speculation, as you will see.

And remember, back in July this year we published the comments of CDC director Robert Redfield that showed they were already planning and expecting “massive deaths” this fall, giving further evidence that this is all a big plan that is in place, perhaps to coincide with the National Elections coming next week.

If you have not yet viewed the documentary PLANDEMIC produced by Mikki Willis, which gives solid historical evidence that this kind of “pandemic” has been planned for years now, this too is a must viewing, if you want to be fully informed and not be subject to the mind control efforts of the corporate media.

Here is The Darkest Winter, by Derrick Broze.