As Demand for Bioweapon Shots Decrease Governments and Big Tech Look to Squash Free Speech of Dissenters

The World Economic Forum (WEF) published its new Global Coalition for Digital Safety program this week “to counter health misinformation, violent extremist and terrorist content, and the exploitation of children online.”

Of course, they get to define all the forms of “health misinformation” which include any dissenters to the COVID-19 bioweapon shots.

And we have already seen what they mean by “the exploitation of children online” which means preventing children from getting dissenting views, as several places in Canada and around the U.S. have already started injecting children as young as 12-years-old with COVID-19 shots without their parents’ knowledge or approval.

On the WEF website explaining about this new initiative, they feature a short video of Julie Inman Grant from Australia who states “we’re not policing the Internet for harmful material,” and then proceeds to explain how they are policing the Internet for harmful material.

They’re going to rely on citizens to spy on their friends and neighbors and then report them to Big Tech.

Leo Hohmann published an article about this today, and said one of his readers sent him a screenshot from Facebook showing that this is already being implemented.