Is Anthony Fauci Responsible for Killing More People than Hitler did in Nazi Germany?

A video clip from a presentation given on December 7, 1994, by Dr. Robert Wilner is circulating through the Internet today. Dr. Wilner is the author of the book, Deadly Deception: the Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS.

To prove his point, Dr. Wilner injected himself on live camera with blood from an HIV infected person, to show that it was harmless.

But the reason this video clip of his presentation is circulating through the Internet today, is because of what he said over 25 years ago about Anthony Fauci, and others at the National Institute of Health at that time. He said:

“We are talking about the most horrible scandal and scam ever perpetrated, not only in the name of ‘science,’ but in humanity and all history.

Today is December 7th. I was 12 years old when the attack on Pearl Harbor came. And I remember World War II very well.

And it is a very significant day today, because I see an incredible parallel between what is going on in the so called ‘AIDS epidemic,’ and what happened in the years preceding and resulting in World War II.

The great lie of Hitler – it’s amazing, I think he would envy the job being done by members of the National Institutes of Health, and even the media, especially in this country.

And I will put the lie to the individuals of the NIH, particularly Gallo, Fauci, and Haseltine and Essex and the rest of these scoundrels of the worst order.

Criminals guilty of genocide, without a doubt.

I invite them to take me to court! I wish Burroughs Wellcome would take me to court!

Because they have been putting out a killer drug knowingly. Because in a court of law, I would have the opportunity to provide the absolute proof and evidence, as I have in my book, Deadly Deception.

Now I’m not alone in what I am doing here today. How does the Press escape such obvious truth?

Why would the finest virologist in the world, the most noted virologist, member of our National Academy of Sciences, Peter Duesberg, why would he put his entire career on the line? What did he have to gain?

He’s already lost his laboratory. And his funding. We can’t take away his professorship because he is tenured.”

Dr. Wilner died less than a year after this presentation in April of 1995, supposedly from a heart attack.