“Apocalyptic” Warnings on Food Shortages and Financial Upheaval as Riots Break Out in Sri Lanka and Iran

I think I have read the word “apocalyptic” used to describe the immediate future more than I have ever seen before, suggesting that the world is now on the brink of chaos.

Here are two headlines that were in my newsfeed today, on May 17, 2022:

“Bank of England Governor Warns of ‘Apocalyptic’ Food Shortages”
“Mood On Wall Street Has Never Been More Apocalyptic”

One of the countries that has been especially hard hit with massive riots where soldiers were ordered to shoot protesters, is Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapaksa, the brother of sitting President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, resigned last week after violent protests, and the country is on the brink of total disaster.

Protests have also happened in Iran due to rising costs of food, and the government responded by actually shutting down the Internet so people could not communicate with each other.

Are you ready for the “apocalyptic” future?