Pfizer and the FDA NEVER Claimed Their COVID-19 Vaccine Stopped Transmission – This is NOT News Today!

My news feed and my inbox in my email program have been flooded with links to stories reporting what so many in the Alternative Media today are claiming is BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine was Never Tested on Preventing Transmission!

The source of this “Breaking News” is apparently a Dutch Member of the European Parliament, Rob Roos.

Well I have some news for all of you emailing me this story: This is NOT news!

Pfizer and the FDA have NEVER claimed that their COVID-19 stopped transmission of COVID, and this information has been readily available to the public since the beginning when the shot was first given an EUA.

It has ALWAYS been a lie propagated by the Corporate Media and the criminal CDC, and we have exposed this lie many times in the past.

A few months after the shots were authorized by the FDA, Barbara Loe Fisher, the co-founder of The National Vaccine Information Center, which is the leading vaccine consumer advocacy group in the world and has been in existence for over 30 years, wrote what was by far the most comprehensive review of these new shots where she warned the public, among other things, that these vaccines were never even intended to stop transmission!

In November of 2021, we reported that even the director of WHO told the Brazilian President that the COVID shots were not designed to stop transmission.

So with all due respect to Mr. Roos, this is OLD NEWS, and is certainly not a “smoking gun.” 

The fact that so many people are getting worked up into a frenzy over this today just proves that people in the beginning did not do their homework and research for themselves the public information that was available about these shots, and sadly, that included MANY in the medical field who were recommending them!!