Did the Federal Government Just Secretly Take Over Vaccine Policy Usurping the Authority of the States?

Over the course of the last several months there have been a few developments, when looked at individually, that do not create much of a response or concern to the masses. Yet when you zoom out a bit, these events, scattered about and seemingly not connected, start to fit together into a pattern.

The events I refer to are:

1) The enactment of The PREP Act by the Secretary of HHS.

2) The Secretary of HHS actions to remove shoulder injury and syncope from the NVICP.

3) The Secretary of HHS amending the PREP Act to allow pharmacists to administer childhood vaccines to our kids ages 3-18.

4) The Secretary of HHS issuing guidance allowing pharmacists to administer an approved COVID vaccine to kids ages 3-18.

By connecting the actions of the Secretary of HHS and those dots (actions), it does give the appearance of:

A complete federalization of our nation’s vaccine policy traditionally conducted and carried out by the states. 

Using the PREP Act, without consultation by Congress, circumventing state legislatures, our federal government is now creating vaccine standards and policy.