Will New eBook: “Vaccine Science Revisited: Are Childhood Immunizations As Safe As Claimed?” Soon be Banned?

When the Morcan's new eBook, VACCINE SCIENCE REVISITED: Are Childhood Immunizations As Safe As Claimed?, was published earlier this year (2019), I ordered it via Amazon.com's Kindle platform (currently the only place available) and read it with great interest, as it was a brilliant treatment of the subject from a fresh perspective. The book obviously was the result of years of research, and yet it was originally offered on Amazon.com for a mere $0.99, signifying the authors' desire to make this information available to the public as more important than earning a large profit from the book. Author James Morcan is a New Zealand-born actor/writer/producer known for his genius mind. Some of his other books are part of "The Underground Knowledge Series" which has a very active following on GoodReads with his father Lance and over 10,000 followers. With the Morcans being new to the vaccine debate, I asked a medical doctor who is well-versed in vaccine science to take a look at it, as others well-known in the field have also, and the consensus was that it was a "genius" piece of work written from a unique perspective. However, there are growing concerns that Amazon.com might start banning books like this questioning vaccines, as CNN has recently reported that "Anti-vaccine movies" have disappeared from Amazon.com. So if you want to pick up a copy of this new book that examines the science behind vaccines, you might want to get it soon before it is banned.