by Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice

Chicken Pox is one of the least defensible vaccines on the schedule. The documented rate of vaccine provoked seizures dramatically outpaces the natural infection risk.

It is a common assertion by vaccine proponents that administering multiple vaccines at a visit, or using combination shots, are no more reactive than single doses. Linked below are CDC charts and slides detailing that this assertion is completely false. The MMR is more reactive than single vaccines, adding a Chicken Pox shot to an MMR visit jumps the normal MMR 1/3500 seizure rate to 1/2500, and using the MMRV Pro Quad 4 in 1 doubles the seizure rate again to 1/1250. How can a parent be considered unscientific if they can dramatically cut their child’s seizure risk by dose timing or product selection when the infection is Chicken Pox?

Reviewing how other countries handle Chicken Pox can illustrate the contrasts between the US Vaccine Authority and more rational medical organizations.

See this link to see how few countries use this vaccine, and remember that very few countries require vaccination for school attendance.

The Netherlands performed a study to determine if they should follow the US for Chicken Pox. Netherlands does not. The UK recommends Chicken Pox only after exposure and for HCW who never had the natural infection. This link also has CDC Vaccine Safety Datalink charts detailing the seizure rates.

Calculate these febrile seizure rates against the 8 million US children receiving their first or second of 2 doses every year, you get 3200 to 6400 events (depending on whether it is a MMR + V or MMRV) requiring emergency room treatments. Averaging this out, are 5,000 or so Vaccine provoked febrile seizures requiring hospitalization to prevent the 11 or 12,000 natural infection hospitalizations referenced above an acceptable ratio? At a cost of $75 times 8 million, $600,000,000?

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