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Dr. Brownstein’s excellent commentary on the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s recommendation of the flu shot for pregnant women highlights how logic and science are often suppressed to promote the lucrative flu vaccine business. What has happened to our nation when medical professionals are recommending a product with no proven safety record to pregnant women?

The question is, is the flu shot safe for anyone? When someone is given the flu shot, are they warned about the side effects others have reported? They are listed in the package insert:

The following adverse events have been spontaneously reported during postapproval use of FLULAVAL (trivalent influenza vaccine). Because these events are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their incidence rate or establish a causal relationship to the vaccine. Adverse events described here are included because: a) they represent reactions which are known to occur following immunizations generally or influenza immunizations specifically; b) they are potentially serious; or c) the frequency of reporting.

Blood and Lymphatic System Disorders: Lymphadenopathy.
Eye Disorders: Eye pain, photophobia.
Gastrointestinal Disorders: Dysphagia, vomiting.
General Disorders and Administration Site Conditions: Chest pain, injection site inflammation, asthenia, injection site rash, influenza-like symptoms, abnormal gait, injection site bruising, injection site sterile abscess.
Immune System Disorders: Allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, angioedema.
Infections and Infestations: Rhinitis, laryngitis, cellulitis.
Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders: Muscle weakness, arthritis.
Nervous System Disorders: Dizziness, paresthesia, hypoesthesia, hypokinesia, tremor, somnolence, syncope, Guillain-Barré syndrome, convulsions/seizures, facial or cranial nerve paralysis, encephalopathy, limb paralysis.
Psychiatric Disorders: Insomnia.
Respiratory, Thoracic, and Mediastinal Disorders: Dyspnea, dysphonia, bronchospasm, throat tightness.
Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Disorders: Urticaria, localized or generalized rash, pruritus, sweating.
Vascular Disorders: Flushing, pallor.

Notice that “nervous system disorders” has the longest list. This also correlates to the injuries paid out by the U.S. government for vaccine injuries, where Guillain-Barré syndrome, which causes a paralysis similar to polio, is the #1 claim paid for damages due to the flu shot.

Flu Vaccine and Pregnancy: A Dangerous Practice

by Dr. Brownstein

The American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) released a Committee Opinion detailing their views on the influenza vaccine during pregnancy. (1)   In this paper, ACOG states, “Influenza vaccination is an essential element of preconception, prenatal, and postpartum care because pregnant women are at an increased risk of serious illness due to seasonal and pandemic influenza. It is particularly important that women who are or will be pregnant during influenza season receive an inactivated influenza vaccine as soon as it is available. It is imperative that obstetrician-gynecologists, other health care providers, health care organizations, and public health officials continue efforts to improve the rate of influenza vaccination among pregnant women.”

Now, you would think that a strong statement like that would be backed up by data that the flu vaccine is both safe and effective for pregnant women. However, the truth is just the opposite: The flu vaccine has not been properly studied in pregnant women nor has it shown to be very effective at preventing the flu in anyone.

Most flu vaccines are preserved with mercury in the form of thimerosal. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to mankind and is a potent neurotoxin. In the Committee Opinion paper, ACOG states,”…there is no scientific basis that thimerosal-free formulations of the influenza vaccine cause adverse effects in children born to women who received vaccines with thimerosal.”

I am not sure what to say here. Animal studies have clearly shown that mercury from thimerosal crosses the blood-brain barrier and becomes highly incorporated in the brains of rabbits, as well as their fetuses. (2) There are many other peer-reviewed studies which have shown thimerosal harms animal fetuses. One of the reasons ACOG states that “there is no scientific basis that thimerosal-free formulations of the influenza vaccine cause adverse effects in children” is that there have been no studies done that confirm that thimerosal injected into pregnant women causes harm to the fetus. On the other hand, there are no studies that show that it is safe to inject thimerosal into pregnant women.

Common sense would dictate that it is probably not wise to inject one of the most toxic substances known to mankind into pregnant women. I don’t think we need any randomized, double-blind studies which assess the effects of mercury injections into pregnant women.

And, most importantly, before ACOG recommends flu injections for all pregnant women, don’t you think there should be at least one good study which shows that the flu vaccine is safe and effective for pregnant women?  However, that would be too simple. Here’s the truth: The flu vaccine has not been properly studied in pregnant women. In fact, in the package insert for the FluLaval quadrivalent vaccine it states, “There are … no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women and FluLaval quadrivalent should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.”

Unfortunately, mercury is not the only substance found in a toxic flu vaccine. Many flu (and other vaccines) contain the carcinogen formaldehyde. Needless to say, there have been no studies showing it is safe and effective to inject a known carcinogen into a pregnant women or any other living being.

What’s the bottom line? I was taught in my training that when considering a pregnant patient, it is best to err on the side of caution. Common sense would dictate that no pregnant women should ever be injected with mercury. In fact, I would extend that statement that no living being should ever be injected with mercury.

I don’t think you need an advanced degree to come to those conclusions. You only need common sense which seems to be lacking in the Committee Opinion paper by ACOG.

I have written a much longer article about this topic in the December, 2014 issue of my monthly Newsmax newsletter, Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health. For more information about my newsletter, please click here: https://www.newsmaxstore.com/newsletters/brownstein/renew.cfm

Read the full article and comment here.


  1. Committee Opinion. Number 608. September, 2014. American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
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