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October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is a Cash Cow for Big Pharma and Toxic Cancer Drugs

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

October has been dubbed Breast Cancer Awareness month. The American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure are the two most visible fund raising groups for the multi-billion dollar cancer industry. The American Cancer Society teamed with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in 1985 to create October as the breast cancer awareness month. AstraZeneca is a major chemotherapy drug manufacturer.

The pink ribbon and pinking commercial products gimmick comes from the Komen clan. A small percentage of sales with those “pinked” products goes to contributing toward cancer drug research. Komen’s major fund raising efforts include running for the cure, walking for the cure, and other fund raising activities where participants pay for their involvement.

The multi-billion dollar cancer industry has been growing for many years now, and it depends on more clients, and NOT finding a cure so new drugs can enter the market.

As an alternative to the lucrative cancer drug industry, Ty and Charlene Bollinger’s Truth About Cancer events have educated hundreds of thousands of people on real cancer cures, with free online articles and health summits with the world’s leading authorities on true cancer research. Mainstream media will not publish this kind of life-saving information, as they are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical and cancer industry.

For the first time ever, most of these leaders in the alternative health field are gathering in Dallas, Texas this weekend (Oct. 14-16) for a live-streamed symposium that is offered free to the public.

Following the Komen Cancer Money: Drugs Only – Natural Cures Not Allowed

suzanne somers cancer larry king

Suzanne Somers appearing on Larry King Live explaining how she beat cancer with natural methods.

The ACS and Komen give nothing toward Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s research in Houston. Nothing went to the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in New York, both of whom were doing their best going through FDA hoops to gain acceptance for their safe, efficacious treatments that have actually produced long term healing.

No real follow up with the Gerson Institute or Hoxsey’s Bio-Medical Center, both forced into operating out of Mexico. Not a dime toward researching mega-dose IV vitamin C either.

By the way Komen, how come you haven’t consulted with TV star Suzanne Somers about her breast cancer cure from European mistletoe extract injections? Suzanne wrote the bestseller Knockout about it and other alternative cancer therapies that actually cure without side effects. Promoting actual cures would ruin your fund raising racket, as people without cancer would reduce the consumer pool to buy Big Pharma’s chemo therapy drugs.

Mammograms: Controversial Treatment Does More Harm than Good

laboratory with mammography machine

Komen spends a good deal on setting up free mammograms as their idea of prevention. It’s been determined by independent research that mammograms can cause cancer or misdiagnose, resulting in unnecessary treatment in addition to being somewhat carcinogenic. Thermography is safer and more effective.

But Komen refuses to acknowledge this while pushing mammograms. Maybe that’s because of their arrangement with General Electric, which manufactures mammograms.

Komen also claims to spend a big chunk on cancer preventative education. Is diet mentioned? Is vitamin D or any other supplement mentioned? Are sugar filled products warned against?

No, instead they’re wrapped in pink. How about carcinogenic cosmetic products? No, they’re wrapped in pink too.

Ironically, the cancer industry’s chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments are also carcinogenic.

Those industries are enrolled in “pinking” or getting pink washed, a mutually beneficial practice of coloring their products pink to promote Komen’s “charity.” This enhances a commercial interest’s image and increases sales to consumers who foolishly feel they’re contributing to a worthwhile cause while indulging in what’s usually a carcinogenic product.

These industries donate a small percentage of their profits to Komen. Most of the money raised with all their fund raising campaigns, events, and product promotional schemes goes to cover their organizational expenses, which include very hefty six figure annual salaries, bonuses, personal travel expenses, promotions, and lobbyists.

Komen gives only 21 percent of their budget toward strictly pharmaceutical industry “research” while the ACS is reputed to be even stingier with their budget. The ACS also refuses to let others review their accounting sheets. At one point, the Komen for the Cure group’s CEO was paid over $650,000 annually.

Most of the rest or both groups’ funds are absorbed by promotional and administrative costs, which tend to be a bit lavish using other people’s money.

But they are both part of the cancer industry’s grand scam called the “War on Cancer.” There has been no progress from mainstream oncology since Richard Nixon declared that war in 1971. Under three percent of mainstream oncology’s efforts produce a remission that lasts for five years or more with chemotherapy. (Source)

Mainstream oncology’s treatments kill more than cure.

Detection and Treatment of Cancer Are Not “Cures”

Rick Simpson, who pioneered curing cancer with cannabis oil, had a shocking insight while attempting to share his discoveries with the Canadian government. He realized that government resistance wasn’t about using the illegal substance of THC hemp. It was simply that the cancer industry does not want a cure!

That would create an economic vacuum and cause thousands to lose their jobs and careers if this trillion dollar industry collapses because real cures are accepted. Billions scammed annually are at stake. A cured patient is a lost patient.

Mainstream oncology specializes instead on detecting and treating, not curing, even if that means plying elderly terminal cancer patients who have adequate medical insurance with agonizing chemo drugs until they die from them.

Since When Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Need Charity Money?

The pharmaceutical industry is awash in billions they use for trials on new drugs and payments for the FDA’s licensing to market them. And it’s all to assure their monopoly on medical drugs that are simply synthesized isolates from natural biological plant sources. Synthetic isolates lead to serious adverse side effects.

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.” Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, PhD.

“My overall assessment is that the national cancer program must be judged a qualified failure. Our whole cancer research in the past 20 years has been a total failure.” Former 20 year Cancer Institute staffer and editor Dr. John Bailer.

That’s the best they can do with research funds they really don’t need. Besides, a cure would ruin their lucrative cancer diagnostic and treatment activities. It makes more business sense to discourage alternative treatments by scaring cancer victims while ensuring medical insurance covers only their high priced treatments.

Not only does mainstream oncology claim to be the only valid medicine for cancer treatments, it attacks all natural effective cures, literally attacks, putting patients being cured at a rate of 50 to 80 percent in peril as they lose their sources of real healing from cancer.

Those who participate in cancer industry fund raising efforts are aiding and abetting criminal activity. It’s better to get educated on what’s real and what’s not with cancer treatments as well as dietary preventative measures.

Over 40 Alternative Health Experts Gather Tomorrow in Dallas for Live Symposium – Watch Online for FREE!


On Friday, October 14, 2016, an all-star lineup of some of the biggest names in alternative health will gather together for the first time in Dallas, Texas for the Truth About Cancer Ultimate LIVE Symposium.

The 3-day event will be live-streamed over the Internet for free to those who preregister, so one does not need to be in Dallas that weekend to participate in this historical event, which is sure to change many lives.

Some of the top names in alternative health that will be presenting life-changing information include: Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Jack & Heather Wolfson, and many others, including Mike AdamsSayer Ji, and Robert Scott Bell, some of the biggest names in the alternative health media along with Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ty and Charlene Bollinger.

Ty and Charlene Bollinger are the hosts of this event, and they are the world-wide leaders in publishing life-changing information regarding the truth about cancer. Their summits and newsletters have reached millions of people with the truth about cancer, changing countless lives with valuable information that you will not find in the mainstream media.

All the major and minor cancer fund raisers, of which the minor players tend to scam even more than the major ones, hide one basic fact: There are hundreds of cures for cancer outside the mainstream pharmaceutical approach, according to some holistic doctors and the most informative alternative cancer cure website,

The Cancer Tutor received hardly any donations until the Truth About Cancer’s Ty Bollinger contributed heftily to them, acknowledging his best source of information on alternative cancer treatments.

According to Webster Kerr of the Cancer Tutor site:

“All of the orthodox medicine non-profit organizations, such as the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Susan G. Komen For the Cure are in bed with the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (the son of the founder of the pharmaceutical industry in America) founded the ACS in 1913!!”

Here is a message from Ty about this weekend’s Ultimate LIVE Symposium:

Register now for this truly historical event, which will not only reveal the truth about cancer, but also deliver life-changing information regarding many other alternative health issues that you are very unlikely to see in the Big Pharma dominated mainstream media.

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