by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The so-called Coronavirus pandemic “crisis” is very quickly taking a back seat to more serious crises in the U.S. right now, and perhaps none more critical than the closure of hospitals and emergency rooms, along with doctors and nurses being laid off, which is happening all across the country.

During the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak, the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media flooded the airways with images of over-crowded hospitals, supposed corpses being carried out in body bags, and other gruesome details that brought fear to the public.

Soon, however, citizens around the country began going to these hospitals to see first hand these horrible images, and they began to film and share on social media what they were seeing: hospitals and emergency rooms either empty or less crowded than usual.

Fast forward to today, at the end of April, and now not even the corporate media can deny that hospitals are suffering due to a lack of patients, as most states have shut down “non-essential” medical services to concentrate on treating COVID-19 patients.

Add to that the federal stimulus funds being directed to COVID-19 treatments, hospitals are obviously going to concentrate on COVID-19 treatments first, and as we have previously reported, many medical personnel are now coming forward to expose how pretty much every patient coming through the doors of hospitals are assumed to be COVID-19 patients whether they are tested or not.

As a result, whether intended or not, many hospitals are suffering financially, facing closure, and beginning to lay off their medical staffs, because other than perhaps New York City, there just are not enough COVID-19 patients to keep everyone employed.

Therefore, if you are suffering from something other than COVID-19 that needs emergency room or hospital services, such as cancer, hypertension, or any other non-respiratory illness, you risk not being able to get treatment.

So what can you do? You have to pretty much lie and tell the doctors or nurses that you suspect you might be infected with COVID-19. That gives you a free ticket, all expenses paid, access to hospital services.

Welcome to the new government-run healthcare system. What President Obama tried to do for 8 years with his “Obamacare” to have government take over healthcare, and was only partially successful, has now happened almost overnight because of the fear driven by the Coronavirus “pandemic.”

Here is a sample of what the corporate media is reporting regarding the crisis now facing American hospitals.

Beaumont Health in Michigan lays off 2,475 workers, permanently cutting 450 jobs

It seems counter intuitive that this could happen… What has transpired here is that the regular business of running a hospital has changed dramatically…

Some expectant mothers in Charlotte are losing doctors weeks before due dates

As WCNC first reported Friday night, HMG opted to dismiss several doctors who resigned in March but had planned to honor scheduled patient visits and contracts through September. In the days since, we learned 35 doctors, in all, lost their jobs, HMG closed 10 office locations and laid off support staff, blaming COVID-19 for a “dramatic reduction” in-office visits.

Maine hospitals losing $250 million per month during coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic

How are health care workers losing their jobs during a pandemic?

The Oregon Clinic laid off 820 workers in the Portland area. Here’s an explanation why nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants are losing work.

Health care workers face benefit and pay cuts amid coronavirus outbreak

The financial fallout from the pandemic is affecting health care workers in America. ER doctors are taking a 40% pay cut and getting their benefits cut during the coronavirus outbreak. Nikki Battiste reports.

North County health care workers protest temporary layoffs

Laid Off Healthcare Worker On Going From ‘Hero’ To ‘Unconsidered’

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