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Just Received. Ozone REVERSES Critically Ill COVID Patients in China, and VERY RAPIDLY

If I were given a chance, I strongly believe we could end this nightmare in a few weeks and restore the economy.

My comments are in brackets [ ]

Ozone Autohemotherapy—-A new trial for Novel coronavirus pneumonia

Patient gender: male, 56 years old. He was sent to hospital due to the fever symptom. The nucleic acid testing for the Novel coronavirus was positive, PaO2 74.8mmHg, [Rowen note- this number, 74.8 indicates gravely diseased lungs. The number should be near 100] oxygenation index 80.43, SaO2 95%, Chest CT: ground—glass opacity [really really bad]. The patient was a critical patient.

Specialist consultation team decided to use Ozone Autohemotherapy as follows: ozone concentration 30ug/ml, draw 100ml blood from the patient and mix the blood with the ozone, then transfuse the blood into the body.

The index after 3 hours, PaO2 99.2mmHg [outstanding improvement, only in 3 hours], oxygenation index 132.3, SaO2 98% [this is saturation of blood. 98% is just fine].

The patient felt good, and had a relieved symptom. [Not bad for a critical patient]

After 10 pass of the Ozone Autohemotherapy, PaO2 134mmHg, oxygenation index 462, SaO2 100% (2LPM oxygen flow Nasal Tube in Oxygen Treatment)


1. Ozone inactivates virus and bacteria.
2. Improve the body hypoxia
3. Stimulation and regulation of the immune system

All patients with Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment:

1 critical patient, received 10 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. He felt very good, the index improved and recovered.

1 critical patient, received 2 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment, and improved to normal patient. Fully recovered.

1 normal patient, received 1 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. Fully recovered.

1 normal patient, received 1 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. Fully recovered.

The above information was provided by Dr. Shi Kemei from the second hospital of Tianjin medical university, Tianjin, China.

[Rowen note: In my opinion it is beyond malevolent that our system, the disease maintenance system, and the mass media, has totally blacked out the most incredible therapy in the world. Our Rulers are bought out. (My personal opinion.)

To me we are dealing with a pack of ruthless thugs who have hijacked American medicine generating blood money at YOUR risk and expense or your lives and wallets, and now, livelihoods.

Please stuff this information to your local media, the mass media, talk show hosts, and more.

Today I heard Mark Levine, a conservative talk show host beat up on Bernie Sanders for Bernie’s hitting on Pharma.

I detest socialistic policies. But Pharma is evil, and Sanders certainly has a point on this matter. Levine was ignorantly touting the wonders of Pharma coming to our aid and saving countless lives with vaccination and that we should be supporting Pharma and praising the industry.

I could not believe my ears. I can forgive him. He just doesn’t know. But he should know better before mouthing off about vaccination to a public audience.

He has a duty. Perhaps some of you can get to him about this. Perhaps some of you can get to other major talk show or radio hosts. Please try. Your life might hang in the balance.

There is a cure out there for COVID. Fast, simple, Essentially 100% safe. And depending on method used, can be quite cheap. So far, every patient I have heard about who has received ozone therapy for this disease has recovered, including the two critically ill patients here.

This preliminary report exactly mirrors my YouTube Video of a month ago telling you what would happen wen ozone therapy would meet COVID.]

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