by Dr. Robert J. Rowen

Folks – coronavirus vaccine is making international news. Please read this:

Coronavirus Update: Vaccine Skips Important Animal Testing Phase, Straight To Human Trials


• Human trials on the new COVID-19 vaccine began March 16 in the U.S.
• The human trials began even as animal trials are underway
• This unorthodox approach, which might compromise both the safety and efficacy of the new vaccine, is being questioned by biomedical ethicists

It’s a risky gamble that will save thousands of lives if it pans out but might risk the health of its brave volunteers if it doesn’t. The gamble also doesn’t seem to conform to accepted medical ethics……

Standard clinical trials of any new medicine require scientists first test the vaccine on animals (normally mice) to determine its safety and effectiveness. Only after surviving iterative tests in animal models can a candidate medicine then be tested in human trials. This step has been dispensed within the case of mRNA-1273.

Comments by Dr. Rowen:

Now the above should tell the entire story of the EVIL medical paradigm of today. For the sake of vaccination, THEY are skipping accepted medical ethics, and placing human scared volunteers at risk.

At the same time, the system castigates those of us who do therapies (proven safe) outside the mainstream.

And, while they report on the sensationalism of a vaccine, no mainstream outlet will give a safety-proven and likely effective therapy – oxidation – the time of day.

Just today I was told that a seasoned and respected reporter for a major New York paper, who suddenly turned believer in oxidation therapy when a non-healing wound on her foot healed for about 10 USD topical oxidation treatment, was refused her story on ozone therapy for coronavirus by every news outlet.

They called it “fringe” science. Yet look at what Pharma’s “real” science has brought us in the past generation – superbugs resistant to all antibiotics, millions addicted to narcotics, children left immune cripples from corrupt vaccine studies, billions wasted on worthless statin drugs, Vioxx (which murdered tens of thousands), children hooked on mind-altering drugs, addictive antidepressants, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course the latter are not fringe science. Fringe science in 1491 would have been suggesting that the world was round.

No, I maintain that we have a system of “fraud” science. Even mainstream medical journals, which will not touch ozone reports have admitted that up to 40% of what they publish is outright fraud. Yet they still put it out, and deny a voice to the alternative.

Incidentally, the reporter’s foot doctor praised her decision to go outside the box and lamented that he just would/could not do it.

I’ve always said, follow the money trail. I hope this reporter will do a little deeper digging. Perhaps she will discover that those in control of Pharma are the same who control the mass media. And, as a result, we are literal prisoners in the Brave New World of Pharma with vaccines as the new “soma.”

We are being “pharmed” by Pharma for profit.

And, as an aside, politicians and the media together are flaming irrational fear and creating a situation where the melt down of the economy will likely claim many fold more lives than by simply letting the virus run its course.

Will the American people ever awaken from their stupor and throw off the tyrannical corporate shackles?


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