by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Prior to the COVID-19 Plandemic, cancer and cancer drugs were the biggest financial revenue streams in Big Pharma. Even at the height of the manufactured COVID-19 Plandemic, with all of the corruption involved in elevating the death statistics to try and make every death look like it was caused by COVID-19, there were still more people dying from cancer.

As we have reported over the past decade, this industry is far too profitable to allow a cure, and we recently re-published the documentary: Cancer: The Forbidden Cures. See:

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures – The Original Big Pharma Playbook Long Before COVID-19

But now, apparently taking their cue from COVID-19 “cures” and RNA “vaccines” which look to be ongoing products they can indefinitely inject into people to provide a steady income stream, for the first time those in the lucrative cancer industry are beginning to use the forbidden word: “cure.”

The pharmaceutical trade publication, FiercePharma, published an article yesterday where they quoted Peter Lebowitz, M.D., Ph.D., Janssen’s (J&J) global oncology therapeutic head, at the virtual BIO Digital 2021 conference earlier this week.

Speaking at a Tuesday fireside chat during the virtual BIO Digital 2021 conference, Peter Lebowitz, M.D., Ph.D., Janssen’s global oncology therapeutic head, said that like other cancer experts, he worries routine cancer detection lagged during the pandemic.

On the flip side, “the world has just seen how quickly science can move,” Lebowitz added. Now, as some countries come out of the pandemic, Lebowitz noted it is the biopharma industry’s responsibility to apply lessons from the last year to other fields such as oncology.

While the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the “speed and capability” biopharma companies and researchers can offer during a crisis response, Lebowitz pointed out that for patients and society, “cancer is always a crisis.”

Looking forward, Lebowitz said researchers and companies should think about a word the industry has sometimes avoided: a cure.

“When I started off in my career, people wouldn’t say the word ‘cure,’” Lebowitz told Scrip Intelligence’s Mandy Jackson during the fireside chat. “They wouldn’t talk about cures.” (Source.)

Of course they wouldn’t! Because actual cures to cancer, such as the ones the FDA banned and chased out of the country where one now needs to go to Mexico or Europe to get them, is bad for business.

And while Big Pharma denied this fact for years, while collecting millions of dollars each year from the contributions of every-day Americans to their favorite cancer “charity” which helped fund drug research, we now have a major cancer scientist admitting that they never discussed cures to begin with.

But now through the magic of emergency use authorizations for declared “pandemics,” the pharmaceutical industry has a way to fast-track new drugs by using the population as guinea pigs, and now they can actually use the word “cure” redefining the meaning as “life-long dependency on pharmaceutical products.”

Business has never looked brighter for the pharmaceutical industry.

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