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While we are only about two months into the roll-out of the experimental COVID mRNA injections, with hundreds dead and tens of thousands injured following the injections, the travel industry is already making plans to require “health passports” as a condition for air travel, which reportedly will include showing proof that you have had a “COVID vaccine.”

And these “vaccines” are not even FDA approved yet, and still in Phase 3 trials, using the American public as guinea pigs.

What’s next after this is rolled out as a requirement for air travel? Requirement for employment, to purchase food, and what else?

This has been the Global agenda all along in implementing the COVID Plandemic.

There’s a scramble to create digital ‘health passports.’ These companies are teaming up to make sure they all work

by Heather Landi
Fierce Healthcare


COVID-19 test results are already required for entry at some airports and at international borders, and it’s likely that confirmation of getting a COVID-19 vaccine will soon follow.

But most patients who have been vaccinated against the virus only get a small piece of paper as proof.

Those papers are easy to lose and highly vulnerable to fraud and counterfeiting, industry stakeholders say. So public and private organizations have turned to the idea of developing digital health passports to help restart global travel.

But, there’s a catch there too, experts say. Without agreed-upon standards, different digital health passes risk creating a fragmented system that will only slow down efforts to bring travel back safely.

“You might show up at the airport trying to prove your recent COVID test result or vaccination certificate, and you pull up an app that is not recognized, and now you’re scrambling to figure out how to get on the plane,” said Dakota Gruener, executive director of ID2020, an organization which advocates for digital IDs.

Gruener was speaking to reporters during a briefing with reporters Monday to announce a new cross-industry collaboration aimed at addressing the problem. Companies in the technology, health and travel sectors have banded together to form the Good Health Pass Collaborative to create a “blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems.”

“Fragmentation is a risk we simply cannot ignore. To be valuable to users, credentials need to be accepted at check-in, upon arrival by border control agencies, and more,” Gruener said. “We can get there—even with multiple systems—as long as solutions adhere to open standards and participate in a common governance framework.’

But without these, Gruener said, “fragmentation is inevitable, and travelers—and the economy—will continue to suffer needlessly as a result.”

The organizations involved include health technology company Lumedic, IBM, Airport Council International, Commons Project Foundation, COVID-19 Credentials Initiative, Evernym, Hyperledger, International Chamber of Commerce, Mastercard and the ID2020 Alliance, a global partnership that focuses on digital identities.

There are various efforts are currently underway to develop digital health credentials systems—both vaccination and test certificates. The CommonPass mobile app, created by the Commons Project Foundation and the World Economic Forum is being used by United Airlines and other airlines on some international flights.

The World Health Organization is also working on a digital vaccine certificate for international travel, and Health Pass by Clear is in use at Los Angeles International Airport.

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