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As our regular readers know, Health Impact News is committed to publishing the truth and exposing evil, wherever that path leads, as I own 100% of the Health Impact News network with no debt and no investors. I also do not derive any personal income from Health Impact News, as my income comes from my online store, Healthy Traditions.

Therefore, we can publish anything we want, and we can afford to lose readers who are offended by the Truth. Of course that has been happening in mass since 2020, not only because of Big Tech censorship, but also because we do not support either political party in the United States, and therefore expose evil from both the Right and Left political spectrum. This has led to many on the Right, especially Trump supporters, to attack us and stop reading our articles.

When it comes to publishing video content, since YouTube has no longer been an option for some time now, we have found Bitchute to be the best platform, mainly because we can turn off comments there to silence the trolls, mostly from the Right, and because Bitchute doesn’t seem to take a political position one way or another. When it comes to searching for videos that may be banned elsewhere, Bitchute is the best platform, by far. Based out of the U.K., Bitchute has been our safest place to publish video content.

Many other video platforms that claim to promote “free speech” really only mean Right Wing “free speech.” We had to mostly stop publishing on Rumble, for example, because there is no way to turn off comments, and it was too time consuming to babysit the comment section where many people on the Right wanted to attack us and trash our videos. Rumble has also deleted some of our videos with no warning and no explanations.

I don’t call that “pro-free speech,” especially when your enemies and critics can come in and hijack your content and you have no way to ban them or turn off comments. We left Gab for similar reasons. On most of these alternative “pro-free speech” platforms, it is just assumed that you support Trump and MAGA political talking heads. We do not.

However, Bitchute is now under attack themselves, and banks are freezing their assets, putting this excellent online video platform in danger.

They are trying to get their message of censorship out to the rest of the world with a campaign they have started on GiveSendGo, which we are republishing here.

Health Impact News does NOT accept donations, and any donations sent to us are returned to the sender. So we would never ask the public for money.

I do recommend supporting Bitchute, however, as this online platform will be a huge loss to the Health Freedom Movement if the Globalists get their way and force them off the Internet.

Is this Theft? BANKS won’t give us our money


Two years ago, BitChute became the target of an activist group that attempted to shut us down by pressuring our suppliers. As a result, we lost some server hosting, our office space, and other suppliers. We also lost our bank account with HSBC. A bank account we had held in good standing and without any issues since we launched in 2017.

We initially tried to open a new account with a different bank and transfer our money. However, the new bank rejected us just as the funds had reached them. Our money was returned to HSBC, but we could no longer access it, and even today, we still have not retrieved our money from HSBC.

In August 2021, after failing to get a resolution through the HSBC complaints process, we requested arbitration through the UK’s banking Ombudsman. We were informed of a long wait due to Covid, which had resulted in many bank-related problems for businesses. It wouldn’t be until November 2022 that our case would be assigned.

Since arbitration started we have provided many details including the bank account where HSBC could send our money. Within a week of handing over that information, that bank account was suspended without notice. We informed the Ombudsman that we do not want to give HSBC additional bank accounts and prefer any transfer from HSBC use a third party such as escrow, even a bag of cash would do. A necessary action that will likely lengthen the process.

It’s happening again…

That happened 19 days ago, and we still have not been able to get our money from that bank even though we have informed them that we need it urgently to pay bills. It’s not clear for what reason they are keeping it.

Now, nearly at the end of 2022, two different banks have our money, HSBC has held it for almost two years.

About us

BitChute is a politically neutral company that has a diverse community in interests and backgrounds. We require that users only upload legal content that complies with our terms and community guidelines, and we have a team of support staff that ensure that is the case.

BitChute is pro freedom of expression, a universal human right. Furthermore, censorship and deplatforming are poor ways to tackle societal problems as they merely create echo chambers that can lead to bigger problems in the long run. It is important to allow people to express all ideas as this exposes them to immediate opposition and allows for a public deconstruction of any flaws they may contain. If you are against bigotry or racism or hateful ideologies, you should be for freedom of expression.

“Reputational risk”

In recent years financial institutions have been using “reputational risk” to stealthily engage in political discrimination. If a financial institution takes action against a lawful company for its commitment to freedom of expression, that should be a very real reputational and material risk for the financial institution.

The idea that people or companies can be excluded from the monetary system and have their assets frozen over an opinion or lawful actions is despicable. This discrimination must be wholeheartedly rejected if we are to keep free and open societies.

Please spread the word about the unfairness of this, and share this anywhere you can. Let content creators know this is a worthy topic for a video. If you would like to contact HSBC about this or for any reason you can find their contact details here:

I wish you all and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and any other holiday you might celebrate.

Ray Vahey – BitChute Founder and Chief Executive


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