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Day 6 Live Stream:

UPDATE 1: Negotiations at the border in Alberta continue, but the group’s attorney reports that a tank with fuel has been allowed to come in and refuel the trucks.

Day 5 Update from Rebel News in Ottawa:

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The Trucker Freedom Convoy in Canada entered its 5th day today, as there appeared to be pressure mounting on politicians to take action as Truckers remained steadfast in their demands.

The big news in Ottawa was that Erin O’Toole, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, resigned after 73 of 118 MPs voted to replace him.

Erin O’Toole has resigned as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada but will stay on to serve as the Durham, Ont. member of Parliament.

The majority of caucus voted to remove O’Toole in a secret ballot on Wednesday. In a decisive revolt, 118 votes were cast at the virtual morning meeting, 73 MPs voted in favour of replacing O’Toole, while 45 MPs voted to endorse his leadership.

Chair of the 119-member caucus, Scott Reid, said he did not vote.

Following this vote, O’Toole submitted his formal resignation to the party, effective immediately.

“Our party founded this great nation, I believe it can and should lead Canada out of these troubling times for our country,” he said in a video statement.

“I want to thank the people of Durham who I will continue to serve as Member of Parliament, I never lose sight of what an honour it is for me to serve my hometown in Parliament and there is not a bad seat in the House of Commons.”

He also thanked his wife, Rebecca and his children, Mollie and Jack. (Source.)

In Alberta, where the border between the US and Canada has been blocked for the past few days, MLAs announced that they were going to meet with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to end the mandates, in return for the Truckers opening up the border.

The Truckers reportedly did open the border in good faith, but at time of publication there was no news that Kenney had ended the mandates yet, and some MLAs were calling for his resignation as well.

Now that Erin O’Toole is officially out as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, some Alberta MLAs say the development should send a message to Premier Jason Kenney and the UCP caucus.

Drew Barnes, the independent MLA for Cypress Hills-Medicine Hat, and Todd Loewen, the representative for Central Peace-Notley, sent out a joint statement in response to the the departure of O’Toole as leader of the federal Conservatives.

In it, they said the result was the effect that elected officials can have “when they stand up for their constituents.”

They also accused O’Toole of lying, ignoring advice and breaking promises to members.

“He chose to put the advice of lobbyists and armchair strategists ahead of his own party’s membership, and in the ensuing election, he managed to lose seats,” Loewen wrote in a release.

Both MLAs say the same thing is happening in Alberta with Kenney and it should have the same result.

“Premier Kenney has completely tuned out the conservative grassroots, especially when it comes to vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, government spending, and run-away corporate welfare,” Barnes said.

Loewen says Kenney has also lost the moral authority to lead the UCP and when that happens, a leader must step down.

“UCP caucus members need to recognize that Kenney’s time is up,” said Barnes. (Source.)

As they have been doing throughout the standoff at the border in Coutts, Alberta, Rebel News reporters embedded with the Truckers updated the situation there throughout the day.

We will continue to follow this developing story.

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