by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

With vaccination rates for the new Bivalent COVID-19 shots reportedly declining, the U.S. Government has decided to spend $475 million in an effort to inject as many Americans as possible with these deadly new COVID shots before the end of the year.

As booster rates continue to lag, a collaborative government effort pushes for more jabs by year-end

As winter sets in and Americans begin a season of travel, the Biden administration and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are embarking on a new concerted push to get more shots in arms to protect against COVID-19.

The Biden administration announced a six-week campaign to encourage Americans to receive an updated COVID-19 booster before the end of the year. In a press release, the administration stated that the push is most directed toward communities that have suffered the greatest losses due to the virus, including seniors.

“Over 70,000 locations are offering the updated COVID-19 vaccines, and HHS has taken steps this month to expand to even more locations, including mobile settings and sites in rural and remote areas, through more flexible ordering options for providers,” the campaign fact sheet reads.

As a part of the campaign, HHS announced two strategic investments totaling $475 million. Through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), community health center outreach will be expanded; through the Administration for Community Living, organizations serving aging and disabled populations will be funded.

HHS announced a $350 million initiative for health centers supported by HRSA to increase vaccination rates in their served communities, especially underserved populations.

The HHS multimillion-dollar initiative will fund health centers’ efforts including mobile, drive-up, walk-up or community-based vaccination events.

“Community health centers save lives,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra in a press release. “We will continue to reach, vaccinate and protect our most vulnerable people across the country working together with community health centers and community-based organizations. We have seen COVID infections increase in prior winters, and it does not have to be that way this year. We now have updated COVID-19 vaccines to protect communities against the omicron strain.

Our message is simple: Don’t wait. Get an updated COVID-19 vaccine this fall. It’s safe and effective.” (Source.)

The U.S. Government and local health departments are clearly LYING to the American people, when they state that these COVID-19 shots are “safe and effective.”

Since the new Bivalent COVID-19 booster shots by Pfizer and Moderna were given emergency use authorization (EUA) at the beginning of September, less than 3 months ago, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has recorded almost 10,000 adverse events including 80 deaths following these new shots that were just recently authorized, and that the Government is trying to inject into more people. (Source.)

The total amount of recorded adverse events from all EUA COVID vaccines since they were first authorized in December of 2020, is now 1,467,781, with 32,370 deaths. (Source.)

These are more injuries and more deaths than the total injuries and deaths recorded for the previous 30+ years in VAERS from ALL FDA-approved vaccines COMBINED!

What is especially troubling about the Government’s new massive spending campaign to inject as many people as possible with these deadly shots, is that they are targeting children, and encouraging parents to inject their children with not only these new Bivalent COVID booster shots, but TOGETHER with a flu shot and all recommended childhood vaccines on the CDC schedule.

HRSA anticipates that an effort to increase COVID-19 vaccinations will also aid in expanding the use of flu and childhood vaccines via combined vaccination events. (Source.)

These local health departments have a huge financial incentive to stick needles in people’s arms, because they get kickbacks from the Federal Government.

Health centers and those of the same ilk that received American Rescue Plan funding will be able to access the new funding pot. (Source.)

I highlighted one of those local health departments that are accepting these bribes from the U.S. Government in the featured image for this article, which is in San Luis Obispo County in California, where the local health department director, Penny Borenstein, is referred to as an “Officer.” (Source.)

This woman should be arrested and charged with “criminal neglect” at the very least, if not “attempted murder,” for using an innocent child’s face on their County Government website that is clearly lying to the public about the safety of these shots. Parents are NOT being warned about the dangers and side effects of these shots, which includes DEATH.

80 people have died so far after taking these shots in the last 3 months, and we know that less than 1% of the side effects from vaccines are ever reported to VAERS. (Source.)

1,018 children have already been harmed by the new Bivalent booster shots, with many of them passing out and losing consciousness right after being injected, according to official government statistics.

Are parents aware of this before deciding to get these shots for their children?

Here are some examples from the U.S. Government’s VAERS database.

VAERS ID: 2446442: 13-Year-Old boy in Indiana (Flu shot + COVID Booster shot together) – Patient began feeling very warm about 4 minutes after receiving the vaccine combination. Patient was waiting in the car for the 15 minute suggested wait period. Patient”s caregiver stated that about 5 minutes after receiving the vaccines, the patient blacked out in a seizure like behavior and was out for about 25 seconds. When he became responsive, he vomited and complained of an overall numb feeling.

VAERS ID: 2471458: 14-Year-Old boy in Massachusetts (Flu shot + COVID Booster shot together) – Patient received a flu shot initially, then shortly after received a COVID Pfizer bivalent vaccine, then he fainted, fell off his chair, then regained conscious right after


VAERS ID 2497932: 8-Year-Old boy in Virginia – Pediatric client was with Mom. Earlier had 2 primary series doses of Pfizer 5-11 without any complications. Vaccinated without incident by staff While seating next to Mom in post-vax client said he was nauseous then slumped in chair & lost consciousness. Mom supported his body so never fell from chair. Face appeared pale, pulse strong and regular . He shortly regained consciousness (2-3 min) and was escorted to a cot to lie down. Remained on cot an additional 15 minutes until able to sit & walk without difficulty.

VAERS ID: 2486183: 14-Year-Old girl in Michigan (Flu shot + COVID Booster shot together) – Patient received 2 vaccinations and passed out during administration of second vaccination, which was the influenza vaccine. Patient regained consciousness within about 1 minute. Patient remained in upright position with feet up and was pale and experiencing diaphoresis for about 5 to 10 minutes.


VAERS ID: 2477312: 12-Year-Old girl in Washington D.C. – Site: Bruising at Injection Site-Mild, Systemic: Fainting / Unresponsive-Mild, Systemic: Nausea-Mild, Systemic: Shakiness-Mild, Systemic: Vomiting-Mild, Additional Details: PAtient had transient fainting spell and later vomiting after recieveing the COVID bivalent booster, she was under the care of her parents who were both present and requested we not call EMS services. She passed out but returned to consciouness within 1 minute.

VAERS ID: 2483016: 15-Year-Old girl in Pennsylvania – Patient lost consciousness, had tonic clonic movements of both upper extremeties and whole body rigidity, lost bladder control. Woke up after approx 30 seconds disoriented to time and place. Evaluated by pharmacist and paramedics. Transported to Hospital of via private vehicle per paramedic response team. Per father, patient evaluated with several tests in the emergency department.

VAERS ID: 2504000: 16-Year-Old boy in California – Patient given Moderna BV vaccine and Fluorix at approximately 5:13pm on 11/8/22. Patient initially “felt whoozy” and became unconscious in chair without any injury to himself while I kept him in his chair. Patients mother came over and said patients brother and father both have these occur after getting vaccines and rubbed patients head who woke up. Mother asked patient to stand and almost immediately after standing patient fell back and all muscles became rigid and his body arched backwards, and his eyes rolled itno the back of his head and eyelids closed and all of these symptoms lasted for 10 seconds. Patients skin turned white, and sweaty all over which lasted approximately about 15 minutes.

VAERS ID: 2493276: 17-Year-Old girl in Washington – Patient had a vasovagal vaccine reaction one minute after the vaccine was given. She started feeling dizzy and lightheadedness about half a minute after receiving the vaccine while seating down. I noticed her face color started to fade and turning to pale while, then began losing consciousness while seating down. I immediately called 911 and paramedics came within 5 minutes to check on patient. While waiting for paramedics to come, I noticed patient coming in and out of consciousness. She was able to verbal that she could not see but was breathing okay and able to make conversation with me and her mom. Paramedics came and checked vitals and made sure she was okay before they left.

VAERS ID: 2491733: 17-Year-Old girl in Utah – (Flu shot + COVID Booster + Gardasil vaccine + VARICELLA vaccine all together) – Patient passed out approximately 3-4 minutes after vaccines were administered. Patient convulsed for approximately 10 seconds while passed out. Was unresponsive for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Patient was pale once she woke up and was shaky. Stated that she was lightheaded.

Hasn’t this gone on for long enough now?? We are almost 2 years into these experimental COVID shots now that could only be injected into children with an emergency use authorization, and the injuries and deaths just keep on increasing.

Ignorance can no longer be used as an excuse by those in Government and the medical system who continue to kill and injure people. Those with a conscience who could not participate in these criminal activities have mostly left the system now, leaving those who have sold their souls to receive profit and keep their jobs by continuing to injure and kill people with these shots.

All of the cases I quoted above are in the U.S. Government database maintained by the criminal CDC and FDA, who are largely funded by the pharmaceutical companies who produce these experimental shots and have recorded unprecedented sales and profits from COVID experimental vaccines.

Every politician at the National level in Washington D.C. who has been in office since 2020, as well as every State Governor in ALL 50 States who allow these shots to continue, are guilty of criminal intent to commit mass murder. continues to be one of the only places on the Internet where medical doctors and nurses can go to report the horror they are seeing as a result of injecting people with these COVID-19 shots.

Here are some of the most recent comments which clearly show that medical professionals know full well what is happening with these COVID-19 injections, even though the pharma-funded corporate media will not publish this.

Dr. Pamela Wible
HUGELY concerned. Big uptick in doctor suicide calls on helpline amid pandemic and the reports of adverse reactions from vaccines and the censorship is alarming. We must have free flow of conversation about iatrogenic injuries of all types as well as transparency in conversation about the real mental health risks of a medical career. The lack of informed consent in the medical profession has been a travesty.

Dr. Cindy Tuten
While I am not personally involved with caring directly for covid-19 vaccine injured patents, several of my trusted sources working in hospitals and clinic settings are describing the worrisome increase in cardiovascular, neurological, and cancer disorders presenting for assessment and management, particularly standing out because of the involvement of younger and younger populations. The vast majority of these perplexing disorders do not end up being attributed to vaccine reactions – pretty much blamed on anything but! The cognitive dissonance is astounding. I am told vaccination status is no longer routinely inquired about or documented – I guess it’s become a “don’t look, don’t tell” approach to grappling with an undeniable surge in disease patterns that threaten to encompass even those (and perhaps especially those) providing the very services that highlight such problematic developments who historically would have been at the front of the line to sound the alarm. Many of us have regrettably been forced to endure feelings of shame and deep disappointment in a profession which used to impart pride and satisfaction for what we once considered noble. Is there hope to reclaim that again? God alone knows, but the only way of hope is to acknowledge and speak THE TRUTH no matter the consequences.

J. Fuld
The only hope for what you ask is what people are calling for: Nuremberg 2.0 trials. From those in “Public Health calling the shots” at the top, to corporate pharma, medical associations / regulating groups, mid level admin (where I am), those physicians “just following orders”, …justice and true transparent accountability must prevail to restore any semblance of trust. Gathering testimony from the masses should be easier nowadays via zoom or web-ex before a jury deliberations at the US Capitol or internationally at The Hague.

Jeffery Jack
Yes, I am deeply concerned. I have been in intensive care unit nurse for over 25 years. I have seen such an increase in the number of patients coming in with cardiac issues which typically involve thrombus and bleeding. For example, I had two patients with mild cardiac symptoms, and when labs were assessed they had markers that indicated blood clots. Ultrasound revealed thrombus in the lower extremities that extended from the knee to the groin. both of these patients were taken to the Cath Lab emergently and filters were placed. I’ve never seen people with blood clots that big that were relatively asymptomatic. Other patients were having bleeding issues while at the same time had lab values that indicated that they had blood clots. All of these patients had had at least three COVID-19 vaccine injections. I am not sure why people can’t see what’s going on. Other nurses and doctors just shake their head and are baffled at his cases, but never question whether it can be related to the vaccine. I questioned it a couple of times, and I could tell that several of the providers were not pleased with my questioning.

Christopher jack
I’m very concerned. I am the Chief Nursing Officer at a small hospital that has an ED that sees about 25 patients per day. Population is active duty military, dependents, and other beneficiaries. We have definitely seen and increase is patients with blood clots, neuro symptoms, stroke like events, and a couple of sudden, unexpected deaths in young people. The cause needs to be investigated and we need transparency.

Dr. yoav yehezkelli
I practice internal and family medicine for 37 years. Have never seen so many myocarditis, thromboembolic events, herpes zoster, sudden death and many more potential side effects. Also more other viral infections in vaccinees. There must be inquiry while suspending further mRNA vaccinations

Susan Pace
I’m a practicing ER nurse of 25 years. The amount of blood clots, strokes, cardiac events like myocarditis/pericarditis, Bell’s Palsy, shingles, etc. that I’ve seen since the vaccine rollout is more than I’ve ever seen in the previous 23.5 years combined. I don’t know how anyone can’t be frightened by what we are seeing. When I try to discuss this with my coworkers, they turn their heads and look downcast, but will rarely speak. I think it’s because like me, they feel betrayed for following the narrative, but unlike me they won’t open their eyes and speak out (they’re afraid for their careers and also are scared to death that their bodies are ticking time bombs). It’s easier to ignore than to acknowledge.


PLEASE help save lives! Share this article with as many people as you can.

Print it out and copy the main information showing how the Government’s own statistics reveal how dangerous these shots are, and that many doctors and other medical professionals have now been blowing the whistle on these crimes, while their voices are silenced by the pharma-funded corporate media.

If you know of pop-up clinics in your area that are pushing these boosters, distribute this information and educate parents! You will probably have to endure ridicule and scorn by the vaccine cult, but you could also save the life of an innocent child who is being led to the slaughter by their own ignorant parents.

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done? (Proverbs 24:11-12)

Image source. Medical societies working together with the White House to promote the COVID booster shots.

This is a spiritual battle. I frequently get comments from readers who want me to stop talking about Satan because they feel it discredits the information about vaccines I publish.

But whether or not your belief system includes Satan is NOT the point here, because whether or not you believe in him, the Billionaire Globalists who control our government most certainly do at the highest levels of leadership, as many of them are members of the Occult and Freemasons.

Look at all the images of the medical societies that are working together with the White House to promote these deadly COVID boosters. These images are full of Satanic symbols (serpent) and Freemason symbols.

One cannot fully understand how such a small group of incredibly rich people could possibly put products into the market that are clearly killing and injuring people, without understanding their very dark religious beliefs.

I have purposely put this information at the end of this article, for those you who want to print this article out and not include this section when you copy the pages you want to share.

But if you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, you need to do your part by engaging the enemy and exposing their evil deeds that are still done in the darkness for a vast majority of our population.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. (John 12:46)

I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me. (Acts 26:17-18)

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