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Congratulations to Mississippi Today and their investigation into the state’s only child abuse pediatrician, and this doctor’s reign of terror in destroying the lives of many families.

This is a 3-part series:

Part 1: Mississippi’s child abuse pediatrician works between medicine and the justice system. Can he be objective?

Dr. Scott Benton’s field is uniquely connected to the work of police, prosecutors and CPS staff. His findings launch investigations and help convict defendants. Critics say his alignment with law enforcement may mean he doesn’t always follow the science. (Full article.)

Part 2: This doctor’s testimony has helped put people in prison. Some say he doesn’t always get it right.

Benton’s testimony was a key factor in preventing two Mississippians convicted of shaking a baby to death from getting new trials. And although he claims to approach his work with scientific objectivity, a Mississippi Today review of his testimony found inconsistencies and a claim directly contradicted by medical literature. (Full article.)

Part 3: How Dr. Scott Benton’s decisions tore these families apart

Three moms who spoke to Mississippi Today say Benton did not sufficiently consider other explanations for their children’s injuries outside of abuse. In two of the cases, Child Protective Services took custody of their kids. (Full article.)

We have been covering this very evil new pediatric sub-specialty among medical doctors for almost a decade now on our website, and we have published a book on the history and abuses these doctors cause, as the entire justification for their profession that employs them is to find “child abuse” and medically kidnap children to put them into the very lucrative child trafficking business.

You can download this eBook right now for FREE in my Healthy Traditions store here.

Please get this book and read it so you can be informed about how this system operates and profits from medically kidnapping children, so that your family does not become one of the next victims.

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