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Medical kidnapping is a tragedy that occurs every day in the United States, and yet because our culture treats medical doctors as a class of people just slightly below the rank of “God,” seldom is medical kidnapping ever reported in the media for what it really is, HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

The horrors of child trafficking, REAL child trafficking through the medical system, often overshadow the fact that adults in the United States are medically kidnapped at a rate that is about 3 times more frequent than child medical kidnapping. See:

Adults Medically Kidnapped: 3X More than Children in Foster Care – $50 BILLION in Assets Seized

The absolute worst class of “medical doctors” licensed by the State to prescribe deadly drugs or vaccines, including by force against the will of the “patient,” are the nation’s psychiatrists, which as a class of “doctors” have the worst record of sex abuse and criminal convictions of any other class of medical professionals.

Psychiatry is a religion, with psychiatrists serving as “priests” in this religion, and we recently published an article showing how the entire “brain imbalance” theory of “mental disease” has been proven to be bogus. See:

Study Debunks the Theory that Depression is Caused by a Chemical Imbalance in the Brain – America’s Problem with Criminal Drug Dealers

One of these criminal psychiatrists who has allegedly kidnapped hundreds of patients victims has been featured in many of the corporate media news sites this past week, Arkansas psychiatrist Brian Hyatt, who was also the Chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board.

Hyatt reportedly incarcerated his victims against their will, and then fraudulently billed Medicare for services never performed on them. In one case, a victim reports that it took the sheriff to come into the hospital to rescue him from his medical prison.

As far as I can tell from viewing multiple articles and video reports about this man’s alleged crimes, NBC News is the one who broke this most recent story about Brian Hyatt, and produced this video report:

This doctor’s crimes were so horrible, that the corporate media could not ignore them and were basically forced to cover this story once the State Attorney General got involved.

But even in their reporting, they sanitize these crimes and do not call it what it really is: medical kidnapping and human trafficking.

And it happens every day all across this country. This kidnapper in Arkansas got caught in his crimes, but most do not.

Jan Eastgate, President of Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, has probably the best summary of this doctor’s crimes and how they are systemic in the field of psychiatry, and not an anomaly.

Arkansas Psychiatrist Accused Of Unlawfully Imprisoning Nearly 100 Patients Exposes Alarming Coercion And Fraud In Mental Health Care

CCHR says the recent exposure of a psychiatrist falsely imprisoning patients, exemplifies how our mental health system allows psychiatrists to employ forced treatment and fraudulent billing practices

by Jan Eastgate
President CCHR International


Recent allegations that Arkansas psychiatrist Brian Hyatt imprisoned nearly 100 patients in the Northwest Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Unit and forced treatment on them exemplify the systemic coercion and fraud that is found in today’s mental health systems.[1]

According to the Arkansas State Attorney General’s office, Hyatt is accused of running an insurance scam and billing Medicaid at “the highest severity code on every patient,” according to a search warrant affidavit.[2]

This was while Hyatt also served as chairman of the Arkansas Medical Board.[3]

Patients have accused the psychiatrist of keeping them locked in Northwest’s behavioral unit so he could overbill insurance companies.[4]

Hyatt denies illegally detaining patients and defrauding Medicaid of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but as reported by Channel 5 News in Arkansas, a federal investigation found evidence that Hyatt had not even entered patients’ rooms despite filing in-depth reports on their health into their medical records to justify the Medicaid payments.[5]

The New York Post reported on video footage showing Hyatt touring hospital hallways without spending any time with patients.[6]

Under Hyatt’s leadership, Northwest’s behavioral unit bed numbers went from 25 to 75 and Medicaid and Medicare claims rocketed, earning the psychiatrist $1,367 a day, according to an affidavit from the Arkansas Attorney General.[7]

From January 2019 through June 2022, Medicaid paid out more than $800,000 to Hyatt’s unit.[8]

In a warrant affidavit, federal officials allege that between January 1, 2019, and May 2022, 99.95% of Hyatt’s claims for Medicaid were for the highest level of patient severity — and therefore the highest reimbursement rate — without seeing those patients face-to-face. This is compared to only about 21% of doctors across the country billing Medicaid for the highest code.[9]

Concurrently, Hyatt also runs his own private practice, Pinnacle Premier Psychiatry.[10]

Despite being under investigation by the Arkansas Attorney General and facing a federal law enforcement probe, a recent Daily Mail investigation revealed that Hyatt is still visiting his private clinic in the nearby city of Rogers.[11]

Northwest Medical Center houses the psychiatric services unit where Hyatt was the medical director since January 2018. His contract with the center was “abruptly terminated” in May 2022.[12]

In April 2023, Northwest hospital agreed to repay $1.1 million to the state Medicaid program in a settlement agreement in which they denied any wrongdoing.[13]

The settlement was the latest development in the Medicaid fraud investigation against Hyatt. The final sum of $1,112,631 was for 249 Medicaid claims that couldn’t be justified by existing documentation, according to state Attorney General Tim Griffin.[14]

According to the Daily Mail, nearly 100 former patients of Northwest’s behavioral health unit “are now filing lawsuits against wealthy 50-year-old Hyatt,” which also includes Northwest Medical Center as a defendant.

They start by saying:

“This case arises from the concerted actions of the above-named defendants to prey on, coerce, abuse, and unlawfully hold patients… in order to fraudulently bill their private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or other applicable insurance coverage for alleged care and treatment that was not provided.”[15]

Attorney Aaron Cash, who is leading the fight against Hyatt and the Northwest Medical Center, told the Daily Mail that some of the former patients “are alleging staff listened to phone calls and if there were trigger words like ‘get me out’ or ‘attorney’ phone access was shut off. And that was the only access to the outside world, because it is a lockdown unit.”[16]

Read the full article at CCHR International.


Study Debunks the Theory that Depression is Caused by a Chemical Imbalance in the Brain – America’s Problem with Criminal Drug Dealers

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