by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

This is an update to the story I published earlier this month (June 2024) looking into the former director of the CDC during the Trump presidency, Dr. Robert Redfield, and why he has been predicting a deadly Bird Flu pandemic for 3 years now.


Why Has Former CDC Director Robert Redfield Been Warning that the “Bird Flu” Will be Worse than COVID for the Past 3 Years?

As I mentioned in that article, the website shows that Dr. Redfield received $360,093.00 in consulting fees from Roche Diagnostics Corporation, from 2020 through 2022, the same time frame that Redfield was featured in the corporate media creating fear over the Bird Flu.

I also reported that Roche Diagnostics Corporation is working on a new PCR test that can allegedly test for the Bird Flu, as well as for COVID-19 and RSV.

As I mentioned in that article, the data for 2023 on Big Pharma kickbacks to doctors had not yet been posted, but I had expected it to be posted soon, as in most years the previous year’s data is posted by the end of June.

Well, did update their data with 2023 statistics this week.

The former CDC director under Trump continued to receive consulting fees from Roche Diagnostics Corporation during 2023, with another $180,000 received for consulting fees.

But another pharmaceutical company started paying Dr. Redfield $160,000 in consulting fees last year, and that company was COVID-19 vaccine producer, Novavax. (Source.)

Novavax was not a big winner in the COVID-19 vaccine bonanza during COVID, as Pfizer and Moderna got the lion’s share of Trump’s $2.2 trillion CARE’s Act to fight COVID and develop vaccines.

So I searched to see if Novavax has a Bird Flu vaccine in the works, and apparently they do.

Shares in biotechs surge as two new human bird flu infections emerge

Fears of growing outbreak drive revival in vaccine group stocks which have been out of favour since pandemic ended.

New York – MAY 22 2024

Shares in vaccine makers including Moderna and BioNTech rose sharply on Wednesday after Australia reported its first human H5N1 bird flu case and the US detected its third, increasing fears of wider transmission.

Further signs of bird flu transmission proved a boon for vaccine-focused biotechs involved in the Covid-19 jab rollout whose share prices have fallen from pandemic highs as investors have soured on them because of waning demand. Investors are betting the companies will once again be at the forefront of battling the next pandemic, if it materialises.

Germany-based BioNTech closed up 11 per cent at $102.30.

Novavax, which has been conducting pre-clinical tests on vaccines targeting three different H5N1 strains, rose 5.3 per cent to $15.70.

In a prepared statement, Novavax told the Financial Times that its vaccine platform “could be an attractive asset from a pandemic preparedness perspective because the currently available avian influenza vaccines produce limited immune response”. (Source.)

And then earlier this month (June 2024), at about the same time that Dr. Redfield was making the rounds in the corporate news predicting how bad a mutated bird flu virus is going to be, this was published in a financial publication:

Novavax: Bird Flu And COVID-19 Headlines Trigger Rally

Novavax has seen a surge in stock price due to recent COVID-19 and bird flu vaccine developments, reaching over $27 per share.

The company is making headlines with updates on their COVID-19 vaccine, bird flu vaccine, and potential FDA approval, with upcoming catalysts expected.

It has been just over a month since my last Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) article, where I highlighted the company’s recent partnership deal with Sanofi (SNY) and updated my NVAX strategy.

At that time, the company had mentioned that they were moving forward with their COVID-19 vaccine programs, as well as doing some pre-clinical work for a H5N1 bird flu vaccine.

However, I underappreciated the timeliness of those updates because it was only days later that the FDA announced their suggested strain for the fall COVID-19 vaccine season.

In addition, we have seen an increase in the number of reports from healthcare organizations about a potential public health crisis as humans are starting to be infected with the bird flu.

As a result, the ticker went from roughly $8.60 per share to over $27 per share. (Source.)

Yes, investors in the Novavax stock made a killing after Redfield’s media appearances, and I am sure that Redfield is still on the payroll this year with Novavax as he was in 2023.

Big Pharma Gets Richer When Trump is President

Are we perhaps beginning to see a repeat of what happened in 2020 under Trump, where former Trump Government health officials joined vaccine manufacturers and secured $billions to develop COVID-19 vaccines?

As I have previously reported during the Trump presidency, Trump was probably most pro-pharma president in U.S. history. See:

Is Trump the Most Pro-Pharma President in History?

He even pardoned Big Pharma executives who were serving prison terms for committing fraud against the U.S. Government, on his last day in office, when many of his supporters (foolishly) thought he was going to pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. See:

Trump’s Pardons Included Health Care Execs Behind Massive Frauds


Trump’s Final Day in Office Proved Once Again that he is Part of the “Swamp”

And then last year (2023) we learned that Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was selling presidential pardons for $2 million dollars during the Trump presidency. See:

President Trump and Rudy Giuliani Sold Presidential Pardons for $2 Million

Trump’s director of the FDA from May 2017 through April of 2019 was Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

After leaving the FDA in 2019, Dr. Gottlieb joined the Board of Directors of Pfizer just 2 months later, and then helped Pfizer secure $1.95 Billion from Trump to develop their deadly COVID-19 “vaccine” in 2020. See:

Former FDA Director Gottlieb Now Pfizer Board Member Secures $1.95 BILLION for COVID Vaccine

It’s all just one big happy family.

As I have written for many years now, the U.S. Government’s alphabet “health” agencies serve Big Pharma, not the American public. Their loyalty is to their stock holders, not the public, as even “scientists and doctors” working for the U.S. Government will get royalties from the sale of vaccines and other drugs they helped develop.

And we can be reasonably sure that this is EXACTLY what is happening with Trump’s former CDC Director Robert Redfield right now, as he makes these media appearances trying to get the public worked up into a panic mode over the Bird Flu so Big Pharma’s stock prices can begin climbing again, as demand for COVID-19 shots has greatly dwindled.

Don’t fall for it, and don’t fall for the Political Entertainment industry which wants the American public to continue to believe that they actually have the power to vote someone into office as the next president.

It is all just a show to keep a highly medicated society engaged in meaningless gossip.

Look at the current two choices being presented to the public as the next U.S. President. They are the same two men who have served the Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaires since 2020 that started all of this.

And if the script has already been written to remove Biden, as it appears it has, don’t be fooled by his replacement, like Nancy Pelosi’s nephew who is considered the “front-runner” to replace Biden, because changing the person living in the White House will not matter one bit.

Changing The President Won’t Matter – Who is Really Running this Country?

They are all part of one big “family” who serve Corporate America, which may now be on its last leg as the most dominant world power, because the American Empire is quickly crumbling, as all world empires have historically collapsed when the rich keeping spending money they no longer have.

This will happen sooner rather than later in the U.S., when Wall Street wakes up to realize (too late) that their $trillions invested in AI and their technology is worth almost NOTHING of real world value.


Why Has Former CDC Director Robert Redfield Been Warning that the “Bird Flu” Will be Worse than COVID for the Past 3 Years?

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