Fighting Forced Vaccination in America in 2014: 58 Bills in 24 States Threatening Right to Refuse Vaccines

Big Pharma's vaccine products are a huge failure. But since the Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest sponsors of the dying mainstream media, and since they also have more lobbyists than any other industry influencing U.S. government policy, they continue to grow their market. Consider the vaccine market today in America: 1. U.S. law protects vaccine manufacturers from any liability due to faulty vaccines, or damages and deaths caused by them. So many people were suffering or even dying from vaccine injuries in the 1980s, that Big Pharma basically blackmailed Congress by threatening to stop manufacturing vaccines if legislation was not passed to protect them from lawsuits. So now vaccine pushers have a blank check to put as many vaccines into the market, regardless of the consequences. 2. Research to develop new vaccines is largely funded by tax-payer dollars. The NIH and probably other government agencies hold patents and earn royalties on vaccines. 3. The largest purchaser of vaccines is the government, both the U.S. government and the United Nations through UNICEF which distributes vaccines free of charge around the world. What a great business to be in! You don't need consumers to be on board and be willing to purchase the products - the government hands you a turn-key multi-billion dollar market. It also doesn't matter if the vaccines don't work, such as the failed pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine. No problem. Keep selling them until they can develop a new one to replace it. It's a risk-free lucrative market! But they're not satisfied. If you read the market reports for the pharmaceutical industry, they are not happy about blockbuster drugs having their patents run out and allowing cheap generics to enter to the market, like what happened with the popular drug Lipitor. So vaccines are seen as the key market area for growth, as we recently reported regarding new cancer vaccines that are in the pipeline. There is one massive problem standing in their way, however, threatening their march forward and potential complete market dominance: parental choice and anti-vaccine parents (a growing segment of the population). But they have a strategy for that too: pass legislation at the state level to remove parental choice. The only way they can really increase their market among children is through forced vaccination, against the will of parents. So here is the National Vaccine Information Center to update us all on 58 bills in 24 states. If you don't act, you may soon lose your ability to choose to refuse vaccines.

Mississippi Parents say it’s time for the state to allow parents to have the legal right to select, delay or opt out of vaccines

Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights says it’s time for the state to allow parents to have the legal right to select, delay or opt out of vaccines. About 30 members of the group rallied [January 22nd] at the state Capitol in an effort to push for a bill this year to allow exceptions to the state’s immunization law. Mississippi doesn’t allow philosophical or religious exemptions from immunizations. “There are 48 states that allow that right,” said Mary Jo Perry of Pelahatchie, co-director of Parents for Vaccine Rights. Currently, the only way parents have of getting around the vaccines required to enter school is to homeschool their children. Perry and others in the group said they aren’t anti-vaccine; instead, they are concerned about the rapid, piggy-back schedule of the vaccines. “Some parents would like to slow it down,” Perry said of the vaccination schedule. “We want to have that option.” Perry said her son suffered a grand mal seizure, which she said she believes it was due to a vaccination since it occurred within hours of her son getting the shot. She said it is difficult to get a waiver for health reasons from the vaccinations. Lindey Magee, co-director of Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights, said the group has heard from some parents who won’t move to the state because of the lack of a vaccine exception in law.

Doctor Verbally Assaults Parent in Restaurant for Choosing Not to Vaccinate

Hardcore pro-vaccine proponents would have us believe the issue of vaccine safety and effectiveness is a closed issue. To them, there is no neutral ground. You are either an evangelist for vaccines or a threat to society with no middle ground in between. To merely raise questions is to be labeled as anti-vaccine and a threat to society. Just ask Katie Couric, who dared to allow some people on to her show to tell their story about how they were damaged by the Gardasil vaccine. Even though Couric stated that she was pro-vaccine and had her daughters vaccinated, it didn't matter. She was attacked viciously in the mainstream media, forced to apologize, and then later it was announced that her popular daytime show would not be renewed. Pro-vaccine doctors are threatened by the truth of vaccines, because they can't stand the thought that they might be responsible for permanent disabilities or even deaths as a result of their beliefs in vaccines. In the story here, one doctor got so upset over hearing a private conversation in a public restaurant over vaccines, that he confronted the father of a vaccine-damaged child and cursed him out in public. This parent did not back down, however, and the doctor probably got more than he bargained for.

Reason Magazine Abandons Libertarian Principles: Openly Advocates Forced Vaccination

One aspect of the police state that is particularly bothersome is forced drugging. We see this manifest in a variety of situations, usually involving children whose parents question their doctors or want to pursue alternative health care solutions. Being a complicated and emotional issue, many people end up siding with the courts in pursuit of mandatory medication. While this position is to be expected from the average statist, it is somewhat alarming when a well-known and respected publication like Reason Magazine comes out in favor of forced mass-drugging of the population, or as it was gently termed, “coercive vaccination.” These ideas, promoted under pseudo-libertarian shroud, cannot go unrebuked. Reason is a 45-year old magazine, traditionally promoting the libertarian cause, and has published a lot of thoughtful and compelling work over the years. Yet, it seems that there is a faction of the staff that is promoting a contentious view of “liberty” when it comes to certain topics regarding science. One blogger, with the consent of a sympathetic editing staff, is so adamant about promoting the consensus of mainstream scientists that he believe that it should be mandatory for all. He argues in no uncertain terms that he not only believes that coerced medicine is libertarian, but that there is no libertarian argument for declining a vaccine. Coercion doesn’t line up with any Libertarian Party plank that I’m aware of, nor does it stand up to actual libertarian logic. The fact is that coercion is what happens when statists can’t win in a battle of ideas. I hope that Reason will reevaluate whether its current strategy of militant vaccine promotion is in line with its mission statement. Until then, we will be calling out advocates of compulsory medicine as the police state pushers that they are.

High Court Orders Two Sisters Must Receive MMR Vaccine Even Though They and Their Mother Do not Want It

A judge in the U.K. has ruled that two children, ages 15 and 11, must be forced to receive the MMR vaccine even though they and their mother do not want it. The judge stated: "I am aware that this is against the girls' wishes but that that it is not the only factor," she wrote. "The court also has to consider their level of understanding of the issues involved and what factors have influenced their views. I do not consider there is a balanced level of understanding by them of the issues involved."

Child Denied Education for Refusing Vaccines Despite Doctor’s Advice That Vaccines Could Kill Her

My doctor says vaccines could kill my daughter. NYS kicked her out of school because I won’t risk her life by vaccinating her. I have filed a lawsuit against a government that wants to put my six-year-old’s life at risk. Here is our story:

United Nations Monitors Your Interaction with Alternative News Sources that Oppose Vaccines

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has been monitoring independent health sites and their users in an attempt to identify 'anti-vaccine influencers' and their effect on lackluster vaccine sales. If you have visited one of the following websites or Facebook Pages, the United Nations has been monitoring you to find out how they can stop people from refusing vaccines:,,,, Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines, Thinking Moms' Revolution, The Refusers, Natural News,,,,, LeftBrain/RightBrain, Zen Gardner – Just Wondering

Six Lies Mainstream Media is Printing about Kenneth Copeland Church and Measles Outbreak – Here’s the Truth

Eagle Mountain International Church and the Kenneth Copeland Ministries has been attacked by the mainstream media this past week because 21 of its members were found to have measles. The mainstream media, heavily influenced by Big Pharma, wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to use this event as a means to promote the pro-vaccine dogma. The problem is that in order for them to do so, they had to twist the facts and actually lie. So to set the record straight on facts that are easily verifiable by anyone willing to take some time to do a simple Internet search, let's expose these lies of the mainstream media in trying to promote the vaccine agenda via this story.

Chiropractors Who Publish the Truth About Vaccines to be Silenced in Australia

In a brazen restriction of freedom of speech, chiropractors in Australia are being told they can no longer give their patients any information criticizing vaccines, and they must take down any "anti-vaccine" material from their websites.

Vaccines: Why are informed consent laws being ignored?

Throughout the 20th century, countless medical consumers have battled to obtain the right to informed consent. Although the U.S. Constitution does not specifically address the issue, multiple court cases have upheld the premise that the constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy insures that people are protected from governmental interference when deciding private matters, such as when they make decisions about accepting or refusing medical care. Every medical consumer now has the legal right to participate in their health care decisions via the doctrine of informed consent, but when it comes to vaccinations, these laws are being ignored. Vaccines are a medical intervention. As with any medical procedure, there are risks involved to certain individuals. Under the informed consent doctrine, you have a right to know these risks and alternative treatments prior to granting your consent. Remember, informed consent is the law – not simply an option.