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Hardcore pro-vaccine proponents would have us believe the issue of vaccine safety and effectiveness is a closed issue. To them, there is no neutral ground. You are either an evangelist for vaccines or a threat to society with no middle ground in between. To merely raise questions is to be labeled as anti-vaccine and a threat to society.

Just ask Katie Couric, who dared to allow some people on to her show to tell their story about how they were damaged by the Gardasil vaccine. Even though Couric stated that she was pro-vaccine and had her daughters vaccinated, it didn’t matter. She was attacked viciously in the mainstream media, forced to apologize, and then later it was announced that her popular daytime show would not be renewed.

Pro-vaccine doctors are threatened by the truth of vaccines, because they can’t stand the thought that they might be responsible for permanent disabilities or even deaths as a result of their beliefs in vaccines.

In the story below, one doctor got so upset over hearing a private conversation in a public restaurant over vaccines, that he confronted the father of a vaccine-damaged child and cursed him out in public. This parent did not back down, however, and the doctor probably got more than he bargained for.

A Parent’s Story told on VacTruth Facebook Page

I am going to tell you from first-hand experience this — being not vaccinating your child — never ends. I did not ask for this…

I will tell you I was speaking to people on our table at a restaurant about vaccines and upon leaving, I was stopped by a 30-year practicing pediatrician who, according to him, was teaching medicine at a state university.

He told me he was sick and tired of scum like me talking bad about vaccines. According to him, I was one of the main problems of modern medicine and HOW DARE I speak badly about vaccines… and — WHO was I, without a medical degree, to be speaking about them in the manner as I was?

When I started to tell him about my vaccine-injured child and about vaccines he backed off. We were NOT in his clinical comfort setting and that was obvious. After he swore at me publicly in front of my wife for 5 minutes, I asked him what his name was.

This person refused to tell me his name after I asked him multiple times. Just for the record, he has mine and knows exactly what I do.

I also asked him if he had, in his 30 years of pediatric experience, EVER read a vaccine insert. After avoiding my questions, it was quite apparent he had NEVER done so, and I started to ask him about adverse reactions, ingredients, etc. He dodged the question for not wanting to look like a complete [fool] in front of his family. (I can’t imagine 30 years of clinical experience and not knowing what I am injecting into children, but apparently this doctor was comfortable doing this).

It was about this time his lower lip literally started to quiver when he realized I was not backing down from his B.S.

His gigantic ego completely crumbled before me as he started to stutter and his wife asked him to rejoin his family at the table. His departing comment to me was, “Scum like you need to stop and be put away…”

My message to you – the parent – is know who you are and know the power you have. That is all. Facebook Page

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