Is the Black Community Finally Waking Up to Vaccine Discrimination?

Is the African American community finally waking up to the discriminatory vaccine policies in the United States? In a rally this week at the California State capitol in Sacramento, several African American leaders spoke out against mandatory vaccinations. Today's pro-vaccine fanatics, those who believe ALL vaccines are good for ALL people ALL of the time, by force if necessary, fail to acknowledge not only that many children are harmed by vaccines, but that African American children have been shown to react differently to vaccines, and therefore may have a much higher risk to be injured or killed by vaccines than other children. California vaccine bill SB277 seeks to take away parental choice in exempting out of childhood vaccines which are a requirement for school attendance. There is no disputing the fact that mandatory vaccines will affect lower-income families in public education the most. Wealthier families will home school, find private alternative doctors to sign waivers, or move out of the State of California altogether.