Food Inflation has Caused Some of the Best Grass-fed Beef in the World to be Less Expensive than Commodity Medicated Beef Raised in Feedlots!

Something that I predicted would one day come true is actually happening today, here in the summer of 2024. Due to the complexities of the food supply chain here in the U.S. that brings mass-produced cheap beef from mega-farms where cattle are raised in confined feeding operations (CAFOs) on GMO contaminated grains, and vaccinated against common diseases from being raised together in close quarters, into America's grocery stores and fast food restaurants, I predicted that one day that supply chain would begin to fail and prices would start to increase, to the extent that our grass-fed beef raised by family farmers in lush pasture in Wisconsin, would beat the prices of commodity beef in the grocery store and fast-food chains. And of course the grass-fed and grass-finished beef that we sell in my online store, Healthy Traditions, under our "Grass-fed Traditions" brand, is not just from any common breed of beef cattle. These are Galloway beef cattle, from the rare ancient breed that originated in the rugged hill country of southwestern Scotland, and related to the more commonly known Angus breed which was developed in northeastern Scotland. Worldwide, there are less than 30,000 head of this breed, and we have been breeding them and selling their beef for about 15 years now from the lush pastures of western Wisconsin, grown by Amish family farmers.

Criminal Robert Redfield Given a Free Pass for CDC Corruption on COVID Vaccines Under Trump by Children’s Health Defense and Others

Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC under Trump in 2020 who approved the emergency use authorization for the first experimental COVID "vaccines" that have killed and maimed millions of people in the United States, by committing criminal acts of fraud that inflated COVID case numbers at the same time the annual flu numbers all but disappeared in order to justify a novel, new vaccine to fight COVID, is back in the media again. But this time he is being treated as a hero by some, including Children's Health Defense, for now stating that these experimental deadly shots should never have been mandated. Yes, at first glance at the recent headlines with publications such as Children's Health Defense, it would appear that Redfield has now come clean and admitted that the shots were deadly from the beginning, and never should have been put into the public by treating U.S. citizens as lab rats. But that is NOT what he is saying today at all. Even through Robert Redfield committed criminal acts of fraud that allowed the COVID shots to be approved to be injected into the arms of Americans, including pregnant women and children as young as 16, he is not repenting of that, but coming out instead against something Biden allegedly did: "mandate" the vaccines, which Redfield himself originally approved! So that's it? He now gets a free pass for all of his criminal actions that killed and maimed millions of Americans simply because he states that they never should have been "mandated"? How about the fact that Redfield fraudulently inflated numbers at the CDC and ignored hundreds of doctors and scientists who testified to the fact that Pfizer and Moderna were committing fraud and endangering the public by putting an experimental new "vaccine" into the public, but he went ahead and approved them anyway? Let's review some history here, instead of trying to rewrite it for political purposes.

Things that Don’t Add Up and Many Questions Still Unanswered in Trump Shooting

As the whole world knows by now, former U.S. President Donald Trump was shot at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania yesterday (7/13/24). The news is still shifting and changing, and of course descriptions of what happened will be highly biased based on who is reporting, and whether or not they are Trump supporters. For anyone who might read what I am about to report here without being familiar with who I am, I encourage you to click on the About Us page where you will learn that I do not support EITHER political party, because most of what we read and see in politics today is pure theatrics, and insignificant, because politicians do not run this country, Wall Street and Silicon Valley do. So without emotional attachments to the incident yesterday, I have found some things being reported that just don't add up, and there are still many questions that are not being answered.

Criminal Medical Device Industry shows FDA Corruption at the Highest Levels – The FDA Protects Stockholders, NOT the Public

While many in the U.S. public are just now starting to wake up to the fact that the criminal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is corrupt due to the horrible amount of deaths and injuries caused by COVID "vaccines" and other protocols given emergency use authorization from 2020 through 2023, the fact is that the FDA has always been corrupt, protecting stockholders on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, and not the public. Almost two years before COVID started, back in 2018, Netflix produced a documentary called "The Bleeding Edge," which revealed that the medical device industry was even more powerful and more corrupt than the pharmaceutical industry. I have edited a section of the film that is less than 14 minutes long, which shows how government and Pharma collude together to defraud the American people, and that corruption and fraud were committed by the same people starting in 2020 when the COVID Scam started. Be aware that this is not a "family-friendly" film and there is coarse language and graphic descriptions in some segments. But it will be quite an eye-opener for most of you if you have not yet watched this documentary. You will learn that the Medical Industry controls the FDA, and that the FDA has their back and protects their interests, and they do not care about public health. Those in the FDA who are concerned about public heath and try to expose the corruption, lose their jobs. These companies place a value on your life, and it is not worth much. They know full well that their products kill and maim people, but that is all factored into their business model, with the mantra being that "benefits outweigh" the deaths and injuries their products cause. The entire medical system is Satanic, and I wish I knew what I know now when I was a lot younger.

Israel Deliberately Destroyed all of Gaza’s Hospitals with US Approval and Support

While the United States government attempts to lecture the world about its supposed “rules based order,” it‘s aiding, arming and providing diplomatic cover for Israel’s unprecedented assault on Gaza’s already collapsed healthcare system. In fact, Israel’s attacks, justified by Washington in some cases, have resulted in the territory being left without a single functional hospital. Israel has killed more than 500 Palestinian healthcare workers in Gaza since the beginning of the war. To put this in perspective, between 2011 and 2024, 949 medical professionals in total were said to have been killed during the Syrian war, with the worst year on record seeing the deaths of almost 200, according to Physicians for Human Rights. For those medical professionals who remain, Doctors Without Borders has reported a major mental health crisis, with some doctors being forced to choose between treating their own family members and other patients. In one horrifying case, Palestinian doctor Hani Bseiso was forced to amputate the lower part of his teenage daughter’s leg on a kitchen table without anesthetic and using little more than a pair of scissors and gauze. She miraculously survived. Another Palestinian doctor wasn’t as lucky, as he was forced to watch his son slowly die while amputating his leg without anesthetic. Unprecedented is an understatement, and explaining what is happening to the people of Gaza due to Israel’s systematic targeting of hospitals and medical workers defies the English language. Yet, the US government continues to supply Israel with all the arms it seeks, protecting its actions in front of an international community in shock.

The World’s Rush to Reduce Dependency on U.S. Dollar Accelerates as the Great AI Bubble Burst Apocalypse Draws Closer

While I have been reporting on the Big Tech crash that started accelerating in 2022 for over a year now, others in the financial sector are finally beginning to see where the current AI hype is leading the U.S., and using such words as "apocalypse" in terms of what is going to happen when this AI bubble (which almost ALL economists now admit is a real thing) bursts. ZeroHedge News reported this week that Goldman's head of research has apparently "seen the light" when it comes to the AI bubble, and "is downright apocalyptic on what the current AI bubble will lead to; think dot com bubble on steroids" and that it "will be the biggest bubble in history." While AI has sucked up all the capital in the U.S. economy for the past year and a half to create this economic apocalypse that now awaits us, the true extent of the crash of Big Tech goes far beyond just chat bots and LLM AI. Indeed, when the history books are written in the future about the collapse of the Great American Empire, chief among its causes will be our over-reliance on technology and the false Darwinian belief system that whatever humans can do, machines and technology can do better as they evolve. This reliance on technology started in the 1800s when America abandoned using natural plants, herbs, and things in creation for healing, and when traditional methods of healing, such as homeopathy, were banned in favor of laboratory-produced pharmaceutical poisons, starting with vaccines, in the false belief that man's technology could eliminate human disease. Today, the field of "biotech" still earns $trillions while Americans get sicker and sicker, creating a highly medicated society addicted to their products, which are now the #1 cause of death in the U.S Another great failure in American "biotech" technology is the destruction of the family farm in favor of mega food companies and the proliferation of genetically modified foods, along with all the chemicals needed in pesticides and herbicides to even grow crops in highly industrialized mono-cropping systems. Meanwhile, the non-Western countries of the world are finally teaming up together to form a new economic system that does not allow the warmongering United States to impose economic sanctions against them if they don't accept American "freedom" and become a "democracy" like us. It was announced this week that the two most sanctioned countries in the world by the U.S. today, Russia and Iran, have partnered together to form their own credit card payment system. Also being reported this week is the announcement that the BRICS nations are launching their own financial system.

Coal: God’s Gift to Humanity for Cheap Energy, or Climate Destroying “Fossil” Fuel?

Today we are featuring an article published last week by Dr. John Gideon Hartnett titled: "Coal, the Creator's Providential Provision." Dr. Hartnett is an Australian scientist who holds a PhD in physics from The University of Western Australia, and has gained international recognition for developing the world’s most precise clock, the cryogenic sapphire oscillator (CSO). He is a frequent critic of the climate change and "green energy" junk science. In this recent article he blows away the modern pseudo-scientific teaching on coal, and shows where coal came from, and how abundant it is as a cheap energy source. As I have previously reported in the past about the development and use of petroleum-based energy sources, the use of these cheap energy sources is RISING around the world, in spite of the rhetoric of politicians stating that they are reducing these "fossil" fuels, production and use of coal worldwide is also INCREASING, not decreasing, especially in China, India, and Southeast Asia.

Major July 2024 Events: Republican National Convention vs. Sun Valley Conference for Billionaires – Which One Will Shape “Elections”?

With the 4th of July holiday now behind us, it is time to look at two major events happening this month in the U.S.: The Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the summer camp conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, where some of the most wealthy and influential people in the world meet each year at a private, invitation-only event where the Press is not allowed. The Republican Convention will be mostly televised, where delegates are widely expected to choose Donald Trump to lead the party in the Fall elections, and where his Vice President choice will allegedly be revealed. Which of these two events here in July will have the greatest impact on what happens during the national elections later this year, and the future of this country?

What is True Freedom?

Today many Americans will commemorate the signing of the "Declaration of Independence" on this date in 1776, where many Christians and their Pastors will proudly claim that this document provided "freedom and justice for all" under the new nation, The United States of America. And while almost everyone would probably agree that "freedom and justice for all" is not something most Americans enjoy today, they will claim that it was once the hallmark of our country, as espoused by the "Founding Fathers", and that we need to return to those days to truly have "freedom" today. But what is true "freedom", and how did the Founding Fathers of the U.S. define "freedom," both in thought and in practice? As I have previously documented, "freedom and justice for all" did not include many of the inhabitants of the United States during that time, namely all the black slaves "owned" by the Founding Fathers, or the original native Americans who already lived here. It is estimated that between 17 to 25 of the 55 delegates who signed The Constitution were owners of slaves. When the European Founding Fathers arrived in North America in the 17th and 18th centuries, they did not find an empty land where there were no people living here. There was already a system of government in place among several nations that existed in the Northeast called the League of the Iroquois, consisting of at least six North American Indian nations. This decentralized, agrarian-based form of government in North America went back as far as 1142. So the term "freedom and justice for all" has always been a lie, ever since the Europeans settled North America, bringing along their African slaves to grow their tobacco on the East Coast, and run their cotton fields in the South, while at the same time destroying the North American Indian nations who are the original inhabitants of North America. I do agree with the Christians who state that many Christians were among the Founding Fathers, most of them Protestants who came during the Reformation Period in Europe. But is this something to be proud about?? These Christians were mostly Freemasons who were heavily influenced by the secret societies that proliferated in Europe during that time, also referred to as "The Age of Enlightenment", and incorporated many of the Freemason teachings into their brand of Christianity that are not found in the Bible, such as the office of "Pastor", the cessation of the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the false teaching that the nation of Israel is still the "chosen people" of God today (Zionism), among many other false teachings. Most pastors and Christians today continue these false teachings, and continue to promote "Nationalism", whether it be Israel, or the United States, as a superior people to all other nations. In the Bible, this is called "Idolatry."

American Christians are Biblically Illiterate Not Understanding the Difference Between The Old Covenant vs. The New Covenant

It is becoming more and more clear to me that today's American Christians are biblically illiterate, choosing instead to follow their favorite Christian leaders and what they teach about the Bible, rather than reading the Bible for themselves. Now, I know that the phrase "biblically illiterate" or something similar such as "they don't know what the Bible says," is often a charge made by one group of Christians who believe differently from other groups of Christians, such as the divisions between Catholic and Protestant Christians, and actually refers to "doctrine", or some written form of something that describes what a particular Christian group "believes" that separates them from other Christian groups. I am not dealing with different doctrinal beliefs at all in this article. I am talking about what the Bible actually says, which anyone can determine for themselves by picking it up and reading it. To give a non-religious example, take the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States, the political documents that are supposed to define the legal code of the United States. There is great debate as to how these documents are applied today in a court of law, but there is no debate about what is actually written in them, because anyone can look them up and see what they say. So for example, while there is great debate today as to the meaning of "freedom of speech" as is written in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, nobody is claiming that the First Amendment does not protect free speech at all, or that only the Government can determine which speech is allowed in the public space, and what speech is not. That would be absurd, and make the First Amendment meaningless. And yet, after I published the article on the founding of Israel in 1948 last week, stating that this political-military action was not a fulfillment of prophecy, but a massacre and ethnic cleansing, I had several people email me and tell me that massacring whole nations and participating in ethnic cleansing most certainly can be a fulfillment of prophecy, because God has done it several times throughout history. If they gave any examples in the Bible to support their claim, of course they were ALL examples from the Old Testament, none from the New Testament. This is clearly an example of being biblically illiterate, and not understanding the clear division in the Bible between the Old Covenant instituted by Moses with the giving of the Law (Torah), and the New Covenant which was instituted by Jesus by his execution on the Roman cross, and his subsequent rising from the dead and ascension to Heaven. Which covenant with God are we currently living under? The New Covenant, which was fulfilled and has now superseded the Old Covenant. If anyone makes a claim that God continues to deal with groups of people under this New Covenant period as he did under the Old Covenant, it would be the same as someone standing up in a court of law in the U.S. and claiming that the First Amendment was never actually written, and that there is no freedom of speech. We can conclusively state that this is NOT true, based solely on the textual evidence. Now what if the person in a court of law in the U.S. makes the claim to a judge sitting on a bench in a court of law that the Constitution has been changed today, a couple hundred of years after it was allegedly written, and that the First Amendment is a forgery, and that it was not in the original text of the Constitution? Can we prove in a court of law that this is not true? Of course we can, because the Constitution of the U.S. and the Bill of Rights were copied and even translated into many languages over the past couple of hundred years, so that if someone ever tried to change the original document, we would still have all the thousands of copies of the original Constitution and Bill of Rights for the past 250 years or so. The same principle is true of the Bible.