by Paul Thomas, M.D.


The JAMA article “Evaluation of the association of maternal pertussis vaccination with obstetric events and birth outcomes,” November 2014 was conducted to see if the new practice of injecting pregnant moms with the Tdap has any negative outcomes. (You can read this here.)

Since this vaccine contains a very large dose of aluminum, the adverse effects I would expect to see would likely show up after infancy.  Hopefully they will continue to follow these children and see if they are neurologically harmed by this neurotoxin exposure during critical brain development periods in the womb. Sadly, the Tdap is now routinely recommended during every pregnancy in the USA.  I say sadly because there have been no safety studies on injecting this amount of aluminum during pregnancy.

This dangerous procedure is now routinely recommended by ACIP to be given between 27 and 35 weeks gestation. As this study points out, “limited safety data exist on Tdap safety during pregnancy”.  One would think it prudent to follow the precautionary principle and not risk injecting this known neurotoxin when safety data is still lacking.

If you are a pregnant mom faced with the choice to inject your unborn baby with the Tdap (and its 170-330 micrograms of aluminum), I recommend that you wait for the safety studies. The rest of the world is happy to wait while US parents risk their unborn children’s brains and lives to this massive experiment.

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