Crying little baby boy receive vaccine in office

Health Impact News Editor

KS95 radio in Minneapolis Minnesota talked to a woman calling into their show recently who admitted that she took her 18 month old nephew into a doctor to have him vaccinated because her sister and brother-in-law did not believe in vaccines. She admitted that her sister did not know she had done this. Listen to her explanation for doing so in the audio below:

The woman explained that she was watching her nephew for a few days while the parents were traveling, and decided to take him to a doctor and get him vaccinated.

KS95 took call-ins and text messages from people, and some people said she did the right thing, and that they would do the same thing. Most agreed, however, that she should tell the parents, if for no other reason than that the parents might decide to get some vaccines at some point, and the child could end up with multiple doses.

So fair warning to all parents in the United States who choose not to vaccinate your children: if you have relatives who disagree with you, and they have control of your children for a given length of time, apparently they can find a doctor to vaccinate your children without your consent.