Ylsa Tellez – photo courtesy ABC 7 News Los Angeles.

by Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

ABC 7 News in Los Angeles is reporting that federal health officials want to force a 26-year-old grad student, whose younger sister was one of the confirmed cases of measles caught recently at Disneyland, into a quarantine. Ylsa Tellez does not have the measles, and is not sick.

So why do health officials want to force her into quarantine? Because she is not vaccinated against the measles. She could reportedly avoid the quarantine if she gets the vaccine.

“(They were) saying I need to get vaccinated and I need to be quarantined, otherwise I’m going to go to jail or something, or I’m going to get a misdemeanor,” said Ylsa.

Ylsa says she refuses to be a prisoner in her own home despite the possible quarantine order. Ylsa’s mother is also defending her daughter.

“It’s not nice when my daughter is threatened like this because she’s not even sick,” said Myrna Tellez. (Source.)

Mainstream Media Only Gives One Side of Vaccine Debate

Lost in all the discussions you will read or listen to in the mainstream media regarding measles outbreaks is that there is no clear science proving that the vaccine actually prevents these outbreaks, or that the measles vaccine “wiped out” the disease. Historical data points to a different conclusion on the effectiveness of the measles vaccine, showing that the disease was already on the way out PRIOR to the development of the vaccine:

Image from healthsentinel.com – Click image to enlarge.

Could the modern day vaccination program actually be responsible for diseases like measles making a comeback? Some doctors and scientists have actually warned about this for years now, but this concern is a threat to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical vaccine industry. There are concerns that what was once a common non-lethal childhood disease that offered lifetime immunity, has now been traded for modern “vaccine antibodies” that can wear off over time, and cause the virus to mutate making the vaccine ineffective.

For more information on the measles vaccine you will not read in the mainstream media see:

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Do Health Authorities have a Right to Quarantine those who Refuse Vaccines?

3d rendering of caution tape with QUARANTINE written on it


People need to understand that those advocating taking away people’s basic human rights over refusing vaccines are working from an assumption that is NOT proven by science: that vaccines are 100% effective and those who do not receive them are a threat to society.

Vaccines are not 100% effective, and they DO cause harm. Every vaccine carries risk for injury and death, just as the disease being vaccinated for does. Here is the latest report from the U.S. Government listing settlements for vaccine injuries and deaths:

Single Measles Vaccine Not Even Available – Other Vaccines Failing

The other fact that you are not likely to hear in the mainstream media is that a single measles vaccine is not even available! Anyone who is forced to receive the “measles vaccine” is in fact being forced to receive a 3 in 1 combo vaccine that also inoculates for Mumps and Rubella (MMR vaccine). Recent mumps outbreaks have been largely among those already vaccinated, and we are seeing the same failure in other vaccines such as pertussis.

The fact that the pertussis vaccine for whooping cough no longer works, is common knowledge and not even disputed by health authorities anymore. See: 

The Whooping Cough Epidemic: A Failed Vaccine Causes a Public Health Crisis

Conclusion: The Public MUST Resist Medical Tyranny

We applaud Ylsa Tellez and her refusal to give in to “Health Authorities” who have tremendous conflicts of interest in their incestuous relationships with drug manufacturers who distribute vaccines. U.S. law today protects vaccine manufacturers from being sued in civil court, and the U.S. government is the largest purchaser of vaccines, as they could never survive in a free market economy. These same drug companies were being sued so often for vaccine damages that they blackmailed Congress in 1986 and threatened to stop manufacturing vaccines completely if they were not given legal immunity. Congress willingly obliged, and the Supreme Court has upheld that law.

The only recourse left to the public is to resist the removal of our Constitutional and civil rights.

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