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Vaccines: a dose of population control?

by Christina England
Health Impact News

Dr. Ngare Confirms That a Second Vaccine Has Been Contaminated With Hormones Known to Cause Infertility

According to recent news reports, the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has decided to boycott the current polio vaccine program because they believe that the vaccine manufactured by the Sum Institute of India may contain estradiol, a derivative of the estrogen hormone, which is believed to cause infertility.

NPR news stated that:

“In Kenya, vaccine suspicion has taken its own local strain, aimed less at vaccines themselves than at the international bodies, like the U.N. and WHO, that distribute them. The distrust has been fuelled by WHO’s decision to blanket Kenya with polio vaccines, well over and above routine injections, in an effort to boost population immunity. The idea is that some of the people reached by the campaign will have already been vaccinated, but some will not. The WHO says there’s no harm in giving extra vaccines to children who are already vaccinated.”

One of the professionals raising concerns about the vaccine is obstetrician, gynecologist and member of the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association, Dr. Wahome Ngare, who says that he believes that the polio vaccine should be tested thoroughly before administration.

Dr. Ngare’s concerns may be justified because last year he and his team discovered that the tetanus vaccines, also introduced by WHO, were laced with the sterilizing hormone HcG.

Health Impact News Investigates

To discover why these concerns have arisen, we contacted Dr. Ngare to ask him more about his fears and the concerns of the KCCB.

Dr. Ngare- OB/GYN and member of the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association

Dr. Wahome Ngare – OB/GYN and member of the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association. Last year he and his team discovered that the tetanus vaccines, also introduced by WHO, were laced with the sterilizing hormone HcG.

Dr. Ngare told Health Impact News that the KCCB first became concerned about the current polio vaccination program after the tetanus vaccinations were found to be contaminated last year. He explained that the KCCB had informed the government on releasing the final tetanus vaccine report in February 2015, that their support for any future vaccination campaigns would be on the condition that joint government/KCCB testing took place before, during and post vaccination.

As they were in the process of negotiating joint testing, they took the liberty of collecting samples from the field from the new shipment brought in for a vaccination campaign planned for April, before any immunization took place. Dr. Ngare explained that when the KCCB tested a selection of polio vaccines from the field, they discovered that two of the six vaccines tested contained estradiol.

He explained that while there have been no human studies to determine the effect that this could have on humans, in animal studies estradiol, when exposed to males, has been shown to damage the sperm-forming mechanism in the testes.

He said:

“There are also studies of estradiol’s effect on males whose mothers were taking it in pills or otherwise during breastfeeding. It is also known to be carcinogenic (causes cancer).”

This is obviously extremely worrying as these vaccines were going to be offered to the under-fives.

Dr. Ngare continued by stating that: 

“Obviously, nobody knows what would happen if it is given to human children below the age of 5 years This is because until now, nobody has been crazy enough to experiment on humans!!!! Suffice it to say that Estradiol should not be in a vaccine unless the manufacture can explain its presence and this we have not been able to establish.”

According to reports provided, the samples used for testing were manufactured by the Serum Institute of India and collected in closed vials from the field. All of the samples were then tested for the following:

  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (β hCG) by Anion-Exchange chromatography
  • Estrogen and its compounds – estrone, estradiol, estriol and ethynylestradio
  • Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
  • Luteinizing hormone (LH)

The tests revealed that estradiol was present in two out of the six samples tested.

Due to their findings, the KCCB recommended that further testing should be carried out before further vaccination took place and Dr. Ngare concluded:

“Estradiol should not be in a vaccine unless the manufacturer can explain its presence and this we have not been able to establish.”

Their results are indeed worrying as there is no guarantee that this ingredient has not been used in other polio vaccinations being used around the world.

Hormone Expert Explains the Facts

In a bid to understand more about estradiol and its dangers Health Impact News contacted internationally recognized expert on women’s hormones and behaviors Ms. Leslie Carol Botha. When asked if she believed estradiol is safe to use as an ingredient in vaccinations, Botha said “absolutely not” and confirmed that estradiol was indeed linked to male infertility.


Internationally recognized expert on women’s hormones and behaviors Ms. Leslie Carol Botha. When asked if she believed estradiol is safe to use as an ingredient in vaccinations, Botha said “absolutely not” and confirmed that estradiol was indeed linked to male infertility.

Botha told us that:

Although it’s been known for many years that the testes of men make small amounts of estrogen, its physiological role was unknown until landmark research was published in December 1993 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.” The study found that male animals that were genetically altered and unresponsive to estrogen were anatomically normal but had low sperm counts and were mostly infertile.”

See: The Effects of Estrogen on Male Fertility

She said:

“Symptoms of excess estrogen in aging men include the development of breasts, having too much abdominal weight, feeling tired, suffering loss of muscle mass, and having emotional disturbances.”

See: Dangers of Excess Estrogen In the Aging Male

Concerned by what she had revealed, we asked the following question:

If estradiol was added to childhood vaccinations do you believe that this could cause recipients to become infertile?

Her answer was both honest and shocking:

Not only do I believe the estradiol will render some of these children infertile, it will also cause a myriad of other endocrine–related disorders that will affect a child’s growth and maturation and other neurological and pathological disorders. Synthetic hormones have been found in a recent study to actually alter (shrink) the structure of the brain. Since the brain does not stop developing until approximately age 25, this could become a major cause for concern. There are three dominant systems in the body. The neuro-endocrine-immune system and when one of these becomes injured – it sets off a cascading effect in not only the other two systems but in every cell in the body.

What is of major concern are the amount of estradiol and other synthetic hormones in our environment. There have been numerous studies – some dating back to the 1930s on the impact of “gender-bending” chemicals on sexual development.  Adding estradiol to vaccines is another medical experiment on innocent children and their parents… without informed consent.

If we have learned anything for the environmentally-induced health crisis we are in… is that ‘informed consent’ does not exist. We need to realize that the chronic illness we experience is due to the long-term side effects of drugs. That information is blatantly missing – yet blatantly known.

Altering the body’s hormones and the messages they carry through vaccines, contraceptives or xenoestrogens is the largest uncontrolled experiment in medical history.  What is frightening is that the disruption in the hormones does not only cause endemic health issues, including infertility, but it is also altering our sexuality.

Sadly, her words leave us in no doubt that adding synthetic hormones to childhood vaccines can have a devastating effect on children’s future health. However, this is not the first time estrogen or its components have been found in vaccinations; therefore, we have to consider if this is affecting infertility around the world.

Estrogen Found in Polio Vaccines a Decade Ago

In 2004, an article titled Cancer-Causing Vaccines, Polio, AIDS and Monkey Business, written by Alan Cantwell, M.D., raised worldwide concerns when he claimed that polio vaccines, aimed at a total of 74 million African children, had been found to be contaminated with a range of female sex hormones that could lead to sterility.

Dr. Cantwell wrote:

The vaccine program hit a snag last fall when Islamic clerics in the predominantly Muslim-populated areas of northern Nigeria claimed the WHO program was a plot by westerners to depopulate the area. Laboratory tests revealed estrogen and other female sex hormones in the polio vaccine, proof that the vaccines were contaminated with substances that could cause sterility. Furthermore, Nigerian officials became aware of internet reports suggesting the WHO vaccine might be contaminated with HIV (the AIDS virus) and other cancer-causing viruses. African blacks are as suspicious of government vaccines programs as American blacks. A 1990 survey of African-Americans in New York City showed 30% believed AIDS is an ethno-specific bioweapon designed in a laboratory to kill black people.

As this was a vaccine supported by the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, Rotary International, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to eradicate global polio, one would have expected the WHO to provide the African people with answers as to why this vaccine had been contaminated. Sadly, this was not the case as Dr. Cantwell continued his excellent exposé by revealing that instead of reassuring the public, the WHO, the world’s so-called leading international health agency, accused the Nigerians of exporting polio to surrounding nations.

Conclusion: How Can We Trust that Vaccines are Safe?

This leaves us with many unanswered questions. How can we, the vaccine consumers, trust that the vaccines that we are giving our children are safe? This is not the first time that leading professionals such as Dr. Wahome Ngare and Leslie Carol Botha have provided us with scientific data proving that the vaccines that we have believed for years to be safe are, in fact, not fit for purpose.

Due to their impoverished circumstances, children in Africa are some of the most vulnerable children in the world and, it is for this reason, that organizations such as the WHO should be protecting them. Instead, they only protect their own interests and blame African people for causing the problem in the first place. This, we at Health Impact News believe, is one of most evil revelations to date.


Medical Doctors Opposed to Forced Vaccinations – Should Their Views be Silenced?


One of the biggest myths being propagated in the compliant mainstream media today is that doctors are either pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, and that the anti-vaccine doctors are all “quacks.”

However, nothing could be further from the truth in the vaccine debate. Doctors are not unified at all on their positions regarding “the science” of vaccines, nor are they unified in the position of removing informed consent to a medical procedure like vaccines.

The two most extreme positions are those doctors who are 100% against vaccines and do not administer them at all, and those doctors that believe that ALL vaccines are safe and effective for ALL people, ALL the time, by force if necessary.

Very few doctors fall into either of these two extremist positions, and yet it is the extreme pro-vaccine position that is presented by the U.S. Government and mainstream media as being the dominant position of the medical field.

In between these two extreme views, however, is where the vast majority of doctors practicing today would probably categorize their position. Many doctors who consider themselves “pro-vaccine,” for example, do not believe that every single vaccine is appropriate for every single individual.

Many doctors recommend a “delayed” vaccine schedule for some patients, and not always the recommended one-size-fits-all CDC childhood schedule. Other doctors choose to recommend vaccines based on the actual science and merit of each vaccine, recommending some, while determining that others are not worth the risk for children, such as the suspect seasonal flu shot.

These doctors who do not hold extreme positions would be opposed to government-mandated vaccinations and the removal of all parental exemptions.

In this article, I am going to summarize the many doctors today who do not take the most extremist pro-vaccine position, which is probably not held by very many doctors at all, in spite of what the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government, and the mainstream media would like the public to believe.