How many more lives of young women will be destroyed by the HPV vaccine?

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Dr. Mahin Khatami has written a scathing commentary on the HPV vaccine that was published this month (December 2016) in the journal Clinical and Translational Medicine. The title is: “Safety concerns and hidden agenda behind HPV vaccines: another generation of drug-dependent society?

Dr. Khatami’s bio is quite extensive, and as a retired professor and former program director at both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI), her criticisms of both the cancer and vaccine industries cannot easily be written off as the work of a “quack,” which is the standard response from the medical industry who seeks to discredit anyone who does not tow the party line.

Dr. Mahin Khatami was born in Tehran-Iran. She immigrated to USA in 1969 after training in Chemistry (BS) and Science Education (MS). She received her MA in Biochemistry from SUNY at Buffalo (1977) and PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania (UPA, 1980). Her postdoctoral trainings were in physiology at the University of Virginia, protein chemistry (proteomics) at the Fox Chase Cancer Institute and UPA.

She was a Faculty of Medicine at the Department of Ophthalmology, Scheie Eye Institute, UPA, until 1992. In collaboration with a team of scientists, under the direction of John H. Rockey, MD, PhD, at UPA, she quickly earned her supervisory responsibilities on two major projects; cell and molecular biology of diabetic retinopathy/maculopathy and experimental models of acute and chronic ocular inflammatory diseases.

In her junior academic career, Dr. Khatami is considered the most productive scientist in USA as she published 39 scientific articles and over 60 abstracts in conference proceedings in the first decade of her research.

In 1998, at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), she was a Program Director and health scientist administrator, involved in developing molecular concepts for utilization of patient biospecimen for large clinical trials such as Prostate-Lung-Colorectal Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Trials.

Extension of her earlier ‘accidental’ discoveries on models of inflammatory diseases became closely relevant to her duties for developing proposals for molecular diagnosis, prevention and therapy of cancer for PLCO and designs of cohort clinical trials.

The results of her pioneering studies in 1980’s on experimental models of inflammatory diseases are suggestive of the first evidence for a direct link between inflammation and tumorigenesis and angiogenesis. She also published the first report on inflammation-induced developmental phases of immune dysfunction that would lead to tumor development.

In 2005, she also published an NCI-Invention, in Federal Register for standardizing cancer biomarkers criteria (data elements) as a foundation of developing a cancer biomarkers database; M-CSF, an inflammatory mediator was identified as prototype to test/tailor data elements.

Her challenging efforts to promote the role of inflammation in cancer research, which initially met with tremendous resistance by decision makers, have recently paid off as the number of federally funded projects, technologies and drug development and related networks that focus on the role of inflammation and cancer has significantly increased in the last decade within and outside NCI/NIH.

Dr. Khatami has lectured internationally; served as president and VP for Graduate Women In Science (GWIS) Omicron Chapter; scientific judge; founder and president of Medical Education Technologies (HUS); consultant to pharmaceutical companies; member of professional societies and editorial activities; symposia organizer.

She is Associate Editor for Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, lecturer, author and editor. Before retiring at professor level from NCI/NIH in 2009, her position was Program Director (IMAT) and Assistant Director for Technology Program Development, Office of Technology and Industrial Relations, Office of the Director, NCI/NIH. (Source.)

Safety concerns and hidden agenda behind HPV vaccines: another generation of drug-dependent society?

by Professor Mahin Khatami, PhD
Clinical and Translational Medicine


Analyses of data and hidden agenda behind repeated failed outcomes of cancer research and therapy, status of American health, safety concerns for HPV vaccines and future research considerations are summarized in this commentary. A closer look at cancer science reveals that highly power structure (system) in medical establishment vs. anti-system and chaos in cancer research (‘medical/scientific ponzi schemes’) is potent recipe for failed therapeutics that kills patients but generates huge corporate profit. American health status ranks last among other developed nations despite the highest amount that USA invests in healthcare. This is a wake-up call to make sure that the evil part of human being does not prevent the health services that the public deserves. Otherwise, ‘it does not matter how many resources you have, if you don’t know, or don’t want to know, how to use them, they will never be enough’. Answer to cancer and improved public health is possible only by switching the current corruptive and abusive culture of ‘who you know’ to a culture of ‘what you know’. Policy makers and professionals in decision making roles are urged to return to common sense and logics that our Forefathers used to serve the public.

Matrix of power in cancer establishment: creation of cancer-stricken society-chaos in research and therapy for huge profit

Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act. Albert Einstein

Formation of a highly ordered and sophisticated medical hierarchy (establishment) in the nineteenth/twentieth century within higher education institutions (e.g., medical schools, organizations) was supported by businessmen and philanthropists with motives to profit from the sale of drugs (reviewed in 1). The power of establishment grew since 1955 when public was intentionally inoculated with million doses of virus-contaminated polio vaccines, which sharply increased the deadly cancer incidence in the current ‘baby boomers’ generation, particularly in America. In addition to increased cancer incidence and mortality, numerous other disabling acute or chronic illnesses [e.g., poliomyelitis, vasculitis, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases or vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP)] are reported as the results of public vaccination with virus-contaminated polio vaccines that made American health status at the bottom of other healthy nations [13].1,2,3,4,5 The abusive power of establishment intensified since 1971, when the Cancer Act, signed by President Nixon, increased cancer research funding of National Cancer Institute (NCI)/NIH to 1.6 B, so that cancer problem be solved in 8 years! The establishment has been successful in collecting/spending several trillions of dollars from public and private resources ($1.6 trillion spent in 2008 alone on research, drug development, clinical trials and care) with claims of ‘targeted’ therapy, ‘precision’ or ‘personalized’ medicine, including the recent failed attempts for ‘immunotherapy’ [1].

In addition to surgery, current treatments options (chemotherapies) primarily use potent apoptotic factors, specific growth factor inhibitors (monoclonal antibodies), stem cell transfer, or inhibit check point proteins of T cells or genetic mutations of PDs in monocytes and claims of immunotherapy [1]. Treatments are often combined with partial or total body irradiation (radiotherapy). These clinical approaches induce ‘immune tsunami’ or ‘cytokine storm’ in an already immune compromised body of patients and destroy integrity and function of vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, bone, muscle and vasculature resulting in life-threatening side effects [e.g., drug-resistant and relapse, cachexia, sarcopenia, fatigue, thromboembolism and multiple organ failure (MOF)] and loss of lives [1, 48]. Such highly toxic treatments resemble the severe reactions that are described for potent pathogen-induced acute inflammatory diseases and rapid generation of cytokine storm in such diseases as sepsis, meningitis, salmonella poisoning, pneumonia or major trauma often leading to MOF or death [1, 4, 5].

Therefore, there is no surprise that outcomes of such illogical approaches (‘medical/scientific ponzi schemes’) have failure rates of 90% (±5) for solid tumors [1, 4, 5].

War on cancer is a very expensive Government Welfare Program for members of the establishment and their surrogates who enjoy career longevities of 40–65 years and who are entitled to continuously receive large sums of travel funds and grants with little/no review processes or producing anything of value to benefit the society [1].6 In 2013, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR, strong lobbying group, established in 1907) shamelessly boasted that 1/3 (33%) of all women, and 1/2 (50%) of all men develop cancer in their lives and that they need more money to ‘Stand Up To Cancer’!

The establishment is entitled to glamorize and publicize too many drugs or vaccines with little/no ethical or safety considerations for short-, or long-term health hazards of such projects. Policy makers in Congress have no clues how to assess worthy or worthless projects as they depend on advice of members of establishment and their surrogates who occupy high positions and scientific recognitions, including Nobel prizes, as the only ‘authorities’ to defend such illogical projects that are more like ‘building too many expensive bridges to nowhere’; and identifying ‘molecular false flags’ based on false foundations [1, 5].7 The establishment tolerates no challenge or objection from competent and independent scientists. Independent professional views are perceived as ‘threat’ to the establishment and professionals become subjected to heavy harassment, bullying, unethical and criminal practices of retaliation and elimination [1].

With the availability of modern technologies, decision makers in the government, academia or Big pharma become narrowly experts in their fields of ‘omics’ (e.g., genomic, proteomic, lipidomic, glycomic, metabolomic) and know details of structures and substructures of viruses, bacteria, parasites (microbiotics), carcinogens and endless broken/defective molecules (e.g., somatic mutations of growth or apoptotic factors, enzymes, receptors) or how to inhibit them in experimental models of tumors or clinical trials [1, 4, 5]. However, cancer remains an imaginary problem (‘it is too many diseases’) to solve. Public deception on cancer science reminds us of the statement of Philip Zelikow ‘The creation and maintenance of public myths exert a powerful influence’ [1].8

Lack of oversight and accountability and abuse of funds on too many failed projects made cancer research a myth making machine by ‘intellectuals’ who portray cancer as too difficult a problem to solve!

With hundreds of thousands of disturbances in network of molecular, neuronal, immunological, vascular, metabolic, bioenergetics, physical and mechanical properties that are present in cancer molecular tsunami, who could ever claim that inhibiting one or two or 10 molecules would correct or treat any solid tumor? (Fig. 1) [1, 4, 5, 810].9, 10,11

These ‘specialists’ whose career longevity depends on defending such worthless projects remind us of Rumi’s spiritual statement that ‘People cannot see the camel in the minaret but they can see the hair in its nose!12

Peyton Rous said it best that ‘A hypothesis is best known by its fruits. What have been those of the somatic mutation hypothesis? It has resulted in no good thing as concerns the cancer problem, but in much that is bad… Most serious of all the results of the somatic mutation hypothesis has been its effect on research workers. It acts as a tranquilizer on those who believe in it.’ This statement was made in 1959, well before genetic studies in cancer and claimed ‘targeted’ therapies were put on steroids!

[1, 4].13

Loss of patients lives, particularly the loss of politicians and celebrities or their families seem to be great incentives for cancer establishment and its world’s largest lobbying group to go before Congress and claim that they made ‘remarkable achievements’ but need ‘more money’ to continue! It is outrageous that even after patients lose their lives to toxicities of drugs, money is collected in lieu of ‘flowers’, or the victims leave small or large fortunes in their ‘wills’ to help ‘cancer research!’

There is a peculiar absence of systematic investigation to logically understand what triggers initial events in the loss of immunity (immune surveillance) originally described by Burnet in 1957 [1]. Except for ‘accidental’ discoveries that our research team established in 1980s on models of acute and chronic inflammation, there is little/no evidence on early stages of immune dysfunction toward multistep tumorigenesis and angiogenesis, although numerous circumstantial evidence on a role for inflammation in cancer have been documented. In 1980s we were not involved in cancer research and had no idea of the importance or significance of the findings for cancer research until I joined NCI/NIH in 1998. Analyses of data provided the first series of evidence for a direct link between inflammation and initial immune response alterations including the first report on sequential interactions and synergies between host immune and non-immune cells and those of activated recruiting inflammatory cells in the direction of tumorigenesis and angiogenesis [1, 4, 5]. We further defined effective immunity as the balance between two tightly regulated and biologically opposing arms of Yin (tumoricidal, growth-arrest) and Yang (tumorigenic, growth-promote) of acute inflammation, an amazingly successful network of biological signals from immune and non-immune systems (e.g., vasculature, neuronal, metabolic, hormonal activities) for protecting the body against all intrinsic and extrinsic elements that are perceived harmful to body’s survival throughout life [9,10].

Safety concerns and hidden agenda for publicizing HPV vaccines: abuse of affordable care insurance and moonshot initiative: creating another drug-dependent sick society?

On September 7, 2016, NCI presented a document “Cancer Moonshot’s Blue Ribbon Panel” to National Cancer Advisory Board. It identified 10 priorities for cancer research including HPV vaccination. The document rehashes the same fuzzy approaches that have been used in the last six decades for cancer research and therapy or vaccines with different spins [1].14 The document reminds us of the tactics that were used in 1970s by CDC director for urgently seeking extra fund for swine flu vaccination. Review of an interesting article “The Swine Flu Affair” [11] resembles the scenario that establishment described for targeting young population for HPV or meningitis vaccines and justifying additional funding.

A wide range of vaccine-related health problems including autism (measles vaccines), multiple sclerosis (hepatitis B), menangioencephalitis (Japanese encephalitis), Guillian-Barre syndrome and giant cell arthritis (influenza), encephalomyelitis (semple rabies), neurological problems (e.g., H1N1, swine flu) have been reported in literature. The total number of death and diseases that were caused by polio, swine flu and other specific vaccines, even BCG vaccines are greater than diseases these vaccines were intended to prevent [1, 1214].15 The rush for HPV vaccination is no exception as described below.

Human papilloma viruses (HPVs) are small heterogeneous family of at least 130 different viruses (HPV types) of double-stranded DNA whose potencies and genomic structures evolve in host and are different from individual to individual, tissue to tissue and time to time. HPVs have been identified in organs/tissues (e.g., skin, larynx, vagina, penis, esophagus, conjunctiva, bronchus, paranasal sinuses, tracheo-bronchial and oral mucosa, anogenital tract, urethra) in diseases such as genital warts, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, low-grade and high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (SILs) and anal, vaginal and cervical cancers [1, 1517].16

Emphases on production of specific vaccines to inactivate segments of viral structures such as HPVs DNA structures or expression products, while not effective to prevent specific diseases (e.g., cervical cancers), long-term effects of HPV vaccines (Gardasil™, or Cervarix™) could contribute to initiation of health problems during aging, if not sooner. The genomic structures of HPVs in vaccines (e.g., inactivated high potency particles) could disturb host tissues in a variety of mechanisms (e.g., mutations of DNA components or integration into host chromosomes and instability of genomic substructures). Exposure to viral particles and adjuvant (aluminum) in vaccines, along with routine exposures to other immune disruptors are ‘antigen overload’ for immune system that could shift the induction of chronic health problems (e.g., increased asthma, ocular or skin allergies, hot flashes, gastrointestinal conditions or neurological and autoimmune diseases) that are features of aging to younger individuals [1, 18,19].

Professionals and policy makers in other countries started raising serious questions about the “scientific uncertainties related to the safety of HPV vaccines…Sloppy science, combined with unprofessional and unfair criticism of independent research, such as the one the EMA raised against the diligent Danish researchers, is a serious threat to scientific progress and public health…”.17 Recent clinical data already suggest adverse effects of HPV vaccines, composed of genotype-specific capsid proteins variations (e.g., HPV-16, HPV-6 or HPV-11) or expression of detectable HPVL1 protein and DNA fragments in aluminum-containing adjuvant, of virus-like-particles-VLPs by DNA recombinant methodologies [15, 16].18

We suggested that exposures to specific virus-containing vaccines, by inhibiting/inactivating specific high risks (‘potent’) segments of viral DNA lead to inflammatory conditions that would influence the homeostasis and dynamics (ecosystem) of host microorganisms (e.g., GI track, skin) in young adults. Altering hazard/benefit ratios of microbiota are important contributing factors in ‘antigen overload’ for immunity and cross reactivity of antibodies against antiviral immune complexes and induction of age-like chronic diseases in younger adults. Our observations that newborn guinea pigs born from sensitized parents showed strong allergic reactions upon 1st or 2nd challenge with antigen, suggesting genetic predisposition of fetus [1,4, 5] are indirectly supported by clinical data [1, 18, 19].

Again, a great deal of investment have been directed to identify details of structures and substructures of microorganisms, carcinogens or expression products and mechanisms of actions of evolving numerous infective agents [e.g., HPV, polio, rous sarcoma, herpes, AIDS, EBOLA, influenza, measles, hepatitis (A, B and C), LPS, meningitis or Zika]. However, what initiates altered tissue response dynamics toward multistep diseases or cancers remains a mystery [1, 1117].

The hidden short- and long-term agenda behind making HPV or meningitis vaccination as priority projects seem the availability of funds through Obamacare insurance and Moonshot Initiative. There should be no surprise that the cost of individual insurance keeps going up. Sixty-nine cancer centers urged HPV vaccination and thus-far, 80 million doses of HPV vaccines ($200–260/dose) consumed by healthy public [1].19,20

It is painful to project that the sick status of ‘baby boomers’, created half a century ago could be repeated, if not already started, by vaccinating the public with HPV or other vaccines (e.g., meningitis, shingles, flu), whether or not vaccines are contaminated with live viruses. Such fraud approaches could present grave health consequences for future generation (s), if the policy makers, professionals and public do not reflect on the fact that ‘intellectuals’ in health system who were responsible for improving public health are destroying it.

Finish reading the entire study, along with footnotes, here.

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