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by Brittany Dock
Special to Health Impact News

Politics have no place in hospitals.

My son, who is 11 years old, suffered tremendously because of a mandatory vaccine policy at his transplant hospital.

Kendetrick was diagnosed with newly onset liver disease out of nowhere on October 18, 2016.

From that day forward, his life went out of control.

Several procedures and tests were done over the next few months. Experimenting with medications, there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

He was getting worse and worse. He stopped eating, stopped playing, stopped living.

Kendetrick with mom in the hospital

Kendetrick with mom in the hospital

He was evaluated for a liver transplant on January 12 and 13, 2017.

I was told they would not transplant my son or even list him on UNOS unless I agreed to get him fully up-to-date on his vaccines.

I stopped when he was a baby, with the support of his doctor, after a failed RSV vaccine and the fact that he was always sick. I did my homework. This is a child who has many problems. He has congenital heart disease as well and has never really been “healthy.”

When speaking with one of the members of the transplant team about the fact that they “required” him to get vaccinated I asked “what would happened if I don’t get them for him” and she said “we will make him comfortable and continue to try things, but he could not get listed on UNOS.”

He had been deteriorating for months prior and he was soon evaluated. It was clear he was a candidate for liver transplantation. There was still no clear diagnosis and he went from stage one to two liver disease in a matter of six weeks.

Nothing they had tried in the past worked: no medications, nothing. He was rapidly declining.

The entire team knew how I felt. They knew I was concerned about what it would do to him.

His doctor, who has been his only doctor his entire life, even said he would give him a medical exemption.

The liver team said it didn’t matter. They had a policy in place, and the ONLY way he could not get the vaccines was if he went into acute liver failure.

I had an ethics meeting where I brought all my concerns to the table. I fought and fought. I told them why he should not get vaccines. There were very clear contraindications from the manufacturers themselves.

He had a recent blood transfusion. He was immunocompromised and on high dose steroids. He had heart disease.

The fact that they really didn’t know what was wrong and that he was declining so fast, how did they know we had time?

It’s been proven that the earlier you transplant the better pre and post surgical results will be.

Even the CDC clearly states that a “sick” individual should not receive vaccines and when you need a liver transplant you are pretty darn sick!

They wanted him to get 9 vaccines. They even wanted him to get the HPV vacccine! There isn’t even a test for males with HPV.

It was like they had him hanging on a noose and were going to kick the chair unless I shot him.

He HAD to get a liver and in the ethics meeting I kept telling them that it was going to hurt him.


They just kept saying it was to protect him and it was a policy. I asked to see the policy several times. It was ignored until finally I went to the director of the transplant team and she told me it wasn’t public information.

I could not see the policy I had to abide by. The one that could kill my son. They all knew he needed a new liver and were not going to list him until I vaccinated him.

I was even told several times that I could just take him somewhere else if I didn’t like it.

But what could I do? I could not let my son wither away any longer and I had my back against the wall.

I reached out to other hospitals but because he is on Medicaid I could not move him out of the state and he is treated at the only transplant center available where we live.

So I agreed, even though I knew with every ounce of my soul it was wrong.

Two weeks after getting the Varicella vaccine, and only days after getting the MMR he was hospitalized for severe pain which was thought to be from capsule stretching (his liver was huge) and Ascites fluid that was drained.

Then he started developing spots. It was swept under the rug. I was told it was a reaction to a different medication, until 3 days later he was covered and in trememdous pain.

I knew it was chicken pox. I basically forced them to test him for Varicella. Sure enough, the test confirmed Varicella Viremia, FROM THE VACCINE!

I made them report it to VAERS. It was practically killing him, along with the nephrotoxic medications to treat the Varicella as well.

We were released from the hospital after almost a month. He seemed to be doing better. But they still wanted to keep vaccinating him.

A few days after the DTaP vaccine he developed a fungal infection in his blood and we were right back in the hospital.

This was the one that really took him down. The infection could have gone to his heart and affected his prosthetic valve.

My son almost died because of forced vaccination!

Not only because he should have never been forced to receive vaccines, but because his liver was failing, and it couldn’t even filter his damn food let alone chemicals in vaccines.

We also didn’t have time. We knew in January he needed a transplant. He got so bad. His liver was shutting down while all this was happening.

My son was gone mentally. His varices kept rupturing. He couldn’t eat. He could barely walk. He was bedridden and confined to a hospital.

Finally enough was enough. I told them no more. They were going to kill him. He was dying already. After the last meeting (there was several) I pretty much begged them to save him – to stop hurting him.

Just get him a liver before he died!

And thank God he was listed. May 16th my son got his liver.

Kendetrick with Mom after Liver Transplant

Kendetrick with his Mom after his liver transplant.

He is doing amazing now, but his story needs to be heard. There is no room to have policies like this in the medical world.



Kendetrick the survivor!

This is my son, Kendetrick, and he is a survivor! He is a survivor of vaccine adverse reactions, vaccine failure, liver and heart disease and corrupt medical politics!!!!

Kendetrick with 2 brothers

Kendetrick with his brothers.

I do not know my son’s donor family but I LOVE YOU. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Thank you. Organ donation saved my son.

All photos in this story are from Kendetrick’s Facebook page. You can also follow Kendetrick’s story on his page:

KendetrickStrong Facebook

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