State Sen. Paul Boyer

Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer. Source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The Arizona Daily Star ( is reporting that one Arizona lawmaker, State Senator Paul Boyer, is taking a different approach to “mandatory vaccine” policy.

Instead of requiring that all children should be mandated to receive vaccines even over the objections of their parents, this lawmaker wants to instead mandate that parents are fully informed as to the ingredients in vaccines injected into their children, as well as the known side effects, so that they can make an informed choice.

Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Service writes:

A state senator wants to mandate that parents be told exactly which ingredients and chemicals are in vaccines before their children are inoculated.

The bill introduced by Sen. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, would require that any health professional provide not just the positive effects of vaccinations but also the full list of ingredients and side effects before a vaccine could be administered.

He pointed to a list from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that says vaccines may variously contain phosphate, bovine serum, formaldehyde, fluoride, yeast extracts or human diploid fibroblast cell cultures (cultures of human fetal tissue).

Boyer’s bill comes at a time when the Arizona Department of Health Services is trying to persuade more parents to get their children immunized, and as HB 2162 has been introduced in the Arizona Legislature to remove personal exemptions to vaccines required for school in Arizona. See:


Arizona doctor Jack Wolfson voices his opposition to this bill that would strip parents of their right to refuse vaccines:

Naturally, vaccine extremists are opposed to Senator Boyer’s bill, stating basically that parents are not smart enough to understand vaccines and make proper decisions for their children.

Former Arizona health director Will Humble said he worries that fewer parents will vaccinate their children.

Inundating parents with technical information that is not meaningful and potentially confusing won’t help, said Humble, who is executive director of the Arizona Public Health Association. Rather, he said, it will result in doctors having to spend valuable time explaining the technical information instead of talking to parents about things like keeping their children safe at home and in cars.

Humble said a 12-page FDA-approved package insert meant for doctors does nothing to help parents make decisions about the merits of a specific vaccine. Flooding them with data would create unnecessary fears, he said. (Source.)

But Senator Boyer said that parents are being denied information they need:

“Everybody who goes for an operation procedure or anything, they’re informed. They’re told of all the risks that could happen with whatever procedure it is,” he said. “They’re not given the surgery and then, after the fact, told, ‘Oh, by the way, here are the known adverse effects.’”

“I don’t know that most parents know that bovine extract or animal parts or fetus parts are in certain vaccines,” the legislator said. “And I just think, as a parent, we should know the answer to that.” (Source.)

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