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Unlike measles which only infects a few hundred per year, with no child deaths, whooping cough infects tens of thousands, resulting in up to 20 deaths a year among infants according to the CDC.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

According to the CDC, since 2010, between 15,000 and 50,000 cases are reported each year in the United States, and up to 20 babies die each year from it.

Are they talking about the measles? No, they are talking about whooping cough, and it is being spread by those who have been vaccinated for it with the pertussis vaccine.

All across the U.S. the corporate media, funded in a large part by the pharmaceutical industry, is telling the American public that we are currently facing a “measles outbreak” of epidemic proportions.

This “outbreak” currently stands at 839 measles cases nationwide as of May 10, 2019, according to the CDC, and ZERO reported deaths.

This “outbreak” has been used as an excuse to blame parents of unvaccinated children, and to justify health officials to invoke “state of emergency” actions that allow health authorities to ban unvaccinated children from public places and schools, and to fine parents up to $2000.00 a day if they refuse to vaccinate their children with the MMR vaccine.

And yet, other infectious diseases are affecting exponentially more people than the measles and far worse, without being classified as a “state of emergency.”

mumps vs measles-cases-CDC

We recently published a commentary by Dr. David Brownstein clearly showing that the mumps epidemic is far worse than measles, for example:

Why Aren’t Mumps Outbreaks Considered “Epidemic” When There are Thousands More Cases of Mumps than Measles?

Mumps is included in the same vaccine as measles, the MMR vaccine by Merck, and Merck has in an 8-year lawsuit with its own scientists-turned-whistleblowers who claim the mumps part of the vaccine does not work and was approved fraudulently.

But an even worse outbreak than mumps or measles, and more deadly, is whooping cough. According to the CDC:

Since 2010, between 15,000 and 50,000 cases of whooping cough are reported each year in the United States.

Whooping cough can even be deadly. Since 2010, up to 20 babies have died each year from whooping cough in the United States.

The CDC claims that the number of children dying each year has decreased since the pertussis vaccine was introduced:

Before the whooping cough vaccines were recommended for all infants, about 8,000 people in the United States died each year from whooping cough.

But statistics clearly show that whooping cough deaths were already declining at a stiff rate long before the vaccine was introduced:


But the real reason why the media is probably not treating whooping cough as an epidemic is because it is widely known that the pertussis vaccine no longer works.

Here are some recent local media reports about recent whooping cough outbreaks verifying that most of those coming down with whooping cough are already vaccinated:

Whooping cough outbreak infecting vaccinated children, health dept. hiring additional nurses

UPDATE: Missoula area whooping cough cases rise to 89

Whooping Cough Outbreaks were Originally Wrongly Blamed on Unvaccinated Children

epidemia - bambina con mascherina sanitaria

When one of the modern, post-pertussis vaccine outbreaks of whooping cough occurred in Los Angeles in 2010, there appeared to be a healthy debate in academia and the media about the cause of this whooping cough outbreak.

In a PBS News Hour broadcast titled Whooping Cough Returns to California After Decades of Decline in March of 2011, reporter Joanne Faryon of KPBS in San Diego interviewed “two of the world’s leading whooping cough experts” who had differing opinions about why whooping cough was returning among “highly vaccinated communities around the world.”

Dr. James Cherry of UCLA stated that it was due mainly to “increased awareness” while Dr. Frits Mooi of The Netherlands Center for Infectious Diseases Control stated:

We found really a kind of new mutation in the bug.

Dr. Cherry also stated that:

…the increase is also due in part because of something called waning immunity. Immunity to whooping cough does not last a lifetime.

What neither scientist stated, however, was that the cause of this new whooping cough outbreak was due to the small percentage of the population not vaccinated with the pertussis vaccine. The debate was on the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of the vaccine.

All of that changed in 2013, however.

Perhaps faced with the pressure to remove the failing pertussis vaccine from the CDC childhood vaccine schedule, which is only available as a combo vaccine together with diphtheria and tetanus (DTaP), and is administered in a 5-dose series at 2, 4, 6, and 15–18 months and 4–6 years old, representing many millions of dollars in revenue, the small percentage of the population not vaccinated with pertussis was targeted as a cause of whooping cough outbreaks.

Several studies concerning the pertussis vaccine and whooping cough outbreaks were published in 2013 and the following years addressing the problem, and one of those studies, widely published and circulated in the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media, blamed the outbreaks on unvaccinated children, in spite of all the evidence that linked the outbreaks to a failed vaccine.

An article published in the Los Angeles Times by reporter Mary Macvean on October 5, 2013, represents what the corporate-sponsored media was now reporting as to the cause of the 2010 Los Angeles whooping cough outbreak.

The title of the article was Unvaccinated children helped fuel whooping cough outbreak, data show.

Some excerpts from the article:

Children who did not get vaccinated against whooping cough contributed to the 2010 outbreak of the illness, when more cases were reported than in any year since 1947, researchers say.

Researchers who looked at the geography of the cases suggest that clusters of “nonmedical exemptions” to immunizations were one of several factors in the California outbreak. They reported their findings Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

The researchers from several institutions, including Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health, found 39 clusters with high rates of non-immunization and two clusters of pertussis among children entering kindergarten from 2005 through 2010. More cases occurred within the non-immunized clusters than outside of them, the scientists said.

From 2000 to 2010, California’s “nonmedical exemption” rates more than tripled, to 2.33%, with some schools reporting rates as high as 84%, the researchers said. Both those clusters and the high pertussis clusters “were associated with factors characteristic of high socioeconomic status such as lower population density, lower average family size, lower percentage of racial or ethnic minorities,” higher incomes and other factors, the researchers wrote.

It is estimated, they wrote, that more than 95% of the population must be immunized to prevent outbreaks. (emphasis added)

The “researchers” of this study played with the statistics to find a small percentage of increase in a very small population subset to justify their conclusions that unvaccinated children were at least partially to blame for the whooping cough outbreak in Los Angeles.

The statement that is the key here to justifying a reason to increase vaccination rates for an ineffective pertussis vaccine is the statement: “It is estimated, they wrote, that more than 95% of the population must be immunized to prevent outbreaks.”

Besides the fact that the theory of “herd immunity” lacks scientific basis, government vaccine proponents, using their own published guidelines, have stated that herd immunity for whooping cough requires only 90% vaccination rates – not 95%.

90% is what is published in the Department of Health and Human Services Healthy People 2020 National Immunization Goals, for example.

Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center, in her article Recently Vaccinated Kids Are Spreading Pertussis Everywhere, explained how the CDC’s own numbers show that the concept of “Herd Immunity” in regards to whooping cough is a myth:

The CDC now quietly admits on its website that “the bacteria that cause pertussis are always changing at the genetic level” and there is “waning immunity” from the vaccine and that ”an increase in reported pertussis cases began to rise in the U.S. in the 1980’s, when more than 94% of kindergarten children had received 4 to 5 whole cell pertussis-containing DPT shots.

Today, 94% to 98% of kindergarteners have 4 to 5 acellular pertussis-containing DTaP shots, plus 88% of children aged 13 to 17 years have gotten an additional Tdap booster shot.

The Pediatrics study in 2013 apparently just arbitrarily increased that rate to 95% to justify vaccinating children with a failed vaccine, because over 90% of the children in the U.S. had already been vaccinated with the pertussis vaccine.

Note that the 2013 Pediatrics study did not deny that the vaccine had lost its effectiveness. From the same LA Times article quoted above:

An earlier study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine loses some effectiveness after the fifth of the five recommended doses.

That, too, was part of the reason for the outbreak, the Pediatrics scientists say. They also list the cyclical nature of pertussis and improved diagnosis as reasons for the high numbers.

Nevertheless, the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media began running stories blaming unvaccinated children for the whooping cough outbreaks.

Fortunately, for those who took the time to ignore the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media spin starting in 2013, blaming the small unvaccinated population for whooping cough outbreaks, there were plenty of other studies being published clearly showing that the pertussis vaccine was a failure.

As more and more studies were published, many of them outside the U.S., it became obvious that not only was the vaccine a failure, but there is strong evidence that modern day whooping cough outbreaks are actually caused by the pertussis vaccine itself.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2013 showed that pertussis was developing immunity against the current pertussis vaccine. A researcher from the CDC participated in the study:

Researchers in other countries have found evidence that circulating strains of Bordetella pertussis have adapted to the acellular vaccine, and researchers today reported similar findings for the first time in US kids, based on genetic analysis of isolates from hospitalized children.

Infectious disease experts have been eyeing waning immunity from acellular pertussis vaccines as a contributor to increasing numbers of cases of pertussis (whooping cough) in several countries, and evidence is mounting that another factor fueling the outbreaks could be that the bacteria are adapting to the vaccine. (Source.)

study published in Australia in 2015 linked the ineffectiveness of the pertussis vaccine to changes made in the vaccine in 1991.

The older pertussis vaccine prior to this time, known as acellular pertussis vaccine, was notorious for its serious adverse effects, including encephalitis (often diagnosed as “autism”) and death.

Barbara Loe Fisher writes that when the federal vaccine injury compensation program was enacted into law in 1986, giving pharmaceutical companies legal immunity to injuries and deaths caused by vaccines, the largest amount of compensations awarded in the new “vaccine court” in the following years were for the pertussis vaccine:

Congress created the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986 as a social contract between government and parents, who are required under state vaccine laws to give their children federally recommended vaccines in order to attend school.

I remember walking the halls of Congress in 1982 with other young parents of DPT vaccine injured children asking for a congressional investigation into the safety of the old whole cell pertussis vaccine.

We did not understand why federal health agencies had not required drug companies to make that crude vaccine less toxic.

We wanted to know why our babies did not have access to the less reactive new split cell pertussis vaccine in the DTaP shot that Japan was giving their children using technology developed in the 1970’s.

Children who become brain damaged after receiving pertussis-containing vaccines … are especially being targeted in a blatant effort to rewrite history and cover up vaccine risks and failures.

Perhaps that is because, among the $3 billion dollars in federal vaccine injury compensation awarded over the past 27 years under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the majority of awards for children have been for pertussis-containing vaccine injuries and deaths. (Source.)

The newer pertussis vaccine is now universally seen as ineffective, and there are some studies pointing to a link between whooping cough outbreaks and pertussis mutations adapting to the current vaccine, as researchers admit a new vaccine is needed.

Are we now following a similar path with the MMR vaccine, with media once again blaming the unvaccinated?

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