June 3, 2019
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Parents Seeking Non-medical Help for Autism Online Being Reported to CPS to Have Children Medically Kidnapped

Brandy Zadrozny

Reporter Brandy Zadrozny writes for NBC News and other organizations. Image source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Reporter Brandy Zadrozny has written an article for NBC News revealing how certain Facebook groups consisting of parents seeking natural cures for their children who suffer with autism have been infiltrated by fake Facebook accounts of people who want to turn in these parents to Child Protective Services (CPS) for the purpose of having their children taken away from them.

While this may appear to be something illegal (and it probably is), Zadrozny seems to present these people who are using fake Facebook accounts as heroes.

Her article has been picked up by many other corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media outlets.

Zadrozny reports that the two woman profiled in her article are “moles” and claim to be mothers of “autistic children.”

They apparently believe that autism is “a condition with no medically known cause or cure” and that it is wrong to seek non-medical cures.

Therefore, they see it as their mission to identify these parents, using fake identities, and attempt to have their children removed from their homes.

To gain entrance to these groups, Eaton and Seigler disguise themselves as desperate parents looking for answers to their child’s autism. Once they’re in, they take screenshots of posts from parents…

Eaton and Seigler research the parents online to determine their identity and location, then send screenshots of the Facebook posts to the local Child Protective Services division…

The pair say they’ve reported over 100 parents since 2016.

Zadrozny’s piece shows what lengths these impostors will go to in order to hunt down these parents of children with autism, many of whom are suffering vaccine injuries.

“The problem is if you manage to get one (Facebook page) knocked down, it reopens the next day but it goes secret,” Dalmayne said.

“So unless you’ve got a good fake profile, which I have, and you’re friends with people in these groups who will tell you where the next secret group has opened, you can’t report them. A lot of them I’m not in and we’ll never know about.”

Facebook’s policy on personal profiles states:

Authenticity is the cornerstone of our community. We believe that people are more accountable for their statements and actions when they use their authentic identities. That’s why we require people to connect on Facebook using the name they go by in everyday life. Our authenticity policies are intended to create a safe environment where people can trust and hold one another accountable.

Facebook goes on to state “Do Not”:

Engage in inauthentic behavior, which includes creating, managing, or otherwise perpetuating

  • Accounts that are fake
  • Accounts that have fake names
  • Accounts that participate in, or claim to engage in, coordinated inauthentic behavior….

In addition, every state in the U.S. has laws on false impersonation, stalking, online privacy, among others.

Who Are These “Moles”?

Amanda Seigler and Melissa Eaton photos

Amanda Seigler and Melissa Eaton. (Source.)

Zadrozny writes that Amanda Seigler is “38, a mom to six in Lake Worth, Florida,” and that Melissa Eaton is “39, a single mother from Salisbury, North Carolina,” and that both “work” as well as “take care of their autistic children.”

According to Amanda Seigler’s LinkedIn profile, she is a Veterinary Technician / pet sitter at Amanda’s Compassionate Pet Care.

We could not verify any information about “Melissa Eaton” and her identity.

Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne. Image source.

However, Zadrozny gives us an indication about the kinds of people and groups who may be behind these two women by identifying the woman who allegedly “inspired” Seigler and Eaton, Emma Dalmayne.

Emma Dalmayne was among the first and remains one of the loudest disability rights advocates to fight against harmful autism “cures.”

A London mother to autistic children and autistic herself…. it was Dalmayne who inspired Eaton and Seigler by first infiltrating Rivera’s groups and making videos exposing parents who treated their children….

Dalmayne describes herself on her blog as:

An Autistic and an Autism Advocate and activist against all Autistic mistreatments.

“Mistreatments” apparently means any treatments at all, as she holds to the mainstream medical establishment’s claim that autism is “genetic” and has “no cure.”

Therefore, anyone trying to “cure” autism is to be vigorously opposed in the name of “autism rights.”

From a post on her blog entitled “Why Would Anyone Want to Cure Autism?”

As a teenager on the autism spectrum, I feel deflated when I stumble across articles centered around some ‘wonder drug’ that’s claimed to cure autism. One of my pet peeves is the fact that people treat autism as an illness or inferiority that needs to be cured.

My head fills with a variety of questions:

Why would anyone want to cure autism?

How can people be so hateful?

I believe it’s ignorant that individuals are more interested in curing us rather than taking the time to understand us and accept us for who we are. Autism is a neurological difference so it’s not a disease; this basic fact makes all the difference (well, to me it does).

It is also revealing to look at other people associated with Dalmayne who are part of this group opposing anyone trying to cure autism.

Since their belief is that autism is genetic and not related to anything in the environment that might be causing it, they must oppose the (tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of?) parents who claim their child was perfectly normal and not diagnosed with autism until later in life, particularly after receiving certain vaccines.

As we have documented numerous times over the years at Health Impact News, these parents of vaccine-damaged children come from all walks of life, including doctors, attorneys, PhD scientists, and many others. The heavily pharma-funded corporate media would like the public to think only uneducated parents believe vaccines can cause injuries.

Showing a link between vaccines and autism would eliminate the premise for the “advocacy work” for “autism rights.”

Fiona O’leary

Fiona O’leary. Image Source.

One of Dalmayne’s apparent colleagues is Fiona O’leary from Ireland, who claims that she was diagnosed with autism at age 42, and also has children with autism.

Fiona and Emma are good friends, and work very well as a team. (Source.)

O’leary is solidly in the “vaccine extremist” camp, believing that ALL vaccines are safe and effective for ALL people, ALL the time, by force if necessary.

This extremist view is not supported by everyone in the pro-vaccine camp, and many physicians, for example, are pro-vaccine but against forced vaccinations. (See: Medical Doctors Opposed to Forced Vaccinations – Should Their Views be Silenced?)

O’leary not only wants to silence anyone who claims they are healing their child with autism, she apparently wants to silence anyone who dares to question the safety of vaccines, as can be seen in this video of her trying to attack Dr. Suzanne Humphries when she was in Dublin, Ireland in 2017 for a premiere showing of the film “VAXXED.”

Autism Agenda – What is Autism?

Some people may be surprised to learn that “autism” is not a medical condition, in the sense that there is some kind of lab test that can be taken to determine if one is diagnosed with autism or not.

Autism is a psychiatric label (Autism Spectrum Disorder – ASD – is the full name) based on symptoms and defined by the American Psychiatric Association and published in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

The National Institute of Mental Health defines ASD this way:

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior. Although autism can be diagnosed at any age, it is said to be a “developmental disorder” because symptoms generally appear in the first two years of life.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), a guide created by the American Psychiatric Association used to diagnose mental disorders, people with ASD have:

  • Difficulty with communication and interaction with other people
  • Restricted interests and repetitive behaviors
  • Symptoms that hurt the person’s ability to function properly in school, work, and other areas of life

Autism is known as a “spectrum” disorder because there is wide variation in the type and severity of symptoms people experience. (Source.)

Periodically psychiatrists review lists of symptoms and the labels for those symptoms, and then vote on which “disorders” of behavior should be classified as a disease to be treated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Here is a description of the symptoms that the National Institute of Mental Health lists for autism:

People with ASD have difficulty with social communication and interaction, restricted interests, and repetitive behaviors.

Read the complete list here.

Once a “disorder” is listed in the DSM, psychiatrists can legally prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to treat these disorders.

According to the U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), autism among children today is increasing at an alarming rate.

While the rate of children diagnosed with autism was around 1 in 10,000 in 1980, today it is about 1 in 59 according to the CDC.

The official proclamation from the CDC and other government agencies is that they “do not know” what causes autism, and that there is “no cure” for autism.

There is currently no cure for ASD. (Source: CDC)

Since there is “no cure” for autism, billions of dollars are spent on trying to find one, but only a medical one is allowed, based on patented pharmaceutical products.

Much like other diseases that the government tells us that “no cure” exists, such as cancer (see: The Cancer Industry is Too Prosperous to Allow a Cure), the autism industry would not benefit from finding a cure, as it would eliminate many jobs and potential future drugs for the fastest growing “disease” in the U.S. today.

Funding through the National Institute of Health for 2019 for autism research is budgeted for $296 million, but that is just a drop in the bucket for all funds spent on autism.

When one factors in special education, medical treatments and other services spent on autism, it is over $11 billion a year.

That’s a lot jobs! It is a significant amount of income that is threatened if there are actually natural treatments that parents can use to improve or cure autism.

The other threat to this massive funding that clearly benefits millions of people, is the link between vaccines and autism.

If there is a clear link between vaccines and autism, and autism could be greatly reduced by either producing safer vaccines or slowing down or eliminating certain vaccines, not only would this threaten the income from those treating and researching cures for autism, it would seriously damage the pharmaceutical industry producing vaccines, which is forecast to reach about $61 billion by 2020.

The American public is largely unaware that there is a vaccine court known as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). This program was started as a result of a law passed in 1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies legal immunity from being sued due to injuries and deaths resulting from vaccines.

Today, one cannot sue drug companies for damages or deaths due to vaccines. You have to sue the Federal Government and try to get some of the funds “set aside” from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund.

However, one vaccine injury that is not allowed any longer in the vaccine court is autism.

By March 1, 2010, 13,330 cases had been filed in the special vaccine court, with 5,617 representing autism cases. Of those 13,330 cases filed up to March 1, 2010, only 2,409 were compensated. The rest were dismissed, but there were 5,933 cases still pending, and most of those were claims for vaccine-induced autism, mostly due to the MMR vaccine.

How did this special vaccine court deal with these thousands of cases of autism that were filed as injuries caused by vaccines?

They took 3 “test cases” that they said represented all of them, and litigated against those claims.

Their own appointed judges then ruled in each case that vaccines were not the cause of their autism. Then they told everyone else that their autism could not have been caused by vaccines, and that they would pay no damages for all those thousands of children suffering with autism.

This was all part of what is called The Omnibus Autism Proceeding.

Therefore today, the official government position is that there is “no cure for autism,” and that “vaccines do not cause autism.”

But here is one case of a 9-year-old girl who was compensated for developing autism (before the Omnibus Proceedings) after she was vaccinated against nine diseases in one doctor’s visit.

Checking Zadrozny’s “Facts” on Chlorine Dioxide

As to the main claim made by Brandy Zadrozny in her article published by NBC News and picked up by the mainstream media all across the U.S., that desperate parents were harming their children by giving them something called “chlorine dioxide” which she claims is “a compound that the Food and Drug Administration warns amounts to industrial bleach,” we decided to try and verify some of her facts.

First, we could find no statement made by the FDA anywhere that chlorine dioxide “amounts to industrial bleach,” and Zadrozny provided no reference for this claim.

In fact, the FDA states that “Chlorine dioxide may be safely used in food…”, and that it “may be used as an antimicrobial agent in water.” (Source.)

ChemicalSafetyFacts.org has this to say about chlorine dioxide:

Chlorine dioxide is used to disinfect drinking water around the world and is approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and included in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also has approved the use of chlorine dioxide in certain food applications as well as in over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Chlorine dioxide helps destroy bacteria, viruses and some types of parasites that can make people sick, such as Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia.

Chlorine dioxide can be used in mouthwashes and dentistry products as an oxidizing biocide compound.

Chlorine dioxide has been used as a disinfectant since the early 1900s and has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for many applications, including mouthwash. (Source.)

Zadrozny also makes this true, but misleading statement:

But it is illegal under both federal and state consumer protection laws to market or sell chlorine dioxide as a cure for human ailments.

This is true, because no health claims can be made for any product that the FDA has not already approved, and they only approve pharmaceutical products, never natural ones.

Hence, it is also against the law for bottled water companies to claim that water cures dehydration, for sellers of prune juice to claim it cures constipation, etc.

This is a problem with the FDA and their censorship of health claims for anyone besides pharmaceutical companies, and most of their rules and regulations have been recently found to be unconstitutional. See:

Study: 98% of FDA Laws Are Unconstitutional

Perhaps the most serious claims made by Zadrozny were these:

In the last five years, poison control centers have managed 16,521 cases nationwide dealing with chlorine dioxide, according to data provided by the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Approximately 2,500 of those cases involved children under 12; it’s not clear how many of those children were autistic.

The data showed serious side effects from chlorine dioxide poisoning in 2,123 cases since 2014. Fifty of those cases were considered life-threatening, and eight people died.

I have worked with data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers in the past for various articles we have published on Health Impact News, and I knew that their annual reports were available to the public on their website.

So I pulled up their annual reports for the past two years that are available, 2016 and 2017.

I searched both years for “chlorine dioxide,” but the search returned a “No matches” result.

AAPCC 2016 report search

I emailed Brandy Zadrozny asking her where she got her source for this data, and so far have not received a reply from her.

Much of her article is critical of Kerri Rivera, a homeopath who lives in Mexico and is a regular speaker at the annual AutismOne Conference, considered by many to be the best resource discussing autism treatments by parents and healthcare professionals.

Rivera claims that she has had great success in treating autism, including the use of chlorine dioxide. Her website is here.

She has posted a response to Zadrozny’s article:

An Open Letter To Brandy Zadronzy And NBC

May 22nd, 2019 / Kerri

Brandy Zadrozny,

When you wrote me to ask how I “feel” about having my book being banned from Amazon, I asked you if you had any medical or science training or experience working with autistic children.

You said you did not.

At that point, I told you that this was a medical story and as such requires serious and sober consideration.

Your article is slander at its most base, produced for sensationalist purposes, and an affront to the many thousands of families struggling to help their autistic children.

#1 – Parents are not poisoning their children.

#2 – Chlorine dioxide is not in any way chemically related to household bleach. It is used in dental practice, as a purifier of public water supplies, and in sprays to decontaminate produce, meats and fish.

This very basic information is readily available from the American Chemical Council and its ChemicalSafetyFacts.org website which I directed you to.

There you would have learned that the CDC, the EPA, the WHO, and the FDA all approve of the use of chlorine dioxide in these applications.

Chlorine dioxide is used therapeutically by MDs in a number of countries including Germany. One has even written a book on the subject which is easily found.

To fail to report these basic facts in an article on chlorine dioxide is a form of fraud.

As for the two “experts” you relied on as the primary source for your article, they are, if real, misguided and misinformed individuals at best.

One, Melissa Eaton, who you say is from Salisbury, NC, has no public presence anywhere on the Internet other than your article. The other, Amanda Seigler, is a veterinary technician, dog groomer, and pet sitter. Honorable work, but hardly qualifications as an expert NBC should be consulting on medical matters.

That these two women are involved in an ongoing harassment campaign against families with autistic children is beyond shameful and it’s hard to imagine by what twisted logic you hold them up as heroes.

Their role models, Emma Dalmayne (UK) and Fiona O’Leary (Ireland), are well known for their harassment of groups like REGRET, an advocacy group in Ireland for girls and young women injured by Merck’s Gardasil vaccine; advocates for the legalization of CBD oil; Caudwell Children’s Charity; the Autism Trust UK Charity; Irish Autism Action; and the National Autistic Society of the UK.

The video (above) shows some of their handiwork in Dublin, Ireland.

That you would join these individuals in their work is a disgrace to you and NBC and while I may suffer torrents of hate mail triggered by your slanderous and dishonest article, I sleep well at night knowing I alleviated my own son’s autism symptoms massively and have helped thousands more including over 500 that have experience complete remission of all symptoms.

– Kerri Rivera
Doctor of Homeopathy

Should Parents Trying to Care for Their Children with Autism be Reported to CPS and Lose Their Children?

While many may disagree with Kerri Rivera’s methods and those parents who take her advice and believe that their children are recovering as a result, they are doing nothing illegal, as chlorine dioxide is a common substance that anyone can purchase in the U.S.

It is not banned by the FDA, nor is it illegal.

But NBC and other pharma-sponsored corporate media publishing Zadrozny’s article, which seems to promote illegal behavior to promote their views on autism, seems suspect, and it may further erode the public’s trust in the heavily pharma-funded corporate media.

Certainly if a parent harms their child, they should be investigated.

But they should be investigated by law enforcement who are trained in forensic evidence and child abuse, not reported to CPS, where all it takes is an anonymous phone call to start an investigation and seize someone’s child.

As we have reported and documented on our MedicalKidnap.com website, Child Protection Services and the Foster Care system is a billion-dollar child trafficking system rife with abuse and corruption. See:

The U.S. Foster Care System: Modern Day Slavery and Child Trafficking

Philadelphia City Councilman Endures Threats To Expose Corruption in CPS and Child Sexual Abuse

In most states more than 85% of children seized are for “neglect,” including “medical neglect” which could simply be refusing to take a doctor’s advice or seek a second opinion on medical procedures, and not “abuse.”

Large-scale studies have been done over the years that show children do far more poorly in Foster Care than compared to children left in their homes, even “troubled homes,” such as homes where parents may have problems with drug addiction.

Foster Care Children are Worse Off than Children in Troubled Homes – The Child Trafficking Business

Children are far more likely to be sexually abused in Foster Care, which is the primary institution where children are recruited for the child sex trafficking business. See:

Attorney Reporting in Newsweek: Foster Care is a System Set Up to Sex Traffic American Children

America #1 in Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia – CPS and Foster Care are the Pipelines

Child Sex Trafficking Through “Child Protection” Services Used by the Rich and Powerful?

Parents would do well to guard closely their online contacts in social media, especially if they share anything about how they are treating their children, such as vaccine-injured children or children with autism, now that it has been revealed that they are targets for medical kidnapping if they do not follow the Big Pharma endorsed protocol for medical treatments.

See Also:

Internet Trolls May be Trained Government Agents According to Leaked Document

Comment on this article at HealthImpactNews.com.

Leaving a lucrative career as a nephrologist (kidney doctor), Dr. Suzanne Humphries is now free to actually help cure people.

In this autobiography she explains why good doctors are constrained within the current corrupt medical system from practicing real, ethical medicine.

One of the sane voices when it comes to examining the science behind modern-day vaccines, no pro-vaccine extremist doctors have ever dared to debate her in public.

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