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Today I am publishing more recent articles by Sam Parker at Behind the News Network, who has posted a flurry of articles within the past few days, and offers a contrasting commentary on rapidly developing world events from a non-American corporate media perspective, much of which is not easily found from other sources, at least not in English.

In one of his recent articles, he described the world today as consisting of two “zones,” Zone A and Zone B.

The planet can be divided into 2 rough parts: ZONE A fully controlled by the AngloZionist Empire and, ZONE B, which includes everybody else.  The vast majority of Americans are only really aware of Zone A.  Why?  For the following reasons:

  • Most US Americans have never traveled outside Zone A.
  • Those US Americans who have traveled outside Zone A typically did so without speaking the local language, thus cutting themselves off the locals and the local media.
  • Most US Americans get their news from US-based outlets, often combined with a few from elsewhere in the Anglosphere (UK, AUS).
  • US media outlets lie even more about what happens in Zone B than they lie about Zone A.
  • US schools have pretty much stopped teaching history, and when they do, it is all propaganda about  and all the rest of the imperialist claptrap about how exceptional the US is.  As a result, when most US Americans are exposed to factoids about Zone B they are not equipped to understand their meaning or importance.
  • Most US Americans simply assume that people in Zone B are very similar to those in Zone A.  Most US Americans also assume that most governments in Zone B are even more evil than Uncle Shmuel.
  • Most US Americans also believe in what I call the “immigration fallacy”: the belief that people come to the USA from all over the planet because they prefer the USA to their home country and people.  Anybody living in the USA and speaking Spanish knows how that totally false this belief is, of course.  But few non-Hispanic US Americans ever speak in Spanish to the Hispanics in the USA. Anglos generally seem to have a hard time with languages…

Sadly, most US Americans are not educated by their parents, their religious leaders, their communities, or their schools.  Most US Americans get most of their education from watching TV.

Since all the US TV channels offer almost the exact same mix of vulgar entertainment, propaganda and commercials, this “education” resulted in a huge amount of massively dysfunctional families and communities.

This addiction to a flickering screen (be it the Idiot Tube or You Tube – same difference) gives them a very short attention span and a limited ability to process large amounts of written information, which is what is needed to be able to analyze a situation.

As a direct consequence of these factors, most Americans live in a “mental space” where Zone B simply does not exist, and when it is mentioned, it is invariable in the “same old clichés” mode. (Full article.)

Having spent significant years of my adult life, in my younger years, living in Zone B (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Philippines), including learning the local language, I can agree with this assessment of American ignorance of the people living in Zone B. I don’t think most Americans have any idea of how most people living in Zone B view America, and American culture.

This is not a point in history where you want to be ignorant about the people, countries, and cultures that exist in Zone B, and their views of the world. And so this is why I am publishing some of these excellent articles published by Sam Parker.

In the two articles below, we will see the perspective that we are already in World War III, and that it is currently a financial war, with the main hot zone being limited to Ukraine, for now.

You will also read a totally different perspective on Russia, and how Russia is not actually America’s enemy, but instead Europe is.

And when I used the term “America” in this context, I am not referring to the people, nor even the politicians, but as Parker states, the Rockefeller Empire – the Wall Street billionaires and Bankers in the U.S. we usually refer to collectively as “the Globalists.”

Change is coming, major changes, and the more you can learn about the perspectives, motives, and plans of those in Zone B and what we might be facing in the not-too-distant future, the better you will be prepared for this change that is inevitable now, and not be enslaved by the one-sided propaganda that exists in the corporate media and western culture.

Note: Sam Parker typically has only published an article every couple of months or so in the past, but he has obviously picked up the pace in the past couple of weeks, probably due to the seriousness of the worldwide situation we are now all facing, and as such it appears less proofreading was done in posting these articles (they are long and probably took many hours to write), and there are some typos that some have emailed us about. We did not correct the typos, and they do not detract from the message conveyed here at all. Let’s just be thankful that this was written in English, and we don’t have to run the text through an online translator.

Sanctions & Financial War

by Sam Parker

Preparing for War

The US sanctions imposed on Russia began after the Ukraine coup in 2014. For the past eight years, more sanctions were added. When Russia started its special military operation, even more sanctions were added, which made Russia the most sanctioned nation on earth – with nearly 6,000 sanctions!

The Russian-speaking Donetsk and Luhansk regions were shelled with increasing intensity, and when Russia still refrained from responding, plans reportedly were drawn up for a great showdown to commence in late February – beginning with a blitzkrieg Western Ukrainian attack organized by U.S. advisors and armed by NATO. Yet, we are faced with the fact that Washington has managed to fool the Ukrainian people so much in 8 years that the people who resist the Russian army, the so-called Armed Forces of Ukraine, look simply zombified. They are controlled like puppets.

Moreover, the Americans command their puppets from the AFU, breaking them into the appropriate units. Each unit is assigned a number, and each number is assigned tasks by artificial military intelligence every day. They really turned 150-200 thousand people into a fighting machine that works without thinking, only stupidly follows all their orders. For 8 years, they have managed to force a significant part of the youth of Ukraine not just to join the ranks against Russia, but by brainwashing them into their own weak-willed tools. Not just cannon fodder, but controlled cannon fodder.

But Putin was well aware of Washington’s plans, and from 2014 on, was preparing Russia – militarily, economically and financially. Thus, by the time war started, Putin was well prepared and ready for anything the West would throw at Russia. In geopolitical contests, sanctions are about the last tool used, before deploying military force.

Russia’s preemptive defense of the two Eastern Ukrainian provinces and its subsequent military destruction of the Ukrainian army, navy and air force over the past two months has been used as the excuse to start imposing the U.S.- designed sanctions program that we are seeing unfolding today. Western Europe has dutifully gone along.

Russia has been preparing to confront the West since Putin’s 2007 Munich speech. Besides stockpiling foreign reserves, Moscow constructed trade blocs and deepened relations with projects like the Eurasian Economic Union. In Europe, it enticed Germany to become dependent on Russian natural gas, which made it extremely difficult for Europe to cut off Russian energy imports. Shifting from gas would require Europe to build new infrastructure – a costly, time-consuming process.

It is no coincidence that after 2012, the first full year that Nord Stream 1 was in operation, there was no objection from Washington, as the U.S. needed Germany to lead Europe, or at least maintain neutrality, to prevent Russia from expanding its influence in Europe as the U.S. turned its attention to China. The fact that Russia joined the World Trade Organization in 2012 gave it even more leverage in the world economy.

Globally, Russia has maintained close relations with traditional enemies and competitors of the West. The world is witnessing its first economic world war of the modern era. All we can do is look back at what Russia has prepared for – and guess what could come next. This is only the beginning.

Competition is a Sin!

This is the motto of the Rockefeller family. America’s real adversaries are its European and other allies: The U.S. aim is to keep them from trading with China and Russia.

The creation of NATO was designed by Nelson Rockefeller to “Keep Germany down, Russia out, and the US in.” Today’s sanctions regime is aimed inward, to prevent America’s NATO and other Western allies from opening up more trade and investment with Russia and China. The aim is not so much to isolate Russia and China as to hold these allies firmly within America’s own economic orbit.

The Treaty of Rapallo

On April 16th, 1922, in Genoa, Italy, the German delegation dropped a bomb whose shock waves reached across the Atlantic. It was a geopolitical bomb. German Foreign Minister Walter Rathenau announced to the delegates, that Germany and the Soviet Union had entered into a bilateral agreement, whereby Russia agreed to forgive its war claims on Germany in return for a German agreement to sell industrial technology to the Soviet Union, among other things.

There is a historical and natural impulse between Germany and Russia that began in 1922. After the end of World War 1, a defeated Germany needed to re-build its economy.

A deal was done with Russia, whereby Russia will supply Germany with all the raw materials needed, in return for which Germany will supply Russia with industrial goods and advanced technology. Both needed each other. It was a “win-win” deal. This deal was formalized in Genoa, Italy, in 1922, and was called the Treaty of Rapallo.

It produced an immediate panic reaction in both the Rothschild houses in London and Paris. This was due to the Rothschild’s Shell Oil working and scheming to take control of Russia’s war raved Baku oil fields. The Rothschilds were determined to secure monopoly rights to develop and control the vast Russian oilfields.

Even worse for the Rothschilds, certain provisions of the Rapallo Treaty was that a major infusion of German machinery, equipment, steel and other technology was to be sold to Russia for the rebuilding and expansion of the Baku oil fields.

The British response to Rapallo was not long in arriving. Walter Rathenau was killed by British Intelligence in June- two months after the Treaty was signed.

From that moment till now, first London, then after 1945, Washington worked hard to ensure no similar deals happen between these two nations. Were such a commercial union to be formed between Germany and Russia, it would prove to be a big “win-win” for the whole of Eurasia. This trade bond would draw the other Eurasian nations to join the German-Russian trade bloc. In such a scenario, there would be no need for either Britain or America in this new mix. AND THAT IS THE KEY POINT TO NOTE, folks!!

The West’s Fatal Mistakes

What worries American diplomats is that Germany, other NATO nations and countries along the Belt and Road route understand the gains that can be made by opening up peaceful trade and investment.

If there is no Russian or Chinese plan to invade or bomb them, what is the need for NATO? And if there is no inherently adversarial relationship, why do foreign countries need to sacrifice their own trade and financial interests by relying exclusively on U.S. exporters and investors?

Instead of a real military threat from Russia and China, the problem for American strategists is the absence of such a threat. America’s rising pressure on its allies threatens to drive them out of the U.S. orbit. For over 75 years they had little practical alternative to U.S. hegemony.

But that is now changing. America no longer has the monetary power .The threat to U.S. dominance is that China, Russia and Mackinder’s Eurasian World Island heartland are offering better trade and investment opportunities than are available from the United States with its increasingly desperate demand for sacrifices from its NATO and other allies.

The most glaring example is the U.S. drive to block Germany from authorizing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to obtain Russian gas for the coming cold weather. The only way left for U.S. diplomats to block European purchases is to goad Russia into a military response and then claim that avenging this response outweighs any purely national economic interest.

Europe is to impose sanctions at the cost of rising energy and agricultural prices by giving priority to imports from the United States and foregoing Russian, Belarusian and other linkages outside of the Dollar Area.

What seems ironic is that such sanctions against Russia and China have ended up helping rather than hurting them.

Ever since the closing years of World War II, U.S. diplomacy has aimed at locking Britain, France, and especially defeated Germany and Japan, into becoming U.S. economic and military dependencies.

Financial power has enabled America to continue dominating Western diplomacy despite being forced off gold in 1971 as a result of the balance-of-payments costs of its overseas military spending.

U.S. drives to keep its European and East Asian protectorates locked into its own sphere of influence is threatened by the emergence of China and Russia independently of the United States while the U.S. economy is de-industrializing as a result of its own deliberate policy choices.

America has lost its industrial cost advantage by the sharp rise in its cost of living and doing business in its financialized post-industrial rentier economy. What this means is that the Western economies have become financialized.

An economy that produces very little of its own goods is not a stable economy. Rather, it is the FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate and services) that underpins western economies.  And, it all revolves around the Dollar paradigm.

The dollar is backed by nothing tangible, but a promise. Thus, these economies, built on lies, are not sustainable. Eventually, a financial economy becomes a parasite, living off the sweat of others, who PRODUCE GOODS, or have resources.

This is the background for U.S. fury at its failure to seize Russia’s oil resources – and at seeing Russia also break free militarily to create its own arms exports, which now are typically better and much less costly than those of the U.S.

In parallel with the trade war against China, the CIA was preparing a war against Russia, since the Anglo-Saxon geopolitical tradition considers  Russia  the main obstacle to establishing world domination of the US and British power and financial elite.

In addition, the United States used the monetary and financial front of the hybrid war against the Russian Federation. Already in 2014, they introduced the first financial sanctions and knocked out a significant part of Western loans from the Russian economy.

Now we are witnessing the next phase, when they have actually disconnected Russia from the world monetary and financial system, which they dominate. Anglo-Saxon geopolitics is traditionally oriented against the Russian Empire and its successors, the USSR and the Russian Federation, because, since the days of the British Empire, Russia has been seen as the main opponent of the Anglo-Saxons.

After the weakening of the PRC did not work out through a trade war, the Americans transferred the main blow of their military and political power to Russia, which they consider to be a weak link in world geopolitics and economics.

In addition, the Anglo-American bloc seek to establish dominance over Russia and at the same time weakening China, because the strategic alliance of the Russian Federation and China is too tough for the United States. They have neither the economic nor the military power to destroy them together.

In 2008, the financial crisis broke out and it became clear that the transition to a new technological order was beginning, and the old world economic order and the previous management system no longer ensured sustainable economic development.

China was now leading the way, but on three conditional fronts – monetary-financial (where the United States still dominates the world), trade-economic (where they have already lost superiority to China) and information warfare (where the Americans also have technologies that are superior). They use all three of these fronts in an attempt to keep the initiative and maintain the hegemony of their corporations.

And finally, the fourth front is the biological one, which opened with the advent of the coronavirus. Today we see that a whole network of US biological laboratories operating globally. So the United States has long been preparing to open the biological front of the world war.

The fifth, and most obvious, front is, in fact, the front of combat fighting – as the last tool for forcing the states that they control into unquestioning obedience.

Today, the situation on this front is also escalating. That is, active operations are underway on all five fronts of the world hybrid war, and the result can be predicted. The Americans will not be able to win, just as the British did not succeed in their time.

After the Americans seized first the Venezuelan foreign exchange reserves and handed them over to the opposition, then the Afghan foreign exchange reserves, before that the Iranian ones, and now the Russian ones, it became completely clear that the dollar ceased to be the world currency.

Following the Americans, the Europeans also committed this stupidity – the euro and the pound ceased to be world currencies. Therefore, the old monetary and financial system is living its last days.

After American dollars that no one needs are sent back to America from Asian countries, the collapse of the world monetary and financial system based on dollars and euros is inevitable. Leading countries are switching to national currencies, and the euro and the dollar are ceasing to be foreign exchange reserves.

What we see today is an attempt to form a certain image of a new world order with a world government at the head, where people are driven into an electronic concentration camp. Sacrificing their own democratic values, they try to force people to obey commands. International organizations, including the World Health Organization, are used as a kind of stronghold for assembling a world government that would be subordinate to private capital.

Within the framework of the globalist scenario, the Russian Federation is viewed as a territory that is intended for exploitation by Western transnational corporations. The “indigenous population” must serve their interests.

Under such a scenario, Russia disappears as an independent entity, just like China, by the way. The Western world government may incorporate some of Russian oligarchs into its version of the future, but only in second and third-rate roles.

European trade and investment prior to the war had promised a rising mutual prosperity between Germany, France and other NATO countries vis-à-vis Russia and China. Russia was providing abundant energy at a competitive price, and this energy was to make a quantum leap with Nord Stream 2.

This bilateral trade and investment is now stopped – and will remain stopped for many, many years, given NATO’s confiscation of Russia’s foreign reserves kept in euros and British sterling, and the European Russo-phobia being fanned by U.S. propaganda media. All of these trade dynamics will strengthen the dollar vis-à-vis the euro (in the short-term). The Eurozone will turn into an economic dead zone.

For the United States, this is Dollar Hegemony on steroids – at least vis-à-vis Europe. The continent would become a somewhat larger version of Puerto Rico.

Russia’s move into Ukraine was the opening salvo of World War III, and is likely to last at least a long time, as the U.S. extends the fight to encompass a worldwide conflict. Apart from the U.S. economic conquest of Europe, its strategists are seeking to lock in African, South American and Asian countries along similar lines to what has been planned for Europe.

At least, this is the plan. It is a FIGHT TO THE FINISH. And it may go nuclear. In this way, as Russia’s economy turns to the east when Europe’s economy and civilians suffer, the US is the biggest winner as it not only managed to subjugate the Europeans again, but achieved a separation between Europe and Moscow.

There’s a quote that goes something like this “those whom the gods destroy, the gods make them go mad first“. This is the sheer lunacy that has taken hold within the Rockefeller and Rothschild family. They are so consumed with hatred that they are unable to think rationally, and coherently. Their thinking is reflected in the attitudes, speeches, and desperate trips  by many senior members of various western, or Zone A governments; all to no avail.

In the next article, we find Putin’s counter-moves. These moves shocked London and New York to its core. Let’s find out what it is.

Moscow’s Financial Counter Attack

by Sam Parker

The Gold Ruble-A Game-Changer

At the beginning of March, Putin announced that payments for all Russian gas exports will henceforth be done in rubles. Then, came the bombshell – the ruble will be linked to gold, at the rate of 5,000 rubles to 1 gram of gold!  At the time of the announcement, the ruble/USD exchange rate was 150 to the USD.

Within a month, it fell to around 75- back to the level it was before the start of war. It is expected to strengthen even more in the days ahead. This announcement, backed by the fact that Russia is a super massive producer of a variety of needed resources ranging from energy to food to metals, etc, spelt the end of the dollar dominance regime that has existed since 1975.

In addition, sales to “unfriendly countries”- meaning the West has to be paid in rubles, much to the annoyance of the Rockefeller Empire.

So, let us analyze the financial strengths and weaknesses of these two blocs. Accordingly, let´s ask two basic and always ever-important questions since time immemorial, i.e. Cui bono ?/who benefits? And cui nocere? /who loses? To find some answers, let´s take a closer look at some of the consequences of the West-mandated Russian “default.

Absent Russia

Russia currently exports many hundreds of key produce 101% essential for Western countries as we know them today. All hell will break lose the instant Russia trades less or stops trading altogether with the 20% of the Western world… while openly trading and funding itself with the remaining 80% without using the dollar/euro financial system but their new Bretton Woods III arrangement instead. As a matter of fact, the US has already banned Russian ships while other Western “unfriendlies” would follow.


The knee-jerk reaction to the above will be further unmitigated money printing with readily visible impact on the Western world while middle-class incomes collapse behind the very thin productive veneer of Western consumer economies.


Investors in Russian defaulted debt (think Western companies & banks) will not get paid a single cent on Russian debt instruments per sé… nor possibly neither from their Credit Default Swap (CDS) hedge that they most probably bought for CYA “insurance” purposes.

Furthermore, investors would need to make their claims also against the blocking banks thus definitely facing an utterly complex yet most probably unsuccessfully legal road with corresponding expenses. All the while Russia will no longer accept sizable/freezable dollars or euros for its much-needed produce … only rubles or gold bullion from the many Western “unfriendlies”…


Russia has already replaced the SWIFT payment messaging system by its own equivalent SPFS which apparently works just as smooth as 52 foreign organizations from 12 countries have joined.

IPR Rights

Russia will take full advantage and make full use of patents, models, intellectual property rights, designs, etc. with no compensation per Presidential Decree No 299, 6 March 2022.

Property Rights

The Western financial world has openly declared that property rights are no longer valid so, for example, dollar and euro and other bank accounts anywhere – or other assets — are vulnerable to freeze / seizure.

Ukraine Claims

Another problem for bondholders and creditors at large is that Ukraine may lay a claim to Russian assets in international courts (a.k.a. UK courts…) to pay for the rebuilding of the country.

Corporate Debt Defaults

A probable “avalanche” of Russian corporate debt defaults given that the US is taking a hard line and banning American banks from processing payments. There were roughly $98 billion of Russian corporate foreign-currency bonds originally outstanding as the war began in February, while Western governments have already frozen at least 50% of the $600+ billion Russian stockpile of foreign reserves.

Massive Migrations

Europe better react ´efficiently´ to a sudden exposure of many millions of unprecedented & unexpected migrants for which it is not anywhere closely prepared for either politically or economically… if it could ever be.

Oil & Gas & Coal

Not having the “right” Russian grade fuels which EU refineries, power plants and equipment specifically need means seriously upending all manufacturing and production, food, heating, power availability, A/C, tourism, etc. etc. with freezing cold and severe scarcities in Europe for too long a period for even to consider finding valid alternatives, if any exist, in a coming logistical nightmare; let alone achieving self-sufficiency with relatively climate-friendly fuels all year round.

So Europe wants to angrily divorce Russia while conveniently forgetting the many offspring it has to feed. Some pundits are entertaining the idea of $200 dollar oil… meaning that Russia could export less fuels than today but – counter-intuitively — still collect much more.

Reserve Currency Blues

This obviously is affecting not only the US dollar de-dollarization process but also the euro, the GBP and the yen. The idea being that these reserve currencies – with Russia absent – will necessarily lead to implosion as their underlying economies & finances will keep performing ever worse with no reasonable future in sight.

US Mission Impossible

US finances rely on foreigners constantly lending the US huge amounts of ever-growing money non-stop. In sum, since 2008 alone, at negative effective rates the US has borrowed $18 trillion from foreigners… who now might not renew at least some of such loans.

Furthermore, foreigners keep about $16 trillion in overseas bank deposits to finance international transactions. And while struggling with highly adverse conditions in the US economy, simultaneously the Federal Reserve also has to be perceived as un-winding a $9 Trillion dollar balance sheet. The US stock market now trades at nearly thirty times earnings with foreigners also having enormous exposure to it and real estate markets also.

On the other hand, since the get-go Europe´s ECB has found itself constantly defying the laws of gravity. But Europeans have been doing this for decades – shenanigans included — until they reach the end of the road where the proverbial can-kicking theater stops dead in its tracks with no further gimmicks left. Europe at large is a very clear loser that at this point in some respects should be considered a US Protectorate. Russia has started a whole new ball game.

So who wins?

The short answer is, the new Russia-led Bretton Woods III economy & financial system, including China and the BRICS. . Not only that, Russia’s oil, gas and coal exports are  now earning DOUBLE what it earned before the war. Whereas before the war, the EU used to pay Russia nearly $12 billion per month for its purchases of Russian oil, gas and coal.. It is now earning $23 billion , for LOWER VOLUMES of sales of its oil and gas.

This is ONLY from the EU. What about Russia’s exports to the rest of the world?

So who loses?

Again, the short answer seems to be the Western economies & their financial systems at large, most particularly Europe.

From its planning stages, U.S. diplomatic strategists viewed the looming World War III as a war of economic systems. What side will countries choose: their own economic interest and social cohesion, or submission to local political leaders installed by U.S.

In the face of all this political meddling and media propaganda, how long will it take the rest of the world to realize that there’s a global war underway, with World War III on the horizon?

The real problem is that by the time the world understands what is going on, the global fracture will already have enabled Russia, China and Eurasia to create a real New World Order that does not need NATO countries and which has lost trust and hope for mutual economic gains with them.

The military battlefield will be littered with economic corpses. Dollar hegemony seems to be the position that has just ended last month very abruptly.  This gave America a free ride and it all ended when the United States grabbed Russia’s reserves having grabbed Afghanistan’s foreign reserves and Venezuela’s foreign reserves and those of other countries.

And all of a sudden, this means that other countries can no longer safely hold their reserves by sending their money back, depositing them in US banks or buying US Treasury Securities, or having other US investments because they could simply be grabbed as happened to Russia.

So, all of a sudden these last weeks, you’re seeing the world economy fracture into two parts, a dollarized part and other countries that do not follow the neoliberal policies that the United States insists that its allies follow.

We’re seeing the birth of a new dual World economy.

And nobody expected that it would happen this quicklyNobody expected that it would be the United States itself that ends de-dollarization.

Well, as President Putin and Lavrov have said, the fighting in Ukraine isn’t really over Ukraine at all. It’s a fight over what shape the world will take and whether the world will be unipolar or, as it now appears, multipolar.

So, the American war in Ukraine is really a war against Germany. Russia is not the enemy. Germany and Europe are the enemy and the United States made it very clear.

This is a war to lock in our allies so they cannot trade with Russia. They cannot buy Russian oil. They must be dependent on American oil for which they will have to pay three or four times as much.

They will have to be dependent on American liquefied natural gas for fertilizer. If they don’t buy American gas for fertilizer, and we don’t let them buy from Russia, then they cannot put fertilizer on the land and the crop yield will fall by about 50% without fertilizer.

And so, the effect of this war has been to lock the NATO countries into dependency on the United States because the great fear of the United States in the last few years is that as America is de-industrializing, these countries are looking to the part of the world that’s growing, China, Central Asia, Russia, South Asia.

And the United States feared losing control of its satellites mainly in NATO, but also in South America. So, it sanctioned and blocked their ability to buy non-US energy. They’re blocking their ability to buy non-US food, blocking their ability to invest in or use their surplus to get prosperous by investing in China, Russia, or Eurasia.

So, this is basically a war of America to lock in its allies. What is happening in Ukraine today is an echo of the agony of the US ruling elite – the Rockefeller network of power – which cannot accept that it will no longer be a world leader.

This is becoming clear to everyone. What´s probably 100% safe to assume is that the two families and their western strategists and its establishment elites have all acted and reacted to Ukraine events in a very childish manner and have not thought out the consequences of their respective decisions far enough and well enough.

In other words, traditional Europe has cut its nose off to spite its face. Go figure.

This is America’s great power grab, and it realizes, when it can create a crisis and tell the Global South or poor countries your money or your life. This is how most of the great property grabs and conquests have been made throughout history.

This is to say to the rest of the world, you know, we’ve got you completely, but you don’t have any choice, your money or your life. We’ve got you trapped.

In a bout of Russo-phobic hysteria, the ruler of America and the West, David Rockefeller Jnr, played his last “trump ace” in the hybrid war against Russia. Having “frozen” Russian foreign exchange reserves in custody accounts of western central banks, financial regulators of the US, EU, and the UK undermined the status of the dollar, euro, and pound as global reserve currencies. This step sharply accelerated the ongoing dismantling of the dollar-based economic world order.

Currently, the US is fighting to maintain its dominance, but just as Britain previously, which provoked two world wars but was unable to keep its empire and its central position in the world due to the obsolescence of its colonial economic system, it is destined to fail.

The British colonial economic system based on slave labor was overtaken by structurally more efficient economic systems of the US and the USSR. Both the US and the USSR were more efficient at managing human capital in vertically integrated systems, which split the world into their zones of influence.

A transition to a new world economic order started after the disintegration of the USSR. This transition is now reaching its conclusion with the imminent disintegration of the dollar-based global economic system, which provided the foundation of the United States global dominance.

Transition to the new world economic order will likely be accompanied by systematic refusal to honor obligations in dollars, euro, pound, and yen. In this respect, it will be no different from the example set by the countries issuing these currencies who thought it appropriate to steal foreign exchange reserves of Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and Russia to the tune of trillions of dollars.

Since the US, Britain, EU, and Japan refused to honor their obligations and confiscated the wealth of other nations which was held in their currencies, why should other countries be obliged to pay them back and to service their loans?

In this hybrid war, economic warfare and informational/cognitive warfare are key theaters of conflict. On both of these fronts, the US and NATO countries have overwhelming superiority.

The foundation of Russian-Chinese strategic partnership is common sense, common interests, and the experience of cooperation over hundreds of years.

The US ruling elite started a global hybrid war aimed at defending its hegemonic position in the world, targeting China as the key economic competitor and Russia as the key counter-balancing force. Initially, the US geopolitical efforts were aiming to create a conflict between Russia and China.

However, sovereign interests of Russia and China logically led to their growing strategic partnership and cooperation, in order to address common threats emanating from Washington. The US tariff war with China and financial sanctions war with Russia validated these concerns and demonstrated the clear and present danger the two countries are facing.

Common interests of survival and resistance are uniting China and Russia. The strategic partnership of Russia and the PRC, which is enhanced by the coupling of the One Belt One Road with the Eurasian Economic Union, will become the foundation of President Putin’s project of the Greater Eurasian Partnership and the nucleus of the new world economic order.

The stunning spectacle of the EU committing slow motion hara-kiri is something for the ages. It is actually about the Empire of Lies-detonated demolition of the EU, complete with subsequent rerouting of some key Russian commodities exports to the US at the expense of the Europeans.

That translates in practice into the Empire of Lies shaking down its wealthiest – Western – clients/puppets.

Russia of course is too powerful militarily. The Empire badly needs some of its key exports – especially minerals. Mission Accomplished in this case amounts to nudging the EU into imposing more and more sanctions and willfully collapsing their national economies, allowing the US to scoop everything up.

It was quite enlightening to juxtapose the coming geoeconomic turbulence – the EU obsession in bypassing Russian gas and the onset of Rublegas – with the real reasons behind Operation Z in Ukraine, completely obscured by Western media psyops.

A former, retired US CIA agent had this to say by pointing out,

“the whole Ukraine issue is over hypersonic missiles that can reach Moscow in less than four minutes. The US wants them there, in Poland, Romania, Baltic States, Sweden, and Finland. This is in direct violation of the agreements in 1991 that NATO will not expand in Eastern Europe. The US does not have hypersonic missiles now but should – in a year or two. This is an existential threat to Russia. So they had to go into the Ukraine to stop this.  Next will be Poland and Romania where launchers have been built in Romania and are being built in Poland.”

NATO provocations are so extreme Russia had to place their nuclear missiles on standby alert. This is a gravely serious matter. But the US ignored it.

This war is going to have the effect of plunging millions into poverty, hunger and hopelessness. The use of food as a weapon is an age-old tactic, and a very effective one. Those with food can make those without food do things that go against their wishes. It’s a case of “follow my orders, or starve”!


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