Suitcase Bombs Kill over 100 in Iran While Turkey Takes Center Stage in the Middle East as WW III Continues to Expand

The current World War is expanding every day now, and yesterday it took a dangerous new turn, as two suitcase bombs killed over 100 people in Iran, where crowds of people had gathered together to pay tribute to Lt. General Qassem Soleimani on the four-year anniversary of his assassination by former U.S. President Donald Trump. This man is considered a hero and a martyr among the Iranian people, as the anniversary of his death was commemorated this week not only in Iran, but also in Iraq and Lebanon. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was scheduled to be in Ankara, Turkey today, to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but he canceled the trip at the last minute, suggesting that Iran and those aligned with them are planning retaliatory responses. This marks a new stage in this current war, as the way these attacks occurred using suitcase bombs, left little to no trace as to who did this. Both the U.S. and Israel were able to deny any responsibility. With the mass crossing of the U.S. border by migrants right now, it would be foolish to believe, in my opinion, that such suitcase bombs are not already placed in strategic places throughout the U.S. right now.

Africa Strengthens Ties with Russia as Coups Against Western-Backed Governments Spread Across Africa Continent

Niger became the latest African nation to topple its "democratically elected" U.S.-backed government this week, as civil unrest spreads from coast to coast across the continent. President Bazoum is reportedly being held by his own presidential guard, and the coup leaders claim that the nation's army, gendarmerie, and police forces were all united in taking control of the government in Niger. Local reporters are claiming that the coup is also supported by the people of Niger. While Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov criticized the coup last week as an “anti-constitutional act,” a new "African Union" comprising over 40 African nations met with Russian President Putin last week in a "Russia-Africa Summit" to strengthen economic ties. The share of African nations in Russia’s foreign trade reportedly rose by 30% in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2022. Five countries account for 60% of trade turnover between Russia and Africa, namely Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, and South Africa. Russia sells grain, energy resources, metals, and trucks to the continent, and buys agricultural produce. Russia is offering to conduct trade in local currencies, which will further erode the strength of the U.S. dollar globally. At this summit, it was announced that Russia had granted debt relief on over $684 million owed to them by Somalia. The crumbling American empire is apparently losing its control over the African continent, and its rationale for keeping troops in the area with its decades old claims that these nations are controlled by "Islamic Jihad Terrorists."

Beijing and Moscow are Uniting the Middle Eastern Oil Rich Countries – Sunni and Shia Muslims Making Peace

We are living in unprecedented times. I think it is safe to say that nobody alive today has ever seen such a massive realignment of countries in the Middle East coming together to put aside their differences and start working together to try and stop the endless wars, and work together for economic prosperity. And the two countries that are spearheading the uniting of these Middle Eastern countries, are China and Russia. This was a historic week of new meetings between countries in the Middle East, many of which have been bitter enemies with each other, sometimes for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Here is a brief summary of these historical events that took place this past week.

Russia Laughs as NATO Decides to Send Tanks to Ukraine

I have been watching with great interest how some factions in the German government have been hesitating to agree to send tanks to Ukraine for this past week or so. Were the Germans finally figuring out that the United States is not their friend, and that there is no advantage to Germany to continue supporting Ukraine in their fight against Russia? Even if many people in Germany have now figured this out, in the end, the Globalists, in this case the Defense Contractors, won the day and convinced Germany to send tanks to Ukraine, as will the United States. So here is the Russian perspective as to what this means, and if one understands that the real winners in this Ukraine War are the Wall Street Billionaires and bankers who are invested in the companies who make these tanks as well as other weapons of mass destruction that can only be used up in a real war, then the Russian perspective seems very plausible, as they make plans to blow up and burn all these tanks. This will then release even more funding for the war to replace these tanks.

Russia Prepares for Nuclear War

If news reports from the past few days are accurate, it appears that the conflict in Ukraine is about to go nuclear, as Russia prepares itself for nuclear attacks from NATO. Viral videos and photographs show that Russia has stationed missile defense systems on several Moscow building rooftops. Taking note of some of the photos, The Drive writes that the "Russian military appears to have emplaced Pantsir air defense systems on top of at least two different government buildings in Moscow, including the Ministry of Defense's headquarters." The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has warned that any attempt to “destroy Russia” by “madmen” trying to impose their values will lead to “the end of the world.”

Ukraine’s Largest and Most Modern City has No Electricity or Running Water – Mission Accomplished?

The plight of people living in Ukraine has taken a backseat to the theatrics of the U.S. mid-term elections for the past week or so, so if you have not seen any of the news reports coming out of Ukraine, it appears that the war is effectively over, as the capital city of Kyiv, along with other major urban areas, have had their infrastructure destroyed, as people face cold weather with no electricity, and have to line up for hours just to get water. And while just a few weeks ago the corporate media was whipping everyone up into a frenzy about possible nuclear strikes by Russia, or false flag attacks inside Ukraine which would have escalated the war, this week the corporate media is widely reporting that negotiations with Russia, by both the U.S. as well as Ukraine, are now back on the table. If such negotiations ultimately end up with Russia hanging on to their annexed territories that they now claim are part of Russia, does that mean Russia "won"? Well, that would depend on what your view is regarding why this conflict began in the first place. As we reported back in September, an alleged leaked document from the U.S. military think tank RAND Corporation that was published about 1 month before Russia invaded Ukraine, stated that a weakened Germany and weakened Europe would strengthen the U.S. economy, by exporting more energy to Europe in place of the cheap energy they were purchasing from Russia, and by increasing U.S. military spending. And that seems to be exactly what has happened. So from that point of view, the Billionaires on Wall Street that control Big Oil and private corporations with defense contracts raking in $BILLIONS to send weapons to Europe, are the big winners, regardless of the outcome of the war.

U.S. Deploys 101st Airborne Division to Europe as Russia Warns Ukraine Preparing False Flag Dirty Bomb Attack

With up to 40% of the Ukraine power grid now down and millions of people without electricity as winter sets in, tens of thousands of Ukrainians are trying to flee the country, as the United States appears to be getting ready to take America to war and start engaging Russian forces. Could this be the "October surprise" the Biden Administration has been planning in an effort to affect upcoming elections in November? CBS News reported Friday that the elite "Screaming Eagles," a light infantry unit from the 101st Airborne's home base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, have been deployed to Romania, just a few miles from the Ukraine border. It is reportedly the first time in almost 80 years that the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division has been deployed to Europe, which brings the number of U.S. troops now in Europe up to around 100,000. Meanwhile, in further signs that the conflict in Ukraine is quickly escalating, Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, has warned that their intelligence sources claim that Ukraine is getting ready to launch a "false flag" dirty bomb attack in their own country, and then blame it on Russia. There are also reports that China intelligence is picking up similar signals, as they recently ordered the evacuation off all Chinese citizens still in Ukraine. Further evidence that the U.S. is planning to get involved and directly confront Russian forces comes from reports that retired U.S. Army General David Petraeus has been talking to NATO countries to warn that "the United States may lead a multinational coalition against Russia in Ukraine regardless of NATO involvement."

Kiev Introduces Rolling Blackouts and Stops Exporting Electricity to Europe as Western Media Still Claims Russia is the One Suffering

The fighting in Ukraine has escalated this week, as Russia has reportedly started a new bombing campaign against key infrastructures in many cities inside Ukraine as a response to an alleged bombing of a key Crimean bridge. If one only gets their "news" from the Corporate Media, it would appear that this is an act of desperation by Putin in a failing war for Russia. One of these headlines is from The Independent in the UK which reads: "Putin is gambling that the West will abandon Ukraine – we won’t - Western Europe faces its most difficult winter since the end of the Second World War – but is prepared to make the sacrifices, rather than be forever held hostage by Russia." If you live in "Western Europe," does this editorial represent your sentiment on this war? Are you prepared to "make the sacrifices" this winter to not be "held hostage by Russia?" Here are what should be the real headlines for the past few days as this war quickly escalates, but that the Corporate Media is either not reporting or only reporting as non-headline news. First, Kiev's power grid was so badly damaged in these recent attacks, that the capital city of Ukraine is now going through rolling blackouts, and the Ukraine Energy Ministry announced yesterday that it had to stop exporting electricity to Europe, as energy supplies for Europe are quickly disappearing. Secondly, the deal that Turkey recently helped broker to allow Ukraine wheat to be exported through the Black Sea may now be in jeopardy, which could lead to rising food prices globally.

Has WWIII Begun? What the U.S. Corporate Media is not Reporting about Russia’s Annexation of Ukraine Regions

If one is only getting their "news" about the current war in Ukraine from the United States Corporate Media, they are getting a very slanted view which basically states that Russia is in trouble and is losing the war, and is getting desperate. Someone who does not take the time to read Russia's perspective from their English news sources, as well as other perspectives from both western and non-western sources that disagree, may be totally unprepared for what is about to happen next. The recent referendum votes and the "annexation" of certain regions in Ukraine by Russia, an action that is almost the same move Russia took on previous Ukraine regions that started the war back in February this year, is a perfect example of how the U.S. media is reporting this move, and how Russia and others are saying things that are very different. Since this affects us all, it is prudent that we look at both sides of this issue, because the non-U.S. Corporate Media sources are almost all saying that Russia clearly has the upper hand over Ukraine, and that they are about to start the next phase of this war that some are claiming is the beginning of WWIII.

World War III Has Started – How Did we Get Here and What’s Next? A Non-Western Perspective

Today I am publishing more recent articles by Sam Parker at Behind the News Network, who has posted a flurry of articles within the past few days, and offers a contrasting commentary on rapidly developing world events from a non-American corporate media perspective, much of which is not easily found from other sources, at least not in English. In the two articles I am republishing today, we will see the perspective that we are already in World War III, and that it is currently a financial war, with the main hot zone being limited to Ukraine, for now. You will also read a totally different perspective on Russia, and how Russia is not actually America's enemy, but instead Europe is. And when I used the term "America" in this context, I am not referring to the people, nor even the politicians, but as Parker states, the Rockefeller Empire - the Wall Street billionaires and Bankers in the U.S. we usually refer to collectively as "the Globalists." Change is coming, major changes, and the more you can learn about the perspectives, motives, and plans of those outside of the U.S. and western culture, and what we might be facing in the not-too-distant future, the better you will be prepared for this change that is inevitable now, and not be enslaved by the one-sided propaganda that exists in the corporate media and western culture.