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The now Independent candidate for the office of the President of the United States, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has angered many of his supporters in recent days by supporting Israel and agreeing to stifle free speech on campuses in the United States, such as Harvard, where anybody who reports the suffering and genocide against the Palestinian people is labeled as “antisemitism.”

Ben Bartee wrote:

All of a Sudden RFK Jr. Is Totally on Board With Censorship — And Admits He Flew on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’

I didn’t want to have to write this article.

The older I get, the truer the adage “if you live long enough, your heroes always disappoint you” becomes.

RFK Jr., to be clear, was never a hero of mine — I don’t have many of those and very few are politicians — but he was a rare one whom I respected.

But recent events have shone a brighter light on the unsettling extent to which RFK Jr. is willing to compromise his professed core values for the sake of the Israeli political project.

Some un-American censorious hack billionaire hedge fund manager called Bill Ackman recently wrote an open letter to the president of Harvard demanding censorship of speech on campus.

So, let’s be very clear: this petty tyrant is not complaining merely about physical assaults or threats of violence against Jewish students, which is already clearly illegal. Rather, his demand — with the threat being that no more of his filthy banker money will be funneled to Harvard if it’s not met — is that speech on applications like Slack policed by Harvard administrators under the guise of fighting “hate speech.”

You can read the whole screed if you like. It’s full of vague references to “antisemitic” “hate speech” and similar bullshit, amorphous terms like that with the widest possible interpretation so as to maximize the justification for silencing speech.

“It’s time to hold college administrations responsible for the epidemic of campus antisemitism by insisting on zero-tolerance policies.,” RFK Jr. wrote in reply, endorsing the banker’s call to censorship. (Full article.)

Looks like RFK Jr. also lost the support of Jimmy Dore on this issue, as Jimmy also reported that RFK Jr.’s entire campaign “field team” quit:

What is interesting about these reports of RFK Jr. losing support due to his position on Israel and censorship, is that some people are learning for the first time that RFK Jr., along with his previous wife Mary, who committed suicide after Robert took custody of their children together away from her, has previously flown with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on his private jet.

Newsweek claims that they have an “exclusive” on RFK Jr.’s previous association with Jeffrey Epstein, including riding in his jet:

Exclusive: Robert F. Kennedy Jr Says He Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has clarified the nature of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, after it was revealed that the presidential hopeful had flown on the convicted sex offender’s private jet.

The independent 2024 presidential candidate was among a number of high-profile people who in 2021 were named as passengers on Epstein’s jet, which was often used to transport guests to the financier’s private Caribbean island, Little Saint James.

Epstein’s luxury Boeing 727 was derisively referred to as the “Lolita Express” by a number of media outlets following allegations that it was used to fly underage girls to some of the multi-millionaire’s properties.

Following Epstein’s death in jail in 2019, which was ruled a suicide, lists have been shared on social media purporting to show the public figures who had visited the island, which is located east of Puerto Rico in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Epstein scandal also continues to be a talking point in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election. In recent years, several high-profile names have been added to the list of Epstein’s guests by social media users who have falsely targeted celebrities and politicians as part of an apparent campaign to link them to Epstein’s crimes. There is no suggestion that those who did fly on the jet were involved in any illegal activity.

Amid mounting curiosity over Kennedy being listed as one of the passengers, a spokesperson for the former Democrat exclusively told Newsweek that he had “flown one time on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane. It was in 1993 from [New York City] to Palm Beach [Florida] to visit RFK Jr.’s mom for Easter.”

The spokesperson added that the private jet trip was made possible by Kennedy’s then-wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, who was friendly with Epstein’s partner at the time, Ghislaine Maxwell. Richardson Kennedy passed away in 2012. Kennedy has been married to Curb Your Enthusiasm star Cheryl Hines since 2014. (Full article.)

This was published on November 1, 2023, and the “spokesperson” who allegedly spoke to Newsweek, and “clarified” why Kennedy flew “one time” on his jet, is not revealed.

However, I published an article about RFK Jr.’s announcement that he was running for President on April 6, 2023, where I wrote the following:

Another Former Associate with Jeffrey Epstein Files to Run for U.S. President in 2024

It has been widely reported today that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has filed to run for the office of the U.S. Presidency in 2024, giving Americans two candidates now, one in each party, who are former associates with convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and are running for President.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his now deceased wife, Mary, were also listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s “black book,” along with other Kennedy family names. (Source.)

RFK Jr. has been listed as a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ (source), and admits he flew on Epstein’s plane twice (source: One Nation Under Blackmail: The sordid union between Intelligence and Organized Crime that gave rise to Jeffrey Epstein, by Whitney Webb, Volume 2, page 159).

Like his potential opponent in the Presidential 2024 elections, Donald Trump, who is also a former associate of Jeffrey Epstein, I am sure Mr. Kennedy will deny any knowledge of what Epstein was actually doing during that time, as have many other public figures and Big Tech billionaires recently. (Full article.)

Here is the quote from Whitney Webb’s book, One Nation Under Blackmail: The sordid union between Intelligence and Organized Crime that gave rise to Jeffrey Epstein, which was published in 2022, where Kennedy allegedly told her that he had flown on Epstein’s jet (at least) twice.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also stated that the two occasions he was on Epstein’t plane had been arranged between Ghislaine Maxwell and Mary Richardson. In one instance, the flight was part of a pre-planned fossil hunting trip in South Dakota, which he believed had been Ghislaine’s idea as Epstein had appeared to only have attended “grudgingly.”

The other flight came about after Richardson accepted an offer from Ghislaine to fly Richardson and her family from New York to Palm Beach in order to visit Ethel Kennedy (his mother).

Kennedy said he and Mary were accompanied by Kennedy’s two older children on each flight. (One Nation Under Blackmail: The sordid union between Intelligence and Organized Crime that gave rise to Jeffrey Epstein, Volume 2, page 159.)

So how many times did Kennedy actually fly on the Lolita Express? Whitney Webb has interviewed Kennedy and has appeared on the Children’s Health Defense network previously, so why couldn’t this unnamed “spokesperson”, who “clarified” that Kennedy only flew on Epstein’s jet one time, simply give Whitney a call and verify this?

By the way, if you do not yet own Webb’s excellent 2-volume book on the Epstein Empire, get it!! More info here:

One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein

As I have previously reported, one cannot hold a major political office in the United States, especially the “Presidency,” and not support Big Pharma and their vaccines, and one must also be a Zionist and support everything and anything that the nation of Israel does.

Kennedy has been very vocal about the fact that he is NOT anti-vaccine.

Background image source. RFK Jr. and Musk image source.

And since Big Tech is apparently bank rolling his campaign, where most of the big names support Israel, it is not surprising (to me, at least) that Kennedy supports limiting free speech against anything related to the Palestinian plight in Gaza, where a child reportedly is being killed every 10 minutes, in spite of the fact that Kennedy earns a half million dollars a year salary to head up Children’s Health Defense.

I guess Palestinian children are not included in their “Children’s defense.”

As I wrote recently, voting is a useless activity because one is simply choosing between Satan’s candidates when choosing either a Democrat or Republican, and I think we can add Independent candidates as well.

Since National U.S. Elections are Rigged by The Globalists, Why are You Voting for Their Candidates?

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