by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

All wars are bankers’ wars” is a common fact known to many in the Alternative Media who understand that politicians are mere puppets to the world’s Globalists who control the finances of the world, and these Globalists who control the banking industry as well as the Billionaires on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, fund both sides of almost every war to maximize profits.

Think of professional sports in the U.S. for an analogy. When a major sports league has a championship game or series to determine which team is the “champion,” you have two cities and two teams with allegedly two different owners competing against each other to determine a “champion”.

Only one of those teams can claim to be the “champion” for that season out of all the other teams in that league.

But who profits no matter which team wins?

The bankers who own the banks where all the financial resources of every team resides. As long as the sports league is financially solid and growing their market, the bankers and investors profit, no matter which team is crowned “champion.”

So it is with war.

But since the start of the Russia – Ukraine war in 2022, we have seen some of the rules of warfare change. There appears to be a new rift appearing in the Global Banking network, as the Western Banking system based out London, France, Switzerland and New York, cut off Russia from utilizing their banking network by excluding them from the worldwide SWIFT banking system to move money globally.

The Western Banking system, which is led primarily by the Jewish Rothschild family in Europe, and the Jewish Rockefeller family in the U.S., has been failing miserably since 2019, and only was able to stay on life support due to COVID-19, which allowed the Federal Reserve to inject literally $trillions into the economy via the military (Operation Warp Speed) to fight the “unseen enemy”, COVID-19.

This has been the method the Globalists have used to keep their control over the world’s financial system since at least the early 1900s that led to World War I: just start a “war” and bankroll both sides to “fix” the financial system.

The “war” changed dynamics after the false flag event known as 9/11, where the enemy became “terrorists” instead of a single country or geopolitical location. It allowed the Globalists to use their massive financial resources to fund the main intelligence agencies, the CIA, Mossad, and MI6 to create these “terrorist groups”, mostly among Muslims.

This “war” has existed through today and has justified the United States keeping a military presence in occupied territories throughout the Middle East, such as Syria, Iraq, and many other places, which just happen to conveniently be areas of high petroleum production also.

The “war” started by these Globalists changed dynamics once again in 2020 with the “war” against the “unseen virus” that China and Donald Trump started.

It is, therefore, always prudent to take a step back anytime “war” breaks out, such as the most recent one that began in October in Gaza, and try to figure out what the Globalists’ purpose and end game might be.

I have been pondering this for the past few days, ever since the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, failed to call for an all out war against Israel last Friday, as many had expected.

This had been the threat made to Israel if they chose to invade Gaza with ground forces, which they have now done, as they continue to bomb anything and everything in Gaza, including yesterday when Israel’s Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu stated that dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip was an option for Israel and claimed there are no innocent civilians in the enclave. (Source.)

So why haven’t Hezbollah and Iran followed through on their threats?

I don’t know, and can only speculate. Did the U.S. buy off Iran and Hezbollah before the Hamas attacks happened, as is evidenced by the release of $billion of dollars to Iran just before the attacks?

Or are Iran and Hezbollah playing the long game, by not falling for the Israeli trap, and just standing by and waiting for Israel to implode by itself without a larger escalation of the war?

The latter is the opinion of Scott Ritter, the former US Marine Corps intelligence officer that now writes for See:

The US and Hezbollah want the same thing from Israel-Hamas war – The “dueling” speeches of Hassan Nasrallah and Antony Blinken show both understand the Middle East escalation ladder

But there may be another piece to this puzzle that Pam Martens has uncovered and published in her column today at Wall Street on Parade, and her ongoing coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein lawsuits against Chase Bank, the largest bank in the U.S.

While examining court documents for the most recent proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit against Chase Bank, who funded the Epstein worldwide pedophile network, she noticed that one of the plaintiffs, former Epstein victim Sarah Ransome, was challenging the settlement and is appearing in court in New York later this week. As a former Epstein victim, Ransome has cut deals before to prevent her from testifying, and regretted it.

Martens discovered that a federal marshal has now been ordered to be present at this hearing, something that no other media outlet has reported yet.

There are extremely strange things happening in a very high-profile federal court case in Manhattan where the largest bank in the United States, JPMorgan Chase, stands accused by victims of facilitating Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring that sexually abused minors as the bank doled out $40,000 to $80,000 a month in hard cash for more than a decade without filing the legally required Suspicious Activity Reports.

Further implicating the bank is the fact, documented by internal emails, that executives and staff of JPMorgan Chase were visitors to Epstein’s Manhattan mansion where rapes and sexual assaults of minors have been alleged by victims as occurring. (See our report: A JPMorgan Court Filing Shows Another Bank Exec Visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex-Trafficking Residences 13 Times – Two More Times than Jes Staley.)

A recent entry on the docket of the case shows that a federal marshal has now been ordered to be present for the Fairness Hearing this Thursday, November 9, at 4 p.m. in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Needing an armed federal marshal for a hearing involving the largest bank in the United States; its lawyers from Big Law firm WilmerHale; and plaintiffs’ high-profile attorney, David Boies – seems like something that might rouse the curiosity of reporters at expensive media real estate in Manhattan. But adding to the aura of strangeness surrounding the case is the fact that neither the New York Times or  the Wall Street Journal – two newspapers that had previously been actively reporting on the case – have failed to share this latest intrigue with their readers.

The likely reason the federal marshal has been summoned for the hearing is that David Boies has taken the questionable action of making public on the court docket an exhibit showing what purports to be 105 pages of personal emails sent by a Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking victim, Sarah Ransome. The final email states this:

“David and Demon – You’ve made the biggest mistake crossing me. You’ve underestimated me and I’m coming for you. Sarah Ransome”

Throughout the series of emails, Ransome refers to Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, as “Demon” instead of Dimon. (Given the five felony counts and frauds that Dimon has presided over at the bank, one might be forgiven for selecting an unpleasant moniker for the bank’s top honcho.)

In an email dated October 24, 2023 to leaders of countries in the Middle East, Ransome writes this:

“My bad choices because life dealt me a rather rough hand doesn’t change the fact that I was raped repeatedly and trafficked by Epstein, no matter how hard the U.S. and Israeli Administration deflect that they indeed have broken the Geneva Convention and have been committing war crimes globally for decades…We all know that the material Epstein filmed for both governments has been used to broker deals in their favour for years.”


Who is Sarah Ransome?

Sarah Ransome is a former victim of Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and has already appeared in other court trials, including Ghislaine Maxwell’s. She claims to have copies of secret sex tapes recorded by Epstein that implicate the rich and powerful.

She is well-known to the Corporate Media and has appeared in many interviews with her claims. The only name she has revealed so far is Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who has vehemently denied the accusations. She sued Dershowitz for defamation for calling her a “liar”, and the two settled out of court.

The Daily Mail wrote this in December of 2022:

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims has claimed that he did make sex tapes of his wealthy friends – and not only has she seen them, she’s made copies.

And Sarah Ransome’s newly released deposition has rekindled allegations that top attorney Alan Dershowitz was involved in the abuse of underage girls.

Ransome claimed in the deposition taken as part of a lawsuit that Virginia Giuffre filed against Epstein’s one-time girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell that she has seen footage of two of Epstein’s associates having sex with a female victim.

And she claims that she had been forced into a threesome with Dershowitz and an unidentified woman.

Dershowitz denies any abuse. He told the Daily Beast: ‘Let me be very clear—I have had sex with one woman since the day I met my wife.

‘And during the entire relevant period of time, I never had any contact with Ransome. I’ve never had any contact with anyone else. And the stories are all made up.’

Ransome goes on to claim that footage she saw will ‘haunt me for the rest of my life’ and that the faces of the two men were clearly visible. She does not identify those men.

Ransome even claims to have copies which she has stored at several secure locations around Europe and says she fears retaliation by Epstein even though he is dead.

The bombshell claim gives new insight into the long-held theory that Epstein blackmailed his wealthy male friends with secretly recorded videos of them having sex with underage girls he provided.

Ransome, who was born in South Africa and moved to Scotland aged 14, was lured into Epstein’s web by one of his recruiters after coming to New York to become a model.

Epstein claimed he had connections at FIT, the New York fashion college, and Ransome says he ‘used my education as a way for me to trade my soul to the devil and become a sex slave to pay for my studies’.

While the college placement never materialized, failure to agree to have sex with Epstein would lead to him refusing to support her anymore, leaving Ransome penniless and with no prospect of making it as a model, she claims.

Among the newly unsealed documents are emails sent by Ransome explaining the existence of the tapes.

Ransome writes: ‘When my friend had sexual intercourse with (redacted) and (redacted), sex tapes were in fact filmed on each occasion by Jeffrey.

‘Thank God she managed to get ahold of some footage of the filmed sex tapes which clearly identify the faces of (redacted) and (redacted) having sexual intercourse with her’.

Epstein does not appear in the video, something that Ransome says showed how ‘clever’ he was.

The friend sent Ransome some of the footage ‘implicating’ both men and she writes that she has seen ‘with my own two eyes the evidence of these sexual acts’.

Ransome writes: ‘I will be more than willing to swear under oath and testify in court over these sex tapes….it will break your heart into a million tiny pieces when you watch this footage.’

Ransome claims that she has backed up the footage on several USB sticks that she has stored at various locations in Europe.

Only one other person knows where the footage is ‘in case anything happens to me before the footage is released’, Ransome writes. (Full article.)

Ransome has tried to commit suicide twice, including in 2018 after she settled a lawsuit against Epstein and Maxwell for an undisclosed amount, a decision she says she regrets now, because she never got her day in court.

She revealed much of this in her 2018 testimony in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

One of Jeffery Epstein’s victims outlined the abuse she suffered in her victim impact statement, revealing she tried to kill herself twice after being locked up in Ghislaine Maxwell’s dungeon as the British socialite was jailed.

Sarah Ransome, 37, said in her victim impact statement, released on Tuesday, she once tried jumping off a cliff while at Epstein’s St. Little James private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

She spoke hours before Maxwell was jailed for 20 years at a Brooklyn court on Tuesday after apologizing to Epstein’s victims, while claiming the pedophile had hoodwinked her too.

‘[I was] nothing more than a sex toy with a heartbeat and soul used to entertain Epstein, Maxwell and others,’ she wrote.

‘On one visit to the island, the sexual demands, degradation and humiliation ensued me to try to escape by jumping off a cliff into shark-infested waters.

‘I was caught by Maxwell and company moments before jumping. At the time, that extremely risky escape seemed more appealing than being raped one more time’.

Ransome said she was only 22 years old when she arrived in New York with hopes of attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.

She said she was targeted by an Epstein-Maxwell recruiter named Natalya Malyshev in a club, who arranged for her to meet the billionaire who allegedly promised to help provide financial support for her to attend her dream school.

‘Epstein and Maxwell were masters at finding young, vulnerable girls and young women to exploit’ Ransome said.

‘However, soon after lulling me and others into a false sense of comfort and security, they pounced, ensnaring us in their upside-down, twisted world of rape, rape and more rape.

‘Like Hotel California, you could check into the Epstein-Maxwell dungeon of sexual hell, but you could never leave. Ghislaine by her own hand, forced me into Epstein’s room to be raped.’

Although Ransome was able to escape for the UK in 2007, she said she began drinking heavily as she was constantly haunted by what happened to her, fearing that ‘someday Epstein and Maxwell would harm me, my loved ones and my family, as Epstein repeatedly told me would happen, if I ever dared to leave.’

The trauma suffocated Ransome to the point where she attempted to kill herself a year later as Epstein was facing trial, and then making another attempt at her own life in 2018, during her case against Maxwell and other Epstein associates.

‘Despite my earnest effort, I have not realized my God-given potential professionally or entered healthy personal relationships,’ Ransome said. ‘I have never married and do not have children, something I always wished for, even as a little girl.

‘I shy away from strangers and have difficulty making new friends because I fear they could be associated with Epstein, Maxwell and the enablers.

‘To this day, I attend AA meetings, but I have had numerous relapses and know that only by the grace of God do I continue to live,’ she added. ‘Maxwell is today the same woman I met almost 20 years ago – incapable of compassion or common human decency.’

Ransome also spoke outside of the courthouse, and said, ‘Ghislaine must die in prison. I’ve been in hell and back for the past 17 years.’ (Full article.)

So in these most recent emails from just a few weeks ago where she allegedly wrote:

“David and Demon – You’ve made the biggest mistake crossing me. You’ve underestimated me and I’m coming for you. Sarah Ransome”

“My bad choices because life dealt me a rather rough hand doesn’t change the fact that I was raped repeatedly and trafficked by Epstein, no matter how hard the U.S. and Israeli Administration deflect that they indeed have broken the Geneva Convention and have been committing war crimes globally for decades…We all know that the material Epstein filmed for both governments has been used to broker deals in their favour for years.”

What does she mean? We know that both Epstein and Maxwell are Jews with strong ties to Mossad, as this has been widely reported.

We also know that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has also been linked to Epstein’s network.

The Times of Israel reported this just a few months ago:

Ehud Barak met with Jeffrey Epstein dozens of times, flew on private plane — report

Former prime minister Ehud Barak met with the late disgraced financier and child sexual abuser Jeffrey Epstein dozens of times beginning in 2013, according to a new report on Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal.

Barak was among the list of Jewish names — including pioneering linguist and left-wing activist Noam Chomsky, longtime Bard College president Leon Botstein, and filmmaker Woody Allen — listed in a newly uncovered private calendar for Epstein, the WSJ reported in the first part of its investigative series on the hugely influential Jewish donor who used his largesse to obscure what investigators uncovered years ago as an elaborate underage sex trafficking ring.

According to the WSJ’s Wednesday report on the calendar’s contents, Barak visited Epstein about 30 times between 2013 and 2017 at his estates in Florida and New York, including a time in 2014 when the former Israeli premier flew with Epstein on his private aircraft from Palm Beach to Tampa, after which Epstein went on to New York. Barak said his wife and an Israeli security guard were also on that flight. He said he flew with Epstein on his private plans on one other occasion, also with his wife and guards.

According to the report, Barak also met with Epstein monthly for nearly a year, beginning in December 2015. (Full article.)

If indeed Sarah Ransome has copies of tapes recording some of Epstein’s clients sexually abusing children, she has something that most other victims of Epstein’s empire do not have, which is solid proof.

Many other victims have come out into the open to report what has happened in Epstein’s evil empire, but it pits their word against the rich and powerful.

One of those former victims is Maria Farmer, who has implicated Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz and both Bill and Hillary Clinton. She also claims that she has received death threats from the Rothschild Family.

Maria Farmer, a victim of sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein, has revealed the string of high-profile politicians and influential figures that were frequently seen at the Epstein mansion, where a long-running string of sexual offences is believed to have taken place. People involved included, US President Donald Trump, Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz and both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

She also claims that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s girlfriend and alleged accomplice, who is in prison awaiting trial, threatened her by saying that she was protected by the Rothschild family and Israeli secret service agents. She then went on to say that she had received death threats allegedly from the Rothschilds warning her against speaking out against Epstein and Maxwell. (Source.)

But the one person who came forward in 2018, when she thought that Trump and Q were going to expose this whole evil network and bring it down, is Jennifer Guskin, who was trafficked to the rich and powerful so they could be “leveraged” as politicians and other wealthy people.

She has probably reported more on how these child sex trafficking rings operate, and the horror that these victims go through, than almost anyone else previously has. We met Jennifer in 2018 when she came to us with her daughter’s medical kidnapping story, which we published. See:

Mother Who Was Sexually Trafficked as a Child in Foster Care Has Her Own Baby Medically Kidnapped – Fears for Her Safety

But I held on to her videos that went into detail about just how she was sexually trafficked for several years, because they were so horrific I did not think anyone would believe her. I was also concerned about her safety.

But times have changed and more about this evil has surfaced, so I published them back in May of this year, with Jennifer’s full approval after I tracked her down.

Her testimony is the most evil and Satanic thing I have ever published. It will disturb you, if you choose to watch it.


This is on our Bitchute channel. Article here.

Once you get a glimpse of just how evil this worldwide pedophile network is, as described by Jennifer, then maybe we can understand how Sarah Ransome’s testimony later this week might need a federal marshal present.

What is she going to reveal? How deep does this evil network go, and what are its connections to Zionists in Israel, as well as here in the U.S., and this current war?

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