Top left: Bill Gates, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Leslie Wexner of Victoria’s Secret – Bottom: Donald and Melania Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

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In the Attorney General’s office of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., which is being accused of knowingly funding Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile sex operation, CEO Jamie Dimon is being deposed to testify under oath in the case, although his lawyers are trying to prevent him from testifying.

Wall Street on Parade reported today:

The Attorney General’s office of the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) has filed a First Amended Complaint against JPMorgan Chase that has less redactions than an earlier version.

The complaint makes devastating and detailed charges. It charges that the bank sat on a pile of evidence that Jeffrey Epstein was running a child sex trafficking ring as it continued to keep him as a client; accept his lucrative referrals of wealthy clients; and provided him with large sums of cash and wire transfers to pay off victims – one of whom was a “14-year old sex slave.”

Attorneys for the bank are now resisting allowing Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon from being deposed under oath in the matter as to what he knew and when he knew it.

JPMorgan Chase has a history of employing some of the most sophisticated sleuths in the country, including people with prior employment at the CIA, FBI and Secret Service. To believe that JPMorgan Chase did not know what Epstein was all about by 2011 is to believe in the tooth fairy.

There are now two books and an award-winning series in the Miami Herald that remove any doubt that the U.S. Department of Justice was corrupted in its initial handling of the Epstein case. The nagging question today is why is the U.S. Virgin Islands bringing these new charges against JPMorgan Chase instead of the U.S. Department of Justice? (Full article.)

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb has recently published a 2-volume book covering the work of Jeffrey Epstein, and she identifies the main businessmen who financed Epstein’s work: Billionaire Leslie Wexner who owns retail giants like Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, Billionaire Bill Gates, and Billionaire Donald Trump.

Jamie Dimon is the CEO of Chase Bank which is allegedly where Epstein held his accounts.

Last December Whitney Webb was interviewed on the Jimmy Dore show where she discussed her new books on Epstein.

During this interview she explains that Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia operation was not an anomaly, but is a regular mode of business that still operates today.

She also explains how Epstein’s public crimes are all about child sex trafficking, but that he allegedly ran a separate operation where he groomed girls who became young women who were then sold off to the rich and famous.

She briefly discusses Epstein’s relationship with Donald Trump back in the 1990s, and states that there is alleged evidence that Epstein provided Trump with two high profile girlfriends at the time, one of whom became his wife (Melania) and eventually the First Lady of the United States.

She documents how Jeffrey Epstein gained most of his wealth from these three men: Leslie Wexner, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates.

This is most definitely one interview you are going to want to watch if you have not watched it yet. The last thing Whitney Webb says at the end of the interview is:

If any of this stuff sounds crazy to people, I would encourage you to read the books. I have exhaustively footnoted everything. There’s a source for everything I say. You can go and check this out for yourself. Please, fact check me all you want.

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