As a quality manager at Boeing, you’re the last line of defense before a defect makes it out to the flying public. And I haven’t seen a plane out of Charleston yet that I’d put my name on saying it’s safe and airworthy.”  Former Boeing quality control manager John Barnett, found dead in March, 2024 (Source.)

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The commercial aircraft manufacturer and U.S. Military contractor Boeing is having a turbulent 2024 so far, as it seems like almost every week now we are seeing news about their aircraft malfunctioning and causing harm.

Earlier today (May 21, 2024) one of their planes suddenly dropped 7,000 feet in just six minutes without warning, sending everyone in the plane who was not wearing seat belts flying through the air and crashing into the ceiling and overhead bins, where one man died, and others were injured, many of them critically.

I have spent hours today researching what I could find about what the media is reporting about all these aviation mishaps by Boeing this year, and what they speculate is causing all these “accidents.”

But so far I have not found anyone investigating what I have investigated today, and which I am going to report on in this article, and that is the fact that while Boeing has an annual budget of $6.4 billion for developing AI and technology, and that while it has invested in AI technology for over a decade now, not only are their planes NOT becoming safer and more advanced due to this “newer” technology, but they are becoming more dangerous and less advanced than older planes were before the rapid development of all this “AI technology.”

At the very least, we can say that all of the $BILLIONS spent on AI and technology by Boeing over the past decade plus has not made their planes safer.

This calls into question the value of spending so much money on developing AI. We have already seen that the automotive industry has been pulling their funding for AI for “fully autonomous driver-less cars” since 2022 after decades of spending $billions on this with no fully autonomous driver-less cars in the mass market yet.

But beyond the waste in spending $billions on technology that is mostly science fiction, is the over-reliance on this technology actually leading to decreased performance and safety that is primarily behind the cause for all these failures for Boeing?

THIS is the question that investigators and Government agencies should be asking, but they won’t, and they can’t.

Was Charles Darwin correct?

They won’t ask these questions, because there is too much money involved, and the primary goal is profit, not the safety of the public. Spending on AI in 2023 is the only thing that kept the financial system solvent.

And they can’t ask these questions, because the technology develops so fast that only a set number of technologists even have the expertise to audit such technology, and they’re not working on government paychecks, but in private industries becoming filthy rich.

Do you honestly think they are going to audit themselves and give a bad report on this technology that is currently making new millionaires every single day, and adding to the ever-growing list of billionaires?

Not a chance.

When it comes to AI and technology here in 2024, the monkeys are in charge of the zoo technology.

When you read the media reports covering this latest incident with Singapore airlines, which by the way is considered one of the safest, if not THE safest airline in the world:

Singapore Airlines is considered one of the safest airlines in the world. The only tragedy involving her occurred in October 2000, when a Boeing 747-400 took off from a closed runway in Taiwan during heavy rain and crashed. The 83 people on board did not survive. (Source.)

the media will blame anything they can on this accident, EXCEPT Boeing and their technology.

The Daily Mail is a perfect example, as they published an article today with the headline: “Singapore Airlines flight horror: The science behind turbulence“.

I’ll save you the time for having to read it and give you the quick summary: According to them it was because of “Climate Change” and it was the weather’s fault, and we can expect more of the same.

However, what happened today with this sudden drop by the aircraft with no warning that resulted in casualties, is extremely rare according to a former RAF pilot that The Sun interviewed.

Listen to his interview at The Sun. It’s 8 minutes long.

Some quotes:

Mr Learmount told The Sun: “Now the indication there is that the crew didn’t know this turbulence was coming, or they weren’t expecting it to be anything like it actually turned out to be.

So everybody on the aircraft was relatively unprepared, and that’s dangerous.

If you have your seatbelt loosely fastened at all times, this kind of disaster will not happen to you.”

Mr Learmount explained that the severity of the turbulence was “very rare”, and hardly any prior instances had led to the death of a passenger.

He said: “But just looking at some of the early data that’s coming out with regard to this, it sounds absolutely terrifying.

Six thousand feet – that’s 2,000 metres – in a matter of minutes, the airliner appears to have dropped.

That is something that would be a really horrifying experience to go through.”

In all of his years as a RAF pilot, Mr Learmount said he had never experienced the type of violent turbulence that might see a plane drop 6,000 feet – or 7,000 feet, according to flight tracker FlightRadar24 figures.

As rare as this was, a similar event actually just occurred a few weeks ago in Australia with a Boeing plane:

At least 50 people were hurt when a Boeing 787 operated by LATAM Airlines dropped abruptly mid-flight from Sydney to Auckland on Monday, according to the airline and a New Zealand health service organisation that treated the injured.

The aircraft experienced a strong shake and as a result 10 passengers and three cabin crew members, were taken to a hospital, the South American carrier said as it investigates the cause.

What did the passengers say was the cause?

Brian Jokat, who was on board the flight, said he saw a passenger struck the roof of the plane before falling back down and hitting his ribs on an armrest.

“The plane, unannounced, just dropped. I mean it dropped unlike anything I’ve ever experienced on any kind of minor turbulence, and people were thrown out of their seats, hit the top of the roof of the plane, throwing down the aisles,” passenger Brian Jokat told the BBC.

Jokat said that after the plane landed, the pilot came to the back of the cabin.

“I asked him ‘what happened?’ and he said to me ‘I lost my instrumentation briefly and then it just came back all of a sudden‘,” Jokat said. (Source.)

Wow, those pesky climate change demons are so tricky, they can actually infiltrate the plane’s technology and cause it to fail!

Boeing’s Huge Investments in AI Technology for the Past Decade

When the term “AI” is used today here in 2024, almost everyone understands it within the context of the new LLM (Large Language Models) AI that was introduced to the public at the end of 2022 with Microsoft’s launch of their AI chat bot, ChatGPT, and other similar search tools that have been released since then.

But as I have previously documented, the massive spending to develop AI has a history that is over 75 years old now, showing many decades of waste in spending $billions on science fiction. See:

The 75-Year History of Failures with “Artificial Intelligence” and $BILLIONS Lost Investing in Science Fiction for the Real World

Here is an article that is almost 6 years old now that explains how Boeing also chased this AI technology for aviation, to make more money. The video demo in the article is 7 years old. (Emphasis mine.)

How Artificial Intelligence is Rolling the Blades of Fortune for Boeing

Since 2015, Airplane Maker Boeing Has Had a Long and Exciting Journey in AI, pursuing the Idea of Creating Self-Flying and Self-Healing Planes

AI is changing the path of air mobility with its rampant adoption among tech giants.

With Boeing, AI has taken a quantum jump into the skies—a relatively less-crowded space compared to the roads and tracks.

It may take us some more time to believe in AI and IoT driving our cars safely on roads.

But with airlines, things are healthier and firmly within the boundaries of faith.

The idea of AI flying planes and transporting people and cargo over the skies screams for attention.

Today, AI is a modest partner that is helping Boeing scale new heights in the aeronautical industry with an unprecedented emphasis on aircraft maintenance and safety. (Source.)

As you can see from this article, their AI technology that they had been developing since 2015 was “within the boundaries of faith” and with an “unprecedented emphasis on aircraft maintenance and safety.”

Fast forward to today and $billions of investments into this AI technology, is there any evidence that their “aircraft maintenance and safety” is better than it was a decade ago?

The investment and hype regarding AI today are based on a BELIEF SYSTEM, and not any actual evidence that the technology works.

And what is that belief system?

Here is another article I found about Boeing’s fascination with the technology back in 2019, about 5 years ago now. It is a blog post on the The Museum of Flight website.

Boeing, Bots, and the Future of AI in Aviation

We’ve all grown familiar with horror stories about technological mishaps involving personal assistant bots, like Alexa and Siri, and self-driving cars.

In March 2018, a woman in Tempe was killed by a self-driving Uber SUV—a vehicle programmed by deep learning algorithms that constitute artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company immediately suspended testing until improvements could be made.

But when considering the implications of AI technology in the future of aviation, there are major players, power moves, and predictions that hint towards what’s in store.

While self-driving cars still have a long way to go, AI is not disappearing any time soon, and major players in the aviation industry, like Boeing, are investing in technologies that may be getting us closer to personal forms of air transport, self-flying airplanes and pilotless aircraft.

This third option is an attractive investment for airlines.

Humans are, after all, fallible and expensive. We have pesky needs like having to eat, sleep, and see our families. Pilotless aircraft could eliminate all these inefficiencies, and Boeing is starting to explore how to make it possible. (Source – emphasis mine.)

Did you catch the belief system being expressed there in this 2019 article that discussed the AI technology ONLY in terms of the future, and not in the present or past?

The belief system is that humans are weak and inefficient, and AI is better, but only conceptually as it had never been proven.

And it STILL hasn’t been proven!

In fact the evidence today, such as the horrendous stories this year on Boeing’s massive failures, point to the opposite conclusion: AI technology is no match for human wisdom and knowledge.

So when you read what the media is reporting today about this latest incident with a Boeing passenger jet used by Singapore Airlines, and how “Climate Change” and bad weather that is something beyond our control to prevent accidents like this from happening are to blame, please realize that Boeing has been investing in technology to detect air turbulence like this since 2010!

Here is a 2017 article about this technology that was supposed to prevent accidents like the deadly one that happened today:

Boeing to test clear air turbulence warning system

Boeing and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will next year test laser technology which could give airline pilots up to a minute’s warning of otherwise undetectable clear air turbulence or windshear.

According to a media release from Boeing, the laser technology, known as light detection and ranging (LIDAR), is designed to measure winds up to 17.5 kilometres ahead.

Boeing and JAXA have been collaborating on the integration of LIDAR technology into a commercial aircraft since 2010. (Source. Emphasis mine.)

AI’s Future is Not What the Public Has Been Fooled into Believing

The reality of the limits of the technology and AI are being revealed now with companies that have profited from it and rushed it to market without proof that it really does what it claims, which we are seeing in real time right now with Boeing.

One of the industries that has suffered from the new LLM AI is Hollywood, where they produce real fiction for the masses, and where AI is threatening them by basically stealing all of their work from the past to build these new AI LLM data sets.

I was curious to watch a new episode from a new TV series that debuted this year called “Elsbeth,” who is a kind of female version of the older “Columbo” TV series with Peter Falk who was an investigator who solved murders, and appears as a bumbling idiot, but is in fact a brilliant person who can solve murder mysteries.

The episode was titled “Artificial Genius” and it mocked AI and how inefficient it is, especially compared to someone who is actually “intelligent.”

You can watch the main clip that shows this here. It is just over a minute long.

They are looking for an alleged murderer who is a “dog napper.” There is a new AI “app” that uses neighborhood door cams to spot thieves, and it is being trialed by the NYC police department.

But Elsbeth has already found out that the murderer they are looking for is the actual developer of the app, and that she covered her tracks by creating false reports of dogs being kidnapped in a neighborhood.

She learned this by doing investigations the old fashioned way, by talking to people in the neighborhood, where she found a woman who is employed by almost everyone in the neighborhood to walk their dogs when they are not around. So she knows everyone’s dog through experience in REAL life, not the VIRTUAL fake life online.

It is a hilarious episode showing how fake the technology is, especially when compared to real, human intelligence.

The producers and script writers in Hollywood, at last some of them, are finally waking up to this scam.

Now we just need to get the rest of society to wake up to the false claims of this AI technology, before more people die and suffer.

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